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  1. Rod1883

    Messages of support fro Darren TR5tar

    Darren What has happened to you is ridiculous. You have my full support. Rod
  2. Rod1883

    Looking for my old...

    ...1956 Hi-Line Ford Consul XAE522. I ran the car as Winter transport (TR2 in the Summer) whilst a student. I sold the car in a good "almost finished" restored state around about 1988/89. I've had a lead from a Facebook group that it may have belonged to a Gary Walters from Potters Bar/Enfield in the 1990's. I know this is a longshot - but does anyone know of, and/or have any contact info for, Gary through membership of other classic car clubs etc? I'm told that he, and I believe the car, used to attend car meetings at the Jolly Farmers pub in Enfield. Thanks
  3. Rod1883

    Hello from a cold Lancashire.

    Nice to see you over here Dave. Rod
  4. Rod1883

    bank account madness

    Nor mine. The problem is that often the intro screens have a big "click to continue" button to get to the account screens, but often this also permits something to change your set up - e.g. going paperless. Everyone is going to have to check the wording of these screens very carefully before just clicking through.
  5. Rod1883

    Hello from sunny Suffolk

    I'd heard that badgers will "open up" hedgehogs - but perhaps only in exceptional situations? I know that foxes will kill hogs - I remember my Mum seeing it happen in her Garden just south of Bristol some years ago. We have a couple of hedgehogs that visit us regularly here in Sussex - they may live in a house I constructed behind a shed a few years ago - I don't want to disturb them though in order to prove it.
  6. That's great news. I had a similar response from my Area Director, and of course Paul Hogan has taken the time and trouble to respond on the forum, via pm and email to many members that have written to him directly. Let's hope that the Board will take all the comments posted on the TRR forum on why they joined the TRR, what they want from the club and any forum, and of course the result of the poll seriously. Rod
  7. Was the Landy picked up from a MOD sale Tim? I've often wondered if that might be a route to get a good vehicle that has been properly serviced at a reasonable price.
  8. ahh, copy and paste of the link didn't work, and I can't see any edit button.
  9. See the fourth picture in - sideways-technologies.co.uk/forums/index.php?/topic/7663-hi-from-deepest-west-sussex/ The Acadiane slows in anticipation when any upward incline hoves into view! Rod
  10. Rod1883

    Hi from deepest West Sussex

    Here they are......
  11. Hello everyone, I'm a very long term TR2 and Stag owner, slightly shorter term for the MG Midget mk1 and Citroen Acadiane. Looking forward to getting to know everyone. Rod