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  1. 4xdog


    Thanks for that file, Steve. Sure to be useful. Decades ago when I drove a Saab 900 Turbo, I talked the dealer into giving me one of their slightly-out-of-date parts microfiches. Back then, I had access to a microfiche reader/printer in my lab. It would be harder now, but I've hung onto that microfiche just 'cause someday it's going to be as useful as that document you found like that. Don
  2. 4xdog

    Hello from a sunny but cold Holland

    Welcome, Menno. A lot of the old gang on here over the last few days. 40 years teaching (or even teacher coaching) is a long time! My father was pretty burned out after thirty-plus years in the classroom. Good on ya for taking on a special needs class. And the 914 is for sale, yet keeping the TR3A? Your priorities are spot on!
  3. 4xdog

    ZDDP ppm mis-labelling

    The oil I use, Peter, is Valvoline VR-1 Racing Oil, in SAE30 grade. Here's the Valvoline FAQ, noting it contains 0.14% Zn, 0.12% P (1400 and 1200 ppm, respectively). https://www.valvoline.com/about-us/faq/racing-oil-faq Yes, reporting total ZDDP content rather than on the basis of Zn is nonstandard from my experience. I haven't seen it, but as my grade hasn't changed for years, I don't look for it.
  4. 4xdog

    Another "hello" from the woods

    You're selling your car short, Vicky. It looks terrific!
  5. 4xdog

    Another refugee from the TR Register

    Lookin' good, Stan. How hard did you have to work to get those door handles aligned level on the TR3A? (smile)
  6. 4xdog

    Greetings from Mid-America

    Hah! I'm 6' 6", Stan. My hair is in the breeze above the current windscreen as it is. Aeroscreens would be like driving with nuthin' at all. That said, Martin's TR3A (with TR2 apron) works pretty well in all seasons, as in this photo from a TRR Thames Valley Group meeting a couple of years ago. Hmmm...
  7. 4xdog

    Hi from deepest West Sussex

    Nice pix, Rod. The Triumphs look terrific. Love the Acadiane. For fun -- a souvenir from the Citroën stand at the Paris Auto Show 1984:
  8. Hi guys -- Another TR owner here, one of a number of us that have joined your community in recent days. Some of you may know me as Don H. over there (although 4xdog is a more common online name for me on other forums). I'm a long-time owner of two Triumphs, a TR250 (my first car) from 1978-81 and now a TR3B from 1981 to present. Regards to all, and happy to be a part of your group -- Don Hiscock