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  1. PeterC

    3 Rants in one! Primarily BT.

    If I had to rely upon BT Id have 28k dial-up. Now have 4G courtesy of Vodafone. 25Mbs down, 5 up. We keep the land line as it csts BT more to keep it working than we use it. Vengeance ! Peter
  2. Darren, The Pressure Reiief Valve is between the passneger side inner wheel arch and the fuel tank, near the fuel pump. Peter
  3. Darren, It might be the PRV sticking leading to over-rich fuelling ( which will be better tolerated while the engine is cold or warmng up) With the engine ticking over give the PRVa thump or two. Peter
  4. PeterC

    TR6 ignition

    Paul, It might be one SU piston sticking momentarily. Remove dashpot plunger (valve) and lift with a finger as far as it will go. It shoudl then drop smarlty with a clunk.Then check there is not a bent dashpot rod - on bench. If a piston sticks when it should lift the mixture will go rich until the 'catch' is passed. Poor pick up can also be due to the rubber gasket between carb and air fllter not being punctured fully. in the holes at the top of the flange that feed atmos air to the underside of the piston. Easy to do. Peter
  5. PeterC

    Messages of support fro Darren TR5tar

    Paul, Not as far as we can see on the forum. Peter
  6. PeterC

    Anyone tried turning a Polybush down

    Liquid nitrogen, anyone ? https://medicalxpress.com/news/2018-08-fda-dangers-liquid-nitrogen-food.html
  7. PeterC

    Anyone tried turning a Polybush down

    John, I once used it to try to lyophilise some aequorin..... two more to look up. I guess your speciality has plenty too ! Peter
  8. PeterC

