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  1. TR3tim

    broken drive shaft

    That awakens happy memories - it looks so like the tortured remains of my half-shaft stub the last time l broke my Lockheed axle! It's part of a rogue's gallery/installation (you know, a mangled rear spring mounting pin, a piston with the rings fused into their grooves, etc.) which occupies one of my mantlepieces. After that breakage (the 4th time it had happened in, well, 26 yrs) l bought a 2nd hand Girling axle from Revington TR and, touch wood, it's still good, 16 yrs on... Tim.
  2. TR3tim

    long term triumph owners

    Nice to see tbe Renown, Stan! I learned the basics of driving in my Ma's Mayflower, at the age of 13/14 in 1963. EHH 602, where are you now...? After l passed my test, my Ma got a '63 Herald 12/50 which was my passion- wagon in 1967/8. She duly bought a '66 Spit Mk.2 - a lovely thing. I bought my own Triumph (£50) in 1970 - a v. rotten TR2 - and l broke the crank inside a month. Replaced the engine with a Vanguard out of a scrappy's, and thus began to learn mechanicking. Sold it for £90 and after 3yrs got a rotten (but strongish) 3a; haven't been w/out a TR since. Replaced the 3a in 1975 with a '55 3 - and l've still got that (tho it's been rebuilt twice in the interim :D). It's been on aeroscreens only, since Le Mans 2001. I run it with almost zero trim, no carpets (learned my lesson of what soggy carpets can do to floors and sills!). The trips and adventures -including Jabbeke and the 'Ring - l've had in this! Tim.
  3. Someone on the TRR Forum has a Hurricane, hasn't he, Vicky? Tim.
  4. Such a sad story, the Jensen one - both in the mid-70s and then at the turn of the millennium. I love them all, from pre-war onwards. But l was lucky enough to get a ride in a J-H shortly after they came out and it felt and sounded brilliant. Under-developed as they were, l guess they were bound to be doomed, but a glorious failure, imo. Tim.
  5. I always loved the Vitesse, particularly the 2L. And G-K, the rather exclusive progeny of Peerless, with 99 made, and, l think, 99 surviving! I too like the SE5A, but never got one, tho l tried a 2nd hand example. Tim.
  6. Nice fettling, Chris! Tim.
  7. I know, Vicky - the sort of thing l can imagine myself easily doing in a distracted moment! Tim.
  8. TR3tim

    TR recovery vehicle

    God, that cut-down Renown (just post-war, btw, John) is wonderful - just my cuppa! Loving the 3A, Hamish. That Coventry reg. no., does it signify that your car has a Works connection? Tim.
  9. Always fancied a Lotus or Caterham 7, and tried a Fiat-powered Lotus 7 decades ago; in the end the Fiat engine scared me off and l stuck with sidescreen TRs. I put myself on the waiting list for a Morgan plus 4 - again, decades ago - but they were always slightly out of my financial reach, and my allegiance remained with TR. More recently (well, a decade ago :D) l got a cheap TVR Chimaera and have just about convinced myself that TVR is THE best sscm: pretty (sometimes scarily) quick (tho l admit to being overtaken once by some sort of special equipment Skoda Fabia - and when l was really trying, too), agricultural Rover V8, plastic body and HUGE boot. What's the wider view? Tim.
  10. Super trials pic, Chris. A proper early Rangie - rather quicker than the LR... Those wheel arches not standard, then? : ) Tim.
  11. TR3tim

    Sunday Scramble

    Ah - a BE2C! Beautifully done! Tim.
  12. Rod - hi: l gather that all ex-MoD stuff now sells through one specialist, and this one had been privately pre-owned after de-mob in '10, so it came thru a used-car dealer. I uncovered the manufacturer's plate in the cab today, [pristine condition, tho that's not to say the rest of the machine is : )...] and it is stamped 'MoD'. That said, it appears to have been re-engined recently and the chassis is v.clean indeed, with a new diesel tank. And there's me, saying all those years: 'l'll never get a diseasel'! Tim.
  13. Mattius: Courage, mate! Get that Spitty back on the road! I know what you mean about managing a clutch of old bangers. It's worse than having dogs - at least with dogs you can exercise them all at the same time :D... l'm finding the LR a hoot, much quicker, more wieldy and less noisy than the 'received wisdom' holds. Tim.
  14. TR3tim

    Sunday Scramble

    I must get myself there for an event this year... thanks for the aircraft (Bleriot and DH 9?) pix. Tim.