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  1. Nice to hear from you again, I always look forward to your posts. Alan
  2. John, You seem to have a penchant for the unusual:- have a look at this WW2 item, so simple https://www.the-saleroom.com/en-gb/auction-catalogues/east-bristol-auctions/catalogue-id-sreas10417/lot-9cba3e22-94d7-4512-90db-ac0f016c9a0b Alan
  3. Roger, Have you looked in the ARP catalogue instead of just for kits something like this:- https://arpcatalog.com/120/index.html Alan
  4. Now I like that as a low-tech solution. Simple and elegant. Alan
  5. Michael, How about running a small section of sheet metal (tin can perhaps) through and showing the result? Alan
  6. NHS medal? Perhaps. I don't see this current pandemic just an NHS issue though. There is a case that the NHS staff new what they were getting into when they signed up and are well rewarded over the years for the problems over the last few weeks, rather like joining the Army. I have a great deal of admiration for many, perhaps most of them who have gone above and beyond and the country owes them our sincere gratitude. but what of the vast army of others such as the minimum wage care home staff who have been really left alone with a very high risk group and no support whatsoever. Inde
  7. Why is the lack of test kits, masks etc so surprising? If we had enough then in a "normal" year we would be throwing thousands of masks away as they would be out of date, and we can't stockpile test kits to test for something we don't know is coming. Yes politicians like to say the have ordered supplies, but anyone can do that why do the reporters not press for the actual delivery date for the supplies - that is what really counts. Similar problems existed a few years ago with the press full of stories of lack of body armour for the troops, then the snatch Land Rover that could not
  8. Better that you book a test now for October 1st as about half the MoT'able cars on the road will need to take a test that day. Alan
  9. "is that people are basically the same everywhere" When any of us work in another country we tend to still live the socio- economic lifestyle we always did and still work with our peers in the same socio- economic groups, so although I do not disagree with you the many people are the same everywhere I would not agree that all / most people are the same everywhere. Alan
  10. John, Just like the territorial army then, regulars dig in for the long term the terriers just cannon fodder. One hell of a decision for any aging medic to sign on one what seems statistically to ensure they end up as a patient themselves with poor expectations resulting in more call on limited resources. Alan
  11. John -call up. Are the retired being called up to work with Coronavirus patients which would seem to be a suicide mission? Or are they offering that the retired work with the "other" non-covid-99 patients releasing NHS staff for Covid duties? Alan
  12. US medical companies must be desperate to get a vaccine and keep their elderly clientele bankrolling them in future years an increased mortality in potential patients would not be good. Alan
  13. Peter, Please find the two following links https://www.livescience.com/how-coronavirus-infects-cells.html This indicates Coronavirus enters human cells. via ACE2 https://www.thelancet.com/pdfs/journals/lanres/PIIS2213-2600(20)30116-8.pdf And a Lancet article / correspondence relating to Coronavirus affecting Diabetes and hypertension patients as the medication increases the expression of ACE2 receptors. At the top of column two however it states that ibuprofen also increases the expression of ACE2 receptors. D3 of course supresses ACE2. Surely this implies that "
  14. Peter, How do we self isolate? I can understand easily a couple of weeks but then back out into the virus ridden community? The UK wants the infection peak in 10-14 weeks time, that then implies another 10-14 weeks to wind down - September, how can we reasonably self-isolate until September at least or more probably until a vaccine is available Feb -Mar 2021. Its a big ask. I have been watching with interest the infection in Iceland I was surprised by its developing pattern with such a small population - and probably D3 deficient up there. F1 Melbourne cancelled for one team mem
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