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  1. TR5tar

    Musing on road speed

    Thanks Nick. Perhaps it really just is inaccurate speedos that account for the differences in speed. With most cars, I imagine, the speedo is measuring the speed at the wheels, rather than how fast the car is moving through the air (as the sat-nav measures), so if that is the case I wonder what other factors come into play ... such as road surface, the curve of the road, etc?
  2. Yesterday, as I made my way home from Scotland along the M6 and M5, through endless roadworks, I started to wonder about the speed of the cars around me. I had cruise control set to 50mph, but despite that I found myself overtaking many vehicles and also being overtaken by many other vehicles. Some would have no doubt been registering a lower or higher speed than 50mph, but I imagine that the majority had set their cruise control to 50mph. If that's so, what accounts for the difference in speed? As it happens, the inside lane did seem to have the slower cars, and the outside one the faster cars. Is it just that many speedos do not register accurately, or is it other factors, and if so what are they? Cheers, Darren
  3. TR5tar

    treasure your parents

    Also sorry to hear your news. I lost my mum on Boxing Day 2010 to all the dreadful consequences of diabetes, and then my dad nine months later to prostate cancer that had spread to his bones. Both suffered in agony for the last few weeks of their lives. I do my best to put it from my mind. It is, as Nick says, a sobering thought to know that we are the next in line. I've come to the conclusion that the best any of us can hope for is that dying will be quick and painless. My only advice to you would be to always focus on the happy times you had with your mom, and forget about this distressing time as best you can. Also, be prepared that what has happened might well not really hit you for a few months yet. I didn't have time to grieve for my mum, because I was too busy looking after my dad, so it wasn't until about six months after he died that it all caught up with me. Best wishes, Darren
  4. TR5tar


    Hi Neil, Good to see you over here. Darren
  5. Brilliant explanation , thanks Nick. I do have the standard nylon injector lines, so at least that's a plus. It did feel like it was running on 1 or 2 less cylinders, so it sounds like vapour lock is the most likely cause. Cheers, Darren
  6. Thanks Nick. I can't say that I heard any strange noises from the fuel pump, although they might have been difficult to hear while driving (although not when stationary), so perhaps it wasn't cavitation then. For some reason I thought that cavitation and vapour lock were the same or similar. Have I got that wrong? Someone else mentioned to me vapour in the injector lines. If it was that, is there a way to stop it that you know of? Other than making sure I don't leave the bonnet open in direct sunlight of course! Cheers, Darren
  7. Apologies if this has been covered in depth already. I had a nice little drive out in the TR5 PI to a local show on Bank Holiday Monday. Car was on song and buzzed along nicely on the way there. Weather was beautiful, 25C+ I reckon, and as I know that a lot of people like to look at the engine I put the bonnet up. It sat in the sun for about 4 hours in total. When I came to leave it was a bit sluggish starting, but not bad. After about 10 miles on the way home, I had to stop at some traffic lights for a couple of minutes. After that the car became very lumpy and hesitant under load, and took a lot of right foot to get the revs up. Two possibilities crossed my mind ... perhaps I'd overheated the coil letting it sit in the sun and it wasn't performing correctly, or cavitation. Fuel level was just under half a tank. When I got home I popped the filler cap and got more of a hiss than usual. Any thoughts? Been out since then and it's running perfectly again. Cheers, Darren P.S. Should have said. It's a Bosch fuel pump, I believe.
  8. TR5tar

    Lunatic drivers

    It might not be terribly PC to say this, but I wonder how many drivers we have on the roads who have passed their test in different countries, where the standards might be somewhat different to those expected in the UK. Just a thought. Darren
  9. TR5tar

    Land rover Disco 3 electronic parking brake

    Hi Nick, Yes, I absolutely agree about the stupidity of the EPB. When I bought the car 8 years ago I never even considered it, but now I know better. Wife had an issue with her EBP last summer when for some reason her battery died in a car wash. That locked the EPB on and there is no way to release it without power, so she was stuck there until I arrived with a battery booster. I do have a lot of prior experience of the LR specialist in question and respect them. They've looked after the car for about 5 years now and I believe they have always played fair. I've done some research myself online and as you say EPB faults are all too common. I'll read more on the subject. To be fair to the specialist, they haven't said for definite that the unit needs replacing, all they have said is that the diagnostic equipment says that the system isn't communicating with the unit. They checked the wiring as far as they could, without getting under the car, and say that the power is getting that far. They have said that it could be a wiring problem further along, but it could be the unit. That's when I asked for a worst case scenario and got the £1100 quote. I guess my next move is to ask them if they have had experience of fitting reconditioned units. There's an outfit in Blackburn that reconditions them for about £150 (compared to £700 for new unit) ... or if I can get it there they'll take it out, recondition and refit for about £600. Unfortunately Blackburn is a bit of a trek for me. Cheers, Darren
  10. Parking brake warning light came on a few days ago and the system failed to work. Luckily it's off, rather than stuck on. Car is a 2005 Disco 3 HSE, auto. Took it to local independent LR specialist to check over and they said that power is getting to the fuses, so likelihood is that there's a problem further along with the wiring or it's the unit itself that needs replacing. Worst case scenario is unit replacement, because cost is going to be approximately £1100 (with about £700 of that for the unit itself)! Has anyone had experience of this and used one of these online services that offer to refurbish the unit for about £150 plus postage? Cheers, Darren
  11. TR5tar

    Lunatic drivers

    I think this bloke was sleep driving Paul and probably trying to find the moon, despite it being lunchtime. You're clearly a better person than me Yorkshire, as for a few seconds I had a bit of red mist. Thankfully by the time I'd caught up with him, good sense had returned. Since starting to work from home 12 years ago and not driving regularly in rush hour traffic I have noticed a deterioration in how people behave on the roads. There have always been lunatics, but there seems to be far more now. Friday afternoons before a bank holiday does seem to bring them out!
  12. TR5tar

    Lunatic drivers

    I've got "Rock Slider" bars on the side of the Land Rover, which makes twitching in those sort of situations very tempting. I've had to learn to be the master of self control ... something that is not typically in my nature.
  13. TR5tar

    Lunatic drivers

    Yes, I can see how that might be the case Roger, it doesn't stand out much does it! What I should have said is that thankfully I wasn't in the TR when this happened. No, I was in my Land Rover Discovery, so I suppose I ought to be impressed that the idiot wanted to tangle with me. If I hadn't been looking carefully in my wing mirror I could have easily ran him into the central barrier. Cheers, Darren
  14. TR5tar

    Lunatic drivers

    Yesterday, as I left a slip road to join a dual carriageway behind a lorry, I witnessed the most idiotic driving I've seen in a long time. With my indicators on, I check in my mirror that the fast lane is clear and move straight across. In my o/s wing mirror, I see another car exiting the slip road close behind me, and we both move into the fast lane at the same time. However, car behind then puts his foot down hard and overtakes me when I've already entered the fast lane. And so, we have three abreast on dual carriage way with me in the middle between the idiot and the lorry. Is it just me? Cheers, Darren
  15. Looks cracking Hamish. My wife (Tina) is desperate for a Vitesse, but trouble is I'm desperate for a TR7 V8 or a Stag. Real trouble is that we are bang out of luck on both counts until we save some more pennies Good luck with the sale. Cheers, Darren