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  1. PeterC


    Hi Pinky, Welcome ! Tks again got the chainsaw alert , could have saved me a nasty injury or worse. Peter
  2. PeterC

    Members' Chat from the oTR site

    There's a thread running at the moment where I posted four questions about ZDDP, thus: 1. How do the classic oil suppliers know for certain that their modern low-ZDDP oils will protecting flat tappet /valve train and ring/bores as well, or better, as the original high-ZDDP oils? 2. I note that an ACEA rating is meaningless as the requirement to test flat tappets has been dropped. Has in-engine testing been conducted? 3. Bearing in mind that many sportier classics have oprated cams/tappets how can such owners be convinced that the new formula 20/50 is up ot the job? 4. The TRA article justifies lowered-ZDDP as lead-mobilsing chemistries that also strip ZDDP films are no longer present in leadfree fuels. However, an emerging issue is the new petrols that contain aggressive surface-cleaning chemistries such as BP-Ultimate. How can owners be certain that classic engines run with a low-ZDDP classic oil be safe epxosed to agents in petrol that strip dirt films.Do classic oil suppliers know for certain that low-ZDDP oils are safe to run with these new petrols? To my mind a petrol that accelerates stripping of deposited ZDDP films would need a high-ZDDP oil to ensure adequate sacrifical ZDDP in the bulk to replace the film. Feedback from ST forumites would be welcome !! Item 4 was prompted by Alan Oldtuckerunder's white ev stems after running VR1 and BPUltimate . Anyone else seen white valve stems? Peter
  3. PeterC

    How'd they do that ?

    I think the low entropy state at the BB comes from a backwards extrapolation based upon entropy remorselessly increasing around us. If entropy is increasignly high now it must have been lowest at the BB. The BB itself is questioned. Lee Smolin posits a big bounce and a sequence of universes, each with different, even evolving, particles and forces. Inflation that creates a cosmos of space in a tiny fraction of a scond is queried now. The CMB is howerver very uniform indeed, varying by only about 1/1000 deg K across the sky. And those diffrence being blamed upon quantum fluctuations during inflation. The UFO designers must have sorted that lot out long ago. But they dare not tell us for fear of detroying their own future. Peter
  4. PeterC

    How'd they do that ?

    Maybe instead of a jump they navigate backwards in time exepriencg every moment, adjusting their track. The 'block time' theory suggests the whole of space time, past/now/future is laid out like a loaf, one slice being now. If that is true then maybe navigation becomes the equivalnet of a look up table. And thay only have to interrogate the tables for earth's vicinity. Peter
  5. PeterC

    How'd they do that ?

    My rationalisation of the phenomena implicates time, the most ill-understood area of physics. There is enough evidence published to be certain there are engineered things that have flight capabilties that appear to disobey physics as we knwo it. Evidence for life-forms on board UFOs (humanoids) is sketchy. But all is explicable if time travel back in time is feasible and the UFOs have achived it. The only reason we think retrgorade time is impossible coems form thrmodynamics and entropy increasing. Broken plates dont remend etc But in QM tiem is not involved at all. The issue with entropic time is that at the Big ban gthe univers would have to be perfection - low entropy, highly organised. Carlo Rovelli proposes that , in order to avoid that improable BB state and keep the overall entropy of the universe constant, time may flow backwards in parts of it. Backwards time has been invoked to explain photons in the double slit exets. To our physicist time is deeply puzzling. My guess, from aspecta of their behaviuor is UFOs reveal a mastery of time and abily to manipulate it.. An ability to fly abck i time leads to the ccncusion that UFOs are not alien craft but humnas from our distant future. Alens invoke extra imporbablities, like impossibl long interstellar distcnces to travel. The simplsit explanation is retrograde time. Indeed UFOs appear to deliberately avoid contact with us.Bearing in mind the grandfather paradox, thast in their interests ! AS the black hole Nobelist Kip Thorne says in the context of relativity: "You fall to where time flows slowest".What if a UFO can create its own slow time ?? Even backwrads time. And their humanoid occupants historians and anthropologists from our future, exploring their antecedents...us. Peter
  6. http://www.ufoevidence.org/Cases/CaseSubarticle.asp?ID=94 - from 1952. One of many reports between 40s and 1953 , after which governments worked to silence the military and commercial pilots, and other forces.
  7. 'Fuel deflector rings' are mentioned in H P Lenz's book,on Mixture Formation in SI Engiens, with a diagram very similar to those sharks teeth. He also reports streams of liquid fuel wetting the wall downstream of the butterfly spindle. So the hammerhead device might be designed to pick those up and fling it into the gas flow. Defectors often used below twin choke downdraught carbs to try y ensure equal mixtures between cylinders. Peter
  8. PeterC


    Following my 'angels on a pin' comment, here's an MD explaining why Inst of Med got the target blood level of D3 so badly wrong: https://ucsd.tv/search-details.aspx?showID=29077 Enjoy ! Peter
  9. PeterC


