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    Update: What it actually does is stay logged in to the page I am viewing, but after a short time when I try to view another page I'm being asked to log in again. Then, when I try to log in, I'm told the password is incorrect. The log in box automatically has the "Remember me" box checked. It seems to make no difference if I try to uncheck it. Cheers, Darren
  2. TR5tar


    Thanks for the replies. Let me try to answer your questions Alan. ST never used to log me out, it's only started happening recently. Yes, I think the browser window still points at the ST forum on exactly the same page I was on, but I'm being asked to sign in, and that's when I'm told that the password is incorrect. At least I think that is what is happening. Until it happens again I cannot be sure. I am using Chrome, with house Wifi to BT infinity. Very rarely get any loss of connection, so I do not think that's an issue. I'm on a desktop , on which I do not use sleep mode. I'm glad it's not just me Jim! Hope you are well, by the way. That;s right Alan, when I sign in I see the "Remember me" box, which is checked. However, I don't think I'm unchecking that box, so I'm unclear as to what is happening. Something else that may be relevant is that Chrome asks if I want to remember the password too, which I say yes to. By the way, I never remember passwords to any site that involves financial transactions. What's the answer then? Cheers, Darren
  3. TR5tar


    It's very odd. I've cleared the Password, then reset, but then later I get automatically logged out and afterwards I have to set the password again. Will have to have a think!
  4. TR5tar


    Thanks Alan. Will look into seeing if it's a browser issue. Best wishes, Darren (AKA Reggie) P.S. You're a brave man repeating those rumours. Are you not aware that I'm a dangerous character?
  5. TR5tar


    Infamy, infamy ... they've all got it infamy. Have I been banned? For some reason, after a little while using the ST forum I'm automatically logged out. And when I try to log in again, I'm told that I am using the wrong password. I reset the password and it works again, for a while, then the same problem. I always click the "Remember me" box on the password, but no joy. Any thoughts on where the problem is, or are you all trying to tell me something Cheers, Darren
  6. Thanks for the suggestion Tom, but we think we have nailed it down to something else. Will report back when it's fixed. Darren
  7. Thanks Kev. A friend gave me a call a couple of days back and talked me through some checks. He has a strong suspicion about the problem and I'm working on it at the moment, with his very patient guidance. Fingers crossed. I'll tell more later ... when I've finished putting the engine back together I'm hopeful that it'll fix it, but if not I'll try your suggestion. It's all a bit of detective work. I am indeed using the Iridium plugs in the TR Alan. I've used them for about three years and never had any fouling issues. They appear to be very good, but I accept that it could be psychological, and they may in fact be no different to the standard plugs. Anyhow, I think I go faster, therefore I go faster! Not, however, using them on the eurobox Alan ... because I haven't got a eurobox
  8. Thanks Kev. I'll try giving it a thump with engine running, as Peter suggests. If that doesn't make a difference, I'll try cleaning it. Is it just a case of undoing the nuts at each end and then removing the centre piece? Any special procedure? Will I get a load of fuel piddling out when I do it? What's the best way of cleaning out the strainer? Apologies for all the questions. If it's not the PRV, then is it most likely to be the MU, given the symptoms? One other thought crossed my mind and that is that I've not checked the valve clearances since I've had the car. I f they are out, could that account for any of this? Thanks for everyone's input. Cheers, Darren
  9. Hi Peter, Not sure what it looks like. Is it visible in either of these two photos. First is of the pump and filter under wheel arch, second is of what I assume is another filter under the fuel tank in the boot.
  10. By the way Nick, yes the backfire was from the exhaust. If the diaphragm in the MU is split, is that something I can easily change, or is it a case of sending the MU off to be refurbished? I did wonder about the timing. Have to say that I'm not sure if I'm reading the timing right. There are three marks (shown in photo), but I'm not sure what exactly they relate to. I think the wider white mark (the bottom of the three) is the one I am reading and that's 12 degrees ... ATDC I think. Would that be right? Apologies, I'm a bit dopey when it comes to this. Cheers, Darren
  11. I could very well be wrong, but if timing was out wouldn't the issue have been evident immediately? I will check it, but distributor is tight in place and I haven't moved it at all. Dizzy cap is tight too. Confess that I don't know where the PRV is Peter. If I can locate it, I'll try your suggestion. Thanks for the suck test suggestion Nick. Tried it, but I'm not sure. On first suck I heard click from MU. There was a very slight hiss when I removed my tongue, but nothing much. Not sure I'm doing it right. Cheers, Darren
  12. Hello, It's quite refreshing to be talking with folks about car related issues, rather then ... well, you know what. I've asked a few friends about this one already, but haven't come to a conclusion as to what is going on. History is this: Car, TR5, on electronic ignition and PI, has been running pretty smoothly for the last few months. After a few weeks non running, when I started her up earlier in the week, it sounded a bit rough, so I took her for a spin and found that after a few miles the engine seemed very rough, and the car jolted on coming off the gas. It didn't seem too bad under acceleration, but a bit hesitant, and it got progressively worse. I filled up on this drive, and stuck some Redex injector cleaner in. I did wonder if that has caused issues, but the problem was developing beforehand. Anyhow, on returning home, I pulled the plugs and they were all very black, which indicates too rich a mixture or weak spark, right? Although, I did not see any black exhaust smoke, which might be expected? At this point I changed the plugs and checked that the MU fuel enrichment lever on the MU and the choke were both returning as they should . . . they are both fine. I also changed the rotor arm. All the injector lines have a strong pulse and each seems to be spraying correctly, although I noted a slight drip on one. When I started the car this morning, engine sounded pretty good, so I decided to go for a blast. Car was pretty good for the first few miles, but then problems similar to before arose. This time, however, the car didn't jolt when off the gas, but it did when the gas was applied. Along with the jolting it also backfired as I applied the gas. I had to give it a boot full of acceleration to pull off and it seemed very down on power. Backfire suggests over fueling, right? Back home, I changed the coil, and dissy cap. I've not taken her out again to see if any of that as made a difference, but when idling I note that every 8 seconds or so the revs pick up slightly for a couple of seconds and then die down again. Is that significant? Friends have suggested MU needs looking at. Does everyone here concur, or is there something else to check that might be causing this? Cheers, Darren
  13. TR5tar

    Messages of support fro Darren TR5tar

    Thanks all. As always, your support for me (and more importantly, for fair play) is greatly appreciated. I would like to say that, from what I've heard, all of the TRR forum moderators have been very fair minded throughout. That is very reassuring. You say that I'm "very passionate about the marque" Tom. I'd like to think so, but unfortunately with that passion comes the urge to speak up when I think that something isn't right. That's who I am. I could play politics and genteel games, but that's not me. Anyhow, on the subject of who, other then the originator and recipient, can read PMs on a forum, it might be that both Alan and Tom are correct. I've no doubt that moderators cannot read PMs, but I believe it would be technically possible for someone with higher levels of access to do so. Whether or not it ever happens I don't know. I would hope not. Anyhow, I'm going to try a bit of moderation myself here and say please don't argue over it. I can promise you that there really are far more important things to worry about in the world. Best wishes to all, Darren