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  1. bank account madness

    I have used the mob once when I really needed it. At IWE last year in my tent at near midnight I could not raise Isy back home on the land line, After an hour I decided she must be in trouble. So rang her daughter, s-i-l, grandsons on their 4 mobile smart whotsits - all switched off. And their land line had been taken out. So rang our neighbours 1 mile away, who drove round to wake up a very surprised Isy. Not sure which wins, mobile or landline but hardly a clear win for either. Can mobile phones work when charging ? Peter
  2. bank account madness

    Janner, My digital ludditism extends to never having sent or received a text message....lack of a mobile signal at home partly to blame for that. My mobile phone is used maybe a half dozen times a year...
  3. Spectre & Meltdown

    Thanks Paul. Messing with the BIOS I think I'll leave to the wizards in Ruthin. Mind you I'm the slowest link so doubt I'd notice a slowed laptop. Maybe I'll wait until the hackers are making serious disruption globally. Peter
  4. bank account madness

    Paul, I regard ernie as a high rsk investment . I may not get rich but I can sleep at night not worrying about the markets. Bitcoin....smells of Ponzi. Peter
  5. Word problem!

    Thanks NIck, thats' great. Faulty USB glide pad I think is the root cause. Peter
  6. bank account madness

    Thanks Matt for the expert insight. Relieved to know its not just me being a digital luddite. I was wary of PayPal unitl it was pointed out to me that sending credit card details to sundry sellers was more of a vulnerability. Now I don't shop unless there's a PP checkout. Darren Its an hour long, will watch tonight. I have an uneasy feeling that the whole digital economy and infrastructure could go t*ts up. A massive power surge maybe...the next Carrington event. Once the UPSs run down they wont be recharged for weeks while grid trasformers are replaced, or even built new... Cash will be king, or water and food Peter
  7. TR6, DCOE, Cannon manifold and balance tube

    Stan, On the basis of what I've fathomed on SUs the balance pipe will allow ' suction to escape' to the other carbs, diminuishing the pulses of depression at the jet the iv is fed from. So suspecting the BP is not unreasonable. At present the pulses of depression from the iv may be too weak to pull enough fuel form the jet when you try to slow the rpm below 1200. Blocking the bp will keep all the pulse from the one iv for its one jet, and you should then be able to slow the rpm. Peter
  8. Word problem!

    John, These things have a mind of their own. I am having to use cntrl.alt.del several times a session when the pointer freezes. And siosio dosn't cure it either . Peter
  9. bank account madness

    I dont trust on-line banking so this devleopment looks like lunacy to me: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-42655716 hackers will have a field day. And as bank losses mount, what are the chances that the account holder will be given the onus of proving they were not to blame. And when https is cracked by quantum computers, maybe just a few years away, the entire digital banking edifice will fail. Now , where's that old mttress ..... Peter
  10. Hello from a cold Lancashire.

    Hi Dave, Its cosy in here. You'll find it will be a welcome escape from the cold of Lancs. Peter
  11. Calling PeterC ... Vit D

    Hi Darren, Yes 2000 IU per day keeps me at a blood level of 100nmol/L. This is the level these Torontt GPs found effective: However if your level is low it will take 2 to 3 months to bring it up to that level. That is why the Toronto GPs sued a 'hammer' It ensures the D3 rapidly saturates the storage in body fat allowing blod leve to increase promptly. Amost impossibelto overdose- the stuff you take has to be activated in liver and then kidney and that pathway is self limiting.. The danger with the 'hammer' is for those rare souls with an alllergy to D£ or the capsules. I know I'm not allergic and would sues the hammer if a really nasty infection took over my lungs. You can get your blood 25(OH)D3 measured through the post for £28 by City Labs Birmingham - takes the guesswork out of it. D3 has very widespread benfcicail effects, so much so that I'm giving a talk to the local U3A in a couple of weeks. Will post it on my blog then. 60% of Uk seniors are inadequate, probably 80-90% by Canadian/USA criteria !! cheers Peter
  12. Question about steering noise

    Hi Darren, Several possibilities here: http://www.peugeotforums.com/forums/207-36/creaking-noise-when-turning-wheel-both-ways-170626/ a dry top suspension bearing maybe? you could try squirting some waxoyl or similar up there. But if that doesn't work I'd not personally risk DIY-ing steering issues...steering is no1 in safety in my book. Peter
  13. Hello from sunny Suffolk

    I once saw a young badger trying to open up a hh. The screaming from the hh was astoundingly loud for such a samll animal- we thought it was someone being murdered. We rescued the hh and it seemed OK, scuttled away. Badger natural lifespan about 15 years, actual around 3 mostly because of road kill. Too many Morgans around Malvern ? Peter
  14. Hello from Warsaw

    Paul , D3 has a general activation of the immune sytem, so it will hlep fight off any bug, bacetrial or viral. Lots of summarised info here: https://www.vitamindwiki.com/tiki-index.php?page_id=1324 If I had a bad bout of any lung infection I'd use that 'D3 hammer' as I know I'm not allergic to the capsules. Lots of info on the very wide spectrum of effects of D3 on that site. Its a hormone that controls expression of several huderd genes. And we are at our lowest levels at this time of the year unless we supplement, which is why bugs circulate more in winter. D3 science has exploded in past two decades, now 5000 papers per year, but medics still largely in the dark to science advancing so fast. Peter
  15. Rob, I think thats right. My understanding was the '40000 deaths' was a short cut describing in an overly dramatic way the impact of NOx on all 60million of us. We each lose 40000/60000000 of a year life expectancy. Or, 0.0007 of year, about 6 hours. Each year. That would be about 20 days off a 80 year life expectnacy. Not sure where the 6 months John heard arises. It might be for a subset of that 60million who live clsoe to major roads. Peter