    The single most neglected and unrecognised insult to our health and longevity may well be a life-long deficiency in D3 http://europepmc.org/articles/PMC4536937 Videos from this UCSD conference are here: https://ucsd.tv/vitamin-d-public-health/ including D3 and prostate trial by Hollis: https://ucsd.tv/search-details.aspx?showID=29079 It is only in the past 20 years that the revolution in genomics has revealed the astonshingly wide effects of D3 on gene expression. controlling about 2% of our genes, and providing broadly speaking a defensive function. If you follow the Slip-Slap-Slop mantra you really do need to read this. Clinicians globally cannot agree on the 'correct adequate serum level of D3 - its like fittng angels on the tip of a pin. But UK trails the field by regarding 50nmol/L as adequate. To me the ebst measure comes from African, near-equatorial, agrarian/.pastoral, preindustrial societies: "" Two African tribes, the pastoral Masai and the hunter–gatherer Hadza, have been shown to have serum 25(OH)D concentrations averaging 46 ng/mL [26]. Both tribes live in equatorial East Africa, where humans are thought to have originated, and have daily sun exposure approximating that of ancestral humans. "" Note: Multiply ng/ml by 2.5 to get UK and EU units of nmol/L. So Maasai have 115nmol/L. Peter ============ I can make a cogent argument that D3 deficincy in past decades has resulted in my idiopathic Parkinson's at age 72. When I started ny my high D3 regime, as serum lecel rose from 100 towards 170nmol/L ,I noticed several improvements in : urinary urgency, nocturia, early morning leg cramps, psoriasis, muscle aches after garage work, leg muscle 'termbling' weakness, a rosier less depressed more motivated outlook. Even at 100 nmol/L winter coughs and colds were abolished. D3 is not a f****ng vitamin its a hormone !!
  10. PeterC


    I had a look at the genetic risks associated with PCa. There are around 50-60 SNPs ( 'mutations' if you like) discovered to date but no single one stands out, apart from a gene controlling MYC. eg see this 2018 article: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5849176/ " We successfully identified SNPs within 29 loci. Rs1447295 was among 8 SNPs in the 8q24 hotspot and was found to be significantly associated with aggressive PCa in three studies [45, 44, 41], and adverse pathology in one low-grade GWAS study [37]. The effect of rs1447295 modulating MYC could be heightened by a gain or amplification at this locus, indicating the selective susceptibility of this hotspot to aggressive progression of the disease. Similar genomic hotspots of germline and somatic aberration alignments have been noted in breast cancer where tandem duplications were found to peak where two germline susceptibility loci were present on MYC [88]. Such regions are more prone to double stranded breaksand rely on faulty repair mechanisms that generate large tandem duplications [88]. We postulate that these hotspots and SCNAs, which are present in ~25% of patients with low-grade PCas [20], could be used to select patients whose disease might progress towards a more aggressive phenotype, deeming them worthy for further investigation in a clinical setting." MYC is a gene that plays a controling role in the cell cycle: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Myc I think I would want to know if I carried that genetic variant, rs1447295. Most of the authors of that paper are in London universities, whcih might help PCa specialist. Peter
  11. PeterC


    In UK BARTS are starting a prospective study http://www.ejso.com/article/S0748-7983(18)30562-6/abstract -might be a possibility of enrolling in a trial. === This points to benefcial effct of D3 https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/17241782?dopt=Abstract D3 itself will need a higher than normal dose, probably higher than the 4000 IU used above. This is because the proinflammatory transciption factor NFkappaB reduces VDReceptor expression and block activation of 25OHD3 by the 1hydroxylase. Serum levels needed in health may be far too low to reverse inflammation. So BXL628 shows the way , high D3 may well be an effective alternative, and safer. 10,000 IU pd is regarded as NOAEL, and is what I take for Parkinsons.... as an experiment. You need to find a specialist who understands the science. The science of D3 is moving ahead far faster than most clinicians can keep up. I'd ask if that BARTs trial is going to use 10,000 IU pd !!! Peter https://www.harvardprostateknowledge.org/low-vitamin-d-tied-aggressive-prostate-cancer
  12. PeterC


    In UK BARTS are starting a prospective study http://www.ejso.com/article/S0748-7983(18)30562-6/abstract -might be a possibility of enrolling in a trial.
  13. PeterC


    Find a clincian who can evaluate this https://www.frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/fimmu.2016.00053/full and a trial of 4000 IU pd: https://academic.oup.com/jcem/article/97/7/2315/2834130
  14. PeterC


    Nick, The point about the Maasai is their serum D3 level: 115nmol'L. That is the best indication of what a western, indistrial, heliophobic level should be. For reasons that I find susoect, the UK sets a very low standard, whereas the USA recently set 100-120 nmo/'L - as adequate. Low D3 is widely associated with PC , and may other chronic disease states. It has promonved effct on the immune system and hence on ellimination/control of cancerous cells. Gut cancers especially. VitaminDwiki is the best introductory site. And you can measure your serum level through the post. Best clinical expertise with D3 will be from an up to date cancer immmunologist. USA Afrocaribbeans do have hgh PC incidence and lower serum D3. Dark skin deepresses D3 synthesis, and their diet tends to lack D3 , and they live wellaway from the equator. No data on Maasai prostates as far as I know, but I'm interesrted in their Parkinsons/Alzheimer/dementia/MS stats so if I find anything I'll post it. 'Maasai males have very high iron loads, but other equatorial pastoral tribal comunities also have ca 115 D3, and dont drink blood. Year-round sun, no sunblock and sensible learned behaviuor re sun exposure contrast with our slip-slap-slop and a D3 -deficient diet. I shall not be at all surprised to learn in a few years time that D3 deficicncy proves to be a significnat risk factor in many western chrnnic diseases. Supplementaion with D3 might tip the balance post-diagnosis. You could scan Google Scholar over say past 5 years for "prostate + vitamin D3 + supplement". Peter.
  15. PeterC


    NIck, There's a large literature on vitamin D3 and prostate cancer, including one trial: https://vitamindwiki.com/Prostate+cancer+reduced+when+4000+IU+vitamin+D+was+added–+Hollis+RCT+April+2015 He refers to Maasai having low PC risk. Their serum 25OHD3 level is 115nmol/l, way more than regarded as adequate by PHE ( 50nmol/L). Worth asking your specialist about dosing with D3. ========= D3 is a hormone that performs widespread defensive functions, and most UK oldies are badly deficient by Maasai criteria, and by USA Inst Med standrards - see the talk I posted a a while back.. Peter