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  1. Hamish

    Greetings from the Register and Notts.

    Hiya Conrad. Welcome, a few of us refugees frequent here. Friendly welcoming bunch they are too. H
  2. Hamish

    Oldtuckunder Wins Class

    The winners and placed.
  3. Congrats Alan. A well deserved class win H
  4. Hamish

    Clutch hydraulics

    Paul if it was me I would simplify things with dot 5. But I don’t remember the simplest things even if I did it !! if you have others working on the car it’s also worth it but also add a label to each reservoir with the fluid type. (Don’t think I would go that way by choice mind but that’s just me) But the po has made that choice for you. Just make sure your new parts are dot 5 compatible. H
  5. Hamish

    Tr Register

    Don’t think pete would ever sell the red tomato
  6. I think the answer to oil breather catch tanks is that they need a free flow for the gasses, no restrictions this is what I did as a cheap diy project When I set my TR3a up for sprints etc I needed to have an oil breather catch tank. It only needed to be a bottle. I tried to experiment with an old Ali drinks bottle but I thought it wouldn’t have the gas flow needed. Luckily I found a tank on eBay that I think was a similar/ copy design to that sold as a kit by racetorations at over £200. Way too much for me , http://www.racetorations.co.uk/triumph-c56/tr3-c4/tr3-oil-system-c648/oil-breather-tanks-c650/racetorations-tr2-3a-closed-engine-breather-kit-p143 I try and keep my classic car motoring cheap so decided to make up my own. I have the usual rocker cover vent. I also have the crank case breather but it had been cut by po to only vent vertically with 28mm copper pipe. I added 2 similar sized inlets (small rocker and large crank case) to the catch tank. These go in the top and elbow to the bottom on the inside but with vent holes drilled across the pipe so it would always vent event if the bottom of the pipe was to be submerged. I put stainless steel pan scrubbers in the bottom of the tank. The thinking here is that there is a lot of surface for the vapour to condense onto. There is an Ali plate over this to keep it all in place drilled to vent. With a large vent to atmosphere at the top with the large bore pipe venting rearward of the front wheel. It’s mountrd on rubber anti vibration mounts from ebay . Tank Angled so a small drain bolt can be used that I fitted All done on the cheap. Domestic Plumbing parts, pipe off cuts from a local truck motor factors and pound shop pan scrubbers. I only seem to get small amounts of water vapour. H (aka heath Robinson) hope you talented engineers don’t flinch too much atmy attempts.
  7. Thank for the pics alan. And well done to all that took part ( esp Ben and Vicky in Geoffrey- yup I’m bias to the sidescreen team) I went down m5 quite quick on Tuesday to get to my mum and dad’s ( he is a bit poorly) and 2 of the few cars to pass me were a hearse and it’s limo. They Must have been sat at 115 ish. Thats the one I want to take me on my final journey when the time comes. I don’t want to hold anyone up !!!!!!!!!!
  8. Hamish

    Tr Register

    Here are some of Petes’ wonderful car and my 3a at a car meet we both attended independently this summer and got to meet up. H
  9. Hamish

    New manifold issue

    I’d be tempted to bring it to the suppliers attention with a view of sending back. The pipe overlaps the opening not just the welds. Hope you get resolution.
  10. Hamish

    Tr Register

    Awesome car pete a real credit to your skill and patience
  11. Great pics thanks for sharing. I lke the herald hardtop look. Its too easy in the family saloon cars !!!!!! Real challenge in a 2 seater. Proper adventure in a soft top sidescreen !! Well done to ALL participants
  12. Those guys can turn their hands to anything. I just don’t get electrics - so I’m impressed. H
  13. Hamish

    Audi emissions group action

    Don’t worry Alan. I won’t be using it. I can just about stretch to shell v power in the 3a. You doing anymore events ?
  14. Hamish

    Audi emissions group action

    Oooooo that looks like fun stuff. https://www.demon-tweeks.com/uk/sunoco-supreme-leaded-race-fuel-115-ron-aaosup-25/ Pity about the cost.