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  1. This looked a good car at the race Retro auction. https://www.silverstoneauctions.com/triumph-spitfire-williams--amp--pritchard-gt
  2. Hello from Warsaw

    Happy Birthday Paul. I saw you have good wishes from the other place too. Hope it’s not tooooo cold over there. H
  3. Name: Hamish Category: Vehicles Date Added: 2018-02-24 Submitter: Hamish Hamish
  4. TR3a

  5. Friday...

    It’s the entity that hides your spanner when you are lying under the car and you have only just put it down.
  6. TR3/4 4xSU CARBS ?

    Alan thank you. I think you have answered the reason why it’s not done. Space and pulse rate for efficiency. But I’m with you - a row of carbs would look great.
  7. TR3/4 4xSU CARBS ?

    Just a random muse on carbs for a Tr3/4 engine after looking at the Sabrina twin cam that used very rare 2 twin choke su’s. It seems nowadays there is a propensity to fit big Weber’s that as I understand it have a choke for each piston. So my thoughts are :- why not fit 4 Su carbs eg the smaller h4 Su s has it not been done because of over fuelling and or the balancing of all 4 carbs. The pic is the Sabrina engine.
  8. Hello from Devon

    Ha ha should have realised !! so you have 2 that’s just greedy I had a hard Top with my last classic an SP250 but to be never used it . But consider a hard top added value? i presume it would fit with my Revington roll bar ? My soft hood frame does -just. I know nothing of the TR3 hardtop are they lined ? Is the fitting kit easy to fit ? Especially the screen brackets ? i see moss do a kit https://www.moss-europe.co.uk/hardtop-tr2-3a.html is it a real faf to take on and off ? H
  9. Hello from Devon

    Hi Iain. Good to see you over here. Is a hard top useful. There is one for sale on the “other”site. Is it right money given you need fitting kit ? H
  10. Our tired footie lads

    Anyone watch the super bowl ? took them 4 hours to play an hours game. They stopped between plays. And the game stopped for all the advert breaks ! Let alone they have 2 teams per side- offence and defence and all that protection. Thank nk god for rugby and the current 6 nations matched h
  11. Is there room for one more?

    Hi Roger. Welcome Whats your car ? and where about in Cheshire ?
  12. First Visit

    Window ??
  13. TR3a hill climb tyres

    Lot of recommendations for this Peter. Would I understand it and translate it to my TR3a ??
  14. I have driven loads of different cars (and motorbikes) over the years and ruling out competition cars. The 2 cars I recall as being great fun. Either end of my driving history. Dont laugh now - Triumph acclaim wonderful in the dry very nimble and free revving ( dreadful in the wet) then a seat leon tdi fr 170 just great h
  15. Dangers of the 70s

    I saw that. We must be nannied and wrapped in cotton wool now. ??!! discuss .................