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  1. Could be a nice business opportunity for those living just south of the border.
  2. Since retiring I have managed to forget most of the many high-level computing languages I used during my working life but often recall some of the machine code and assembler instructions from various environments in the early days. I suppose that reflects when programming was most fun, in fact more of a game then work and one of the reasons I stuck with comparatively low paid jobs to remain hands-on rather than chasing the money up the career ladder.
  3. I am just catching up with this forum again and I'm amazed at the level of detail you are providing, especially the videos. When I bought my first TR3A in 1971 it had recently been painted Ford Aubergine with a white hardtop which actually looked rather nice. However, the car was originally Powder Blue and I assume the white hardtop was factory fitted, although I never had the Heritage trace done for that car. By the time I got it, after several previous owners, there was no hardtop lining and the inside was Powder Blue. When the Aubergine paint started to flake, a friend and I repainted t
  4. In the early 70s I fancied actually having a new car instead of the usual rotbox and toyed with the idea of joining a 7-year waiting list and saving up in the meantime,. However, I was impatient and decided I would rather have a GT6 now with the aid of a friendly bank manager. The local Triumph dealer would not allow any discount on any new Triumph sports car as they couldn't keep up with demand and I ended up with a well-used and abused, muti-owner TR3A. The rest is history, but I still harbour a faint regret that I didn't also get on the list, save for 7 years to get the Morgan and sell i
  5. Stick to rebuilding cars Pete - that's simple technology that we all understand (more or less).
  6. Lea Valley Group are currently planning to go.
  7. I saw the Astral Weeks piece on BBC Breakfast this morning and dug out the CD to listen to tonight. For me, Van the Man is on a par with Dylan, Neil Young, John Martyn, Roy Harper and a few others that have such distinctive voices, interesting and thought-provoking lyrics and ever-changing musical styles so I never get bored with them. Nice to be out of the Ranting area for a change
  8. Thanks Rob - that seems to have made me a 'Subscriber' so I feel I belong here now.
  9. It's still under a week since the TRR AGM and I am also 'dazed and confused' and wondering whether or not anything will ever change within the club. With no access to the Member's Chat on the Forum I feel isolated, uninformed and powerless to influence the future direction of the club which has been a major part of my life for so long. Many exiles have posted views on here which are virtually identical to my own. In particular, I have been following Duncan's email exchanges with another TRR local group and it is clear that there is division within the membership akin to Brexit and the Ameri
  10. "...a proxy vote to allow the nominated proxy to use the vote as he/she wishes rather than as directly instructed" is fine as long as the nominated proxy is trusted by the member (so not the Chair) as it (in theory) allows the proxy holder to vote according to any new information arising on the day either via private discussions or public debate. Sadly the latter was ruled out by the Acting Chairman as "it would have taken too long" "They wouldn't accept abstaining": Abstentions were allowed but not counted.
  11. There is no point whatsoever in the Chairman posting on the Forum after blowing up the bridges in the certain knowledge that the 'TRoublemakers' (as the Hon. President branded us) will not sign up to 4.1.12 & 4.1.14. Whilst some people did post recklessly and without sufficient thought, the majority of us posted constructively with concern only for the good reputation and future of the club in which many of us have been active members for many years. It's all just a TRagedy
  12. The AGM report and voting results are on the main TRR website (Members Area): https://www.tr-register.co.uk/article/2018/11/0168/The-Annual-General-Meeting-for-the-TR-Register-Results
  13. Thank you Darren. A very painful read, but a well-presented, factual, and unemotional statement of the facts which the BoD and IRP kangaroo courts have clearly ignored. It's a tragedy that this has not been seen by the entire TR Register membership. Anyone involved in the management of a TRR local group easily could end up receiving the same treatment as Darren unless the management composition and attitude is radically overhauled. I guess I'll be high on the hit list already.
  14. I think the majority of posts on the TR Forum and on here sum up the current situation and the feelings of many of us. What is emerging and increasingly angering members is the alleged additional misdemeanours that have been raised by the independent review which were never part of the original trial (oops, hearing). Pending a full report explaining the exact nature of Darren's 'crimes' and the source and content of the 'evidence' and 'testimonies' provided to the review panel, we cannot really make a fair judgement. However, having met Darren a few times and engaged in discussions with h
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