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  1. DeTRacted

    May's Brexit Plan

    Neither are truly democratic. In a real democracy the poplulace gets to vote on everything. What we have is an elected oligarchy which has the benefit of being a lot less cumbersome as a system but which can result in the kind of disconnection between the government and the governed which we see at present. This is reinforced by the party system which means an independent candidate has little chance of being elected to the UK parliament and virtually no chance at all of becoming an MEP. As Peter says- the further that gets from the grass roots and the larger the constituency the worse it becomes, so the euro-parliament is really a complete unknown to the electorate. There are a mere 751 MEPS representing around 380 million voters so about 505k each but they are decided by PR which means the party system dominates and the person(s) actually elected may have no connection with your particular area. Our parliament has 650 MPs representing 46.5M voters so about 71.5k each and we do get to vote directly for one known person. I know which I prefer.
  2. DeTRacted

    May's Brexit Plan

    Many may hate the lady but it is an inconvenient truth that the great majority of the population has benefited in recent times from the legacy of the Thatcher reforms which dragged this country back from the brink. Yes I know a lot of people in the old manufacturing and mining sectors got hurt but it had to be done. Had that not happened those industries would have gone to the wall anyway but only after having wasted further huge amounts of public money in the process. We would probably now be in an economic state worse than Greece in which case even the present levels of welfare spending would be completely unaffordable. The plain fact is that until our people are willing and able to work for the pittances paid in the far east (and probably next in Africa), manpower intensive heavy industry will not be economic here and will not be coming back. Apart from the brief petrol shortages after the Yom Kippur war in '73 I can barely remember rationing, as that stopped in the mid '50s. I certainly can remember the incessant strikes in the '70s and early '80s though, including the winter of discontent, and really do not want to go back to that sort of thing.
  3. DeTRacted

    May's Brexit Plan

    Oh yes - of course one forgets that Russia is behind everything. (/sark) What utter nonsense.
  4. DeTRacted

    May's Brexit Plan

    Strange that the main mis-information was 'project fear' spread by the establishment and in part using taxpayers' money to do so.
  5. That was the Medieval Warm Period Menno - the bit of the historical temperature record that is embarrassing for the AGW crowd so they generally either try to ignore or erase it. The dotted line in the graph is approximate modern London temperature
  6. DeTRacted

    May's Brexit Plan

    Whatever happened to Christmas cheer ?
  7. DeTRacted

    New Dr Who

    Talking of big bangs.... https://www.livescience.com/64179-ancient-cosmic-airburst-middle-east.html
  8. DeTRacted

    Wordpress alternative

    Are you running 'NoScript' as well Peter? If so WP may need need temporary permission for it to work properly
  9. DeTRacted

    Shouldn't be needed!

    Probably the only 'astral guide' she's really seen.
  10. DeTRacted


    What do you mean 'when' ? https://fas.org/sgp/othergov/doe/lanl/docs1/00374018.pdf
  11. DeTRacted

    Looking forward to great conversations...

    Yes that did take some re-reading until I figured out what you really meant Roger.
  12. DeTRacted

    New Dr Who

    I could never in my mind disassociate Jon Pertwee from his time in the Navy Lark - "twinging screws", "left hand down a bit it is sir" and suchlike.
  13. DeTRacted

    New Dr Who

    It's never been the same since William Hartnell left ..........
  14. DeTRacted

    TRR - new Forum Rules

    Thank you for that Duncan. It certainly clarifies the position and confirms suspicion that all was not as it seemed.
  15. DeTRacted

    Another refugee

    Hi Graeme. Glad you made it (you will be...)