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  1. TR recovery vehicle

    Hi thank you for the kind words about my 3a the camera man is a Derek Hibbert pictures from a mega hot Shelsley Walsh last summer. I wish i could claim a coventry works connection with the car and registration, it was made there ! And driven by a works driver. The chap who drove it off the line at least. And it was used in Coventry at the start. Perhaps some more digging ?!? h
  2. Hi just on the off chance that anyone has a limited slip diff that would fit a “girling” axle 1959 TR3a they didn’t want ?? I know now they are available new but at serious cost !!!! h
  3. TR recovery vehicle

    After a fuel pump failure at my last hill climb I claimed my dad’s old trailer he no longer used. Only needed a new set of tyres - age not wear- Having the tow bar and electrics fitted was a bit expensive. There is a bit of an overhang but tows well when I took the car to the TRR stand at the NEC last year. And hopefully means I won’t be stranded but I will have to make sure the car is warmed up before a competitive run the drive to the events used to do that h
  4. Hello from a sunny but cold Holland

    I hope nick doesn’t get think we are taking over. We are not. Just enjoying the relaxed welcoming atmosphere. H
  5. Changes on TR Register Forum

    John have all you Northern lads got those impressive green garage car lifts !! picked up the gearbox crane from Jim today. Looks a great bit of kit. Just need to fix the leaking gearbox before using the crane to refit it.
  6. Hello from darkest New Forest, Hampshire

    Aren’t they the standard “shut” lines on a 3a ??
  7. Your Racing, Trackday, Fast driving Videos.

    I am new to this site. It seems this thread hasn’t been used in a while but it seem to ask for car videos this is a link to my videos I made of my newbie 2017 sprint and hill climb championship it’s a cheapo camera so forgive the quality There are a few others on my channel from some historic tracks and hill in the uk. Please move over if this is the wrong place. H
  8. Hello from Cheshire uk

    Hi Chris if Darryl and his team has breathed on your car it will be a thing of beautiful detail and performance. Luck man h
  9. Hello from Cheshire uk

    Hi all. I have joined here on recommendation from another site and already recognise some friendly and knowledgable people. My interest is my slightly modified Triumph TR3a. This I use on the road and in anger in a sprint and hill climb championship. Achieving a 2nd in class and Top 10 overall in my first year my class restricts me to 130bhp/tonne so I am concentrating on trying to understand handling and suspension. I’m an enthusiastic ameteur thus Advice is always welcome and I’ll help others where I can. Look forward to being involved in going sideways !! H