    Anyone tried turning a Polybush down

    Maybe try freezing at -20C or better cardice ??
  9. PeterC

    Messages of support fro Darren TR5tar

    The attempt By HonVP Ian Cornish and past Directr Ian Brown to resolve the issue has failed. IanB's post from earlier today follows Acting Chair Westbury gives the BoD response in blue at the end of the post. The situation is getting nastier. Peter ==================== EGM meeting Monday 20th August Ian Cornish, Ian Brown, Allan Westbury, Dave Burgess First of all a big thank you to the moderators for allowing the discussions to continue on the members section of the forum, and to all the contributors who have tried to remain objective and contribute informed advice. The motions proposed for the EGM regarding Darren are not necessarily specific to him, they could equally apply to any member of the TR Register. To cut a very long story short, and distilling it down to a basic level, no names or blame – A member of the club (Darren) has been expelled from the club based on accusations only, at no time was any evidence provided to him in order that a defence/rebuttal could be made. Natural justice requires full disclosure to all parties. Despite repeated requests, including in writing by Darren, the Board have not provided such information, claiming that it was supplied anonymously and the person(s) providing the information did so only on the basis of remaining anonymous. Ian Cornish and I met Allan Westbury and Dave Burgess on Monday evening to try and find a way of avoiding the costs and disruption to the club of holding an EGM. The Board acknowledged that more than the requisite number (50) had supported the call for an EGM with two motions, firstly to rescind the decision against Darren, and secondly to establish an independent panel to review the process and report their findings. The Board confirmed that a date had been set, Thursday 27th September, although no venue was disclosed. The Board has taken legal advice and the opinion they have received is that the motions are inadmissible according to the A of A’s:- “For the members to request that the Directors take, or refrain from taking, specified action one must revert to Articles 5(1) and 5(2). Article 5(1) states that members may direct the Directors to take or refrain from taking such action by way of Special Resolution. The Notice to request the calling of the EGM does not specify that the Resolutions to be put forward are Special Resolutions.” Whereas other advice given shows another interpretation, and one under which the motions were made, making the point that:- clause 33 Voting: general 33. A simple majority of votes shall decide all resolutions, except on a change of these Articles which shall require a majority of 75% in favour. There is nothing anywhere else dictating what/how to vote, nor are there proposals to change the Articles............... You can read the A of A here https://www.tr-register.co.uk/uploads/2018/04/06/TRR_Articles_2017.pdf and make your own minds up. There is a chance that the Board will insist that the EGM motions will fail according to the legal advice they have received. This may result in a call for a second EGM with differently worded motions, doubling the not insignificant costs and administration for the club, not to mention possible disruption to the AGM schedules. The Board did agree to establish an independent panel to review the whole process, Allan and Dave did agree to support reinstatement of Darren with immediate effect, providing Darren did not stand for national office until the review panel had investigated and reported its findings. The use of the word “reinstatement” was questioned and the Board have subsequently replied that they are not willing to rescind their decision, as requested in the first motion proposed for the EGM. The choice of words is important to both the member involved and the Board for probably the same reasons, neither believe they have done anything wrong, whereas by implication other interpretations could be applied if the word “reinstatement” was used. Darren agreed to stand aside and not apply for any national post until the review was completed and the findings published, and would abide by the findings. However, Darren would not accept “reinstatement” because that word implies that he is guilty as charged and that the Board has chosen to be lenient in its sentence. Darren believes that he is not guilty and that reinstatement would leave a permanent black mark against him, which would affect his standing within the club and elsewhere. Hence, Darren requires that the Board’s decision be rescinded. The EGM can be avoided, according to legal advice given to the Board, if sufficient numbers withdraw their support for that EGM such that the number of requests drops below the required 50. If you supported the call for an EGM and the motions as put forward, you have the opportunity to withdraw that support. No one can tell you what you should do, it’s your choice as a member of the club. If you supported the EGM, allowing it to go forward, there could well be more acrimony and cost/disruption to the club. It is your decision as to how “fair” the process was in expelling Darren, without disclosure of any evidence. This statement was provided to Allan Westbury and Dave Burgess earlier this week, allowing their opportunity to correct any errors or misrepresentation of the meeting. Also, attached is the transcript from the board meeting I attended as Darren’s supporter. DC transcript.pdf 410.45KB 43 downloads This is a members’ club and the Board take direction from the members. There are some really good directors trying their best, and we should be careful not to tar them all with the same brush. At no time has any board member contested or denied what happened. Ian Cornish and I have tried our hardest to resolve the issues, but I have just received this email from Allan Westbury Dear Ian, I regret to inform you that the directors feel so strongly about Darren’s actions that they are not prepared to either rescind Darren’s membership or to re-instate him until a review panel has deliberated. Accordingly his expulsion will run until October 1st 2018. I intend to post the following on the forum later today. I am sorry things have turned out this way after all our joint efforts, but I am sure you understand. Best wishes, Allan Ian
  10. PeterC

    Messages of support fro Darren TR5tar

    I'd be very surpsied indeed if Ian Cornish accepted anything other than an exoneration of Darren and recognition by th BoD that his expulsion was a mistake. As an Hon VP in TRR IanC has a lifetime of involvment in TRR from its earliest days. members can trust his wisdom and judgement, as I do. Peter
  11. PeterC

    Messages of support fro Darren TR5tar

    Steve, I think so, he needs your email so PM me on here. Peter
  12. PeterC

    Messages of support fro Darren TR5tar

    I also suspect the BoD can read PM;s too. He who pays the piper.... That's why a pirvate message board has been set up for the 60+ disgusted members to plot a strategy. Peter
  13. PeterC

    Messages of support fro Darren TR5tar

    Welcome ! ST is a freindly port in the storm. Our host Nick Jones often posts with his considerable expertise on TRR fora, Peter
  14. PeterC

    Messages of support fro Darren TR5tar

    HI Paul, Darren now has 39 publcily stated members supporting him. TRR froum moderators are doing the decent thing. But It would not surprise me if the entire TRR fora were killed by the BoD itself. So Sideways could yet be pivotal in us making progress to restore the TRR to a club atmosphere. Cheers Peter
  15. PeterC

    Messages of support fro Darren TR5tar

    Welcome Neil. Yes you speak quite rightly with true venom. The entire atmosphere has to change - we must get rid of the control freaks. best wishes, Peter