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  1. time to update this. New trigger wheel fitted to pulley and trued in the lathe, new VR sensor. Reset timing and tuned carbs again and its running very very well. Staring is much easier and car pulls in all gears, very impressed. Now put it back in garage ready to start on the fuel injection. I think I have everything I need (lots of Ebay purchases paid for by selling my TR6 bits). The plan is to put a banjo connection into the drain plug of the tank to get a second pipe into the tank, I don't think I can get it out without breaking the tank so will drill and tap it in situ. I have a pump and everything else ready to go. I have got the throttle bodies ready and sorted the vacuum pipes and idle setup. cheers mike
  2. This is an interesting journey... It would run but started to misfire when the rpm was increased. Lots more analysis with the 'scope. One of the problems was that the timing wheel was not running true on the pulley, so the mark space ratio from the wheel was varying. Put it in the lathe and trued it up but noticed that there is some damage on a couple of teeth, so have ordered a new wheel (this one was a used one from a friend). After trueing it up and refitting it was much better but wont go above 3000 rpm before it starts to loose the pulses, the RPM drops (well the MS3 thinks it has) and starts to misfire. I am using a industrial hall effect device (just happened to have it available) so is more sensitive to gap between the teeth and sensor