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  1. ZDDP ppm mis-labelling

    I should have said when querying other classic oils . If they answer 'its safe for cats' then it doesnt have enough. Low ZDDP is barge-pole territory for me. Peter
  2. ZDDP ppm mis-labelling

    Anohter thought, ZDDP gets used up. So an oil with 7 to 10g-fold less will rapidly run out of fresh ZDDP to recify scours in the deposited glassy film. Maybe Duckhams rely upon a classic covering 2k miles between oil changes.....not 10K when our engines were current. Which makes me think they must be adding modern antiscuff compounds - undeclared. Perhaps the ZDDP is merely a gesture.....non-functional.??? Best way to query ZDDP level a get a clear answer would eb to ask if their oil will poison a catalytic convertor ! Peter
  3. ZDDP ppm mis-labelling

    I smell rats. Their "1200ppm ZDDP" may only be one seventh of that described in convnetional units: " 170 ppm Zn as ZDDP". It depends upon the molecular weight of the ZDDP, whcih Duchmas do not state, and could even be less. Justifying a lower level because of the absence of lead scavnegers is a new argument, but I want to see data cited before I beleive a word of it. Detergents - not scavengers- do lift off the ZDDP-layer, which Is why high detegent diesel oils use diifernt ZDDP form petrol oils. And we have to contend wth BP Ultimate a high-detergent fuel that might strip the film off rings The poblem Duckhams and others have is they tried to slip in "ppm ZDDP" under our radar. Changing the units is to me a form of deception, but unlikel to fail the Trade Descriptions Act as it is a true figure. If they had issued this statement when selling it correctly labelled as " 170ppm Zn as ZDDP" thay would have been credible. Too little too late. Loss of trust is the killer for me, whatever excuses they try to blind us with. Note that there is no mention of engine tests in the press release. Indeed I have not seen mention of any tests with these low ZDDP classic oils. Wheraswe have decades of experience with correct ZDDP oils. ============ Panrite can be trusted. I had this by email from a fellow TRRer: "As you know I have followed the ZDDP discussions over the years and thought I would get clarification form Penrite who I use. There reply is below. The Zinc is 1610 PPM The Phosphorus is 1440 PPM Zinc Dialkyldithiophosphate (ZDDP) is the additive that is added to the oil that contains Zinc and Phosphorus Regards Jessi That is how ZDDP has been stated for many decades. I would trust that oil. And avoid all oils described as "ppm ZDDP" ===== I alerted Practical Classics editor to the issue - and got no reply. So we are on our own. Peter
  4. So keyboards are here to stay? Wasn't voice-to-text promised a couple of decades ago. @Alan, yes I do have a mobile thingy. Not sure it needs any Gs at all, and it speaks german when it comes on 'Wie geht es ihnen?'. I haven't charged it for weeks, and it doesn't tell me when its empty. A quiet reminder 'Ich bin MT' would be useful. So its not really much use, even in emergencies. It doesn't even work as a torch...now one that did that would be really useful. Peter
  5. I'm in awe of the expertise on display in this thread. But somewhat bemused we still have qwertyuiop. Like tiller steering on a Ferrari. Peter
  6. Unusual earthquake activity in north Iceland, been going for several days http://en.vedur.is/earthquakes-and-volcanism/earthquakes/tjornes-small/ Authorities previously believed eqs were tectonic not magmatic, now suggest there is uncertitude about the outcome: https://icelandmonitor.mbl.is/news/nature_and_travel/2018/02/19/largest_earthquake_so_far_in_grimsey/ http://icelandreview.com/news/2018/02/19/magnitude-52-earthquake-near-grimsey Peter
  7. Friday...

    Cant let mention of Einstein pass without posting this. Physicists' attempt to explain what space actually is. https://supertrarged.files.wordpress.com/2017/02/einstein-101-pdf-v4-no-notes-with-refs.pdf ignore page 1 Peter
  8. Friday...

    And Albert replied: "God you're such a Bohr"
  9. Is there room for one more?

    Roger, It was a demon tweek, fitting the biggest blower I could find , to take attention away from the Smoothrite. And the EP140/molygrease mixture that sprayed out of the blower shaft and congealed all over the engine bay is , of course, real patina ! The dBA is a problem...no track days until its sorted ...but I shll miss the crescendo of sound as the boost climbs...Peter
  10. Is there room for one more?

    My 6 has "10 inch paint" - the area I can see when driving. Even the brush marks are invisible. Peter
  11. Friday...

    ...........Then God said to Einstein: "You dont happen to play dice do you ? "
  12. TR3/4 4xSU CARBS ?

    Basics of SU operation are here. The air flow stilll has to create constant depression to lift the piston, whether SU, Stromberg or Keihin. or DSU. https://supertrarged.wordpress.com/2017/07/10/how-does-an-su-carburettor-work/ So...reduce the constant depression by removing the spring, as in Hamills book ?? - and it will run at part throttle like a bag of nails, as the mixture quality suffers. Intersting that it impossible to find data on the depression created across a Weber. There will be one, even if it were a perfect venturi, which it is not. Peter
  13. How do they allow for a tool or drill bit losing its edge ? - scrap the whole run? Peter
  14. Unsafe at any speed................and invisible too.
  15. Hello from Devon

    Hello again Iain. Didn't know you were a hillclimber. Peter