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  1. Just so this is not left hanging. Dads Vitesse was sold to a chap from Cornwall both parties happy H
  2. Hamish

    Wanted TR3a LSD

    Bump. Still fancy one of these if anyone has one lying around. H
  3. Hamish

    New tyres tr3

    Hi Nick first run (practice) was 78.24 last timed run was 76.59 Still learning the car, and the tracks. Need to find some consistency and a bit like you see in F1 try and get all the segments the best - but all in the same run P1 64ft. 2.59 Time. 78.24 Speed. 70 P2 64ft. 2.62 Time. 77.46 Speed. 70 T1 Rear tyres 26psi 64ft. 2.82 Time 76.60 Speed. 71 T2 64ft. 2.73 Time. 76.59 Speed. 71 but it’s great fun.
  4. Hamish

    TR4 V8 still for sale

    That’s a good Devonshire registration too !
  5. Hamish

    New tyres tr3

    Second and last timed run https://youtu.be/llgSYVDlMzg
  6. Hamish

    New tyres tr3

    2nd practice run https://youtu.be/2rrxan2vNhY
  7. Hamish

    New tyres tr3

    1st practice run https://youtu.be/3oWyH2mB9CU
  8. This has been up for a while. And for a piece of engineering skill and fun it’s got to be worth it ?! unfortunately our TRR sprint champs don’t allow non triumph or rover v8 engines or of course I’d have it. !!!!!!! (Subject to having the money, oh and the space, yeah and the time !!!) Triumph TR4 6.2 ltr V8 Body off restoration https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F183234020009
  9. Hamish


    Welcome. More the merrier :-) H
  10. Hamish

    New tyres tr3

    I think we were all trying !! including all those that went straight on when they should have gone left !! is that daylight I see under my wheel ??!! H
  11. Hamish

    New tyres tr3

    You are still far too quick for me tho Alan. You are 3rd over all is good going. And only 3 events.
  12. Hamish

    New tyres tr3

    Ok so it’s worth 2.4 secs the difference between best time last year and this year same place same course reading the tyres I need camber at the front. H
  13. Will they help my Tr3 handle better in sprints ? shouldnt get too much tyre lean.
  14. Hamish

    Long lived cars

    I think given the geographic spread around the world of participants on here we need to say whether it’s miles or kilometres. (M) (k) I had a Vauxhall viva in my youth. I had to bin it due to rust at 80k (m)
  15. Hi all. Dad thinks the price was too optimistic so now £9750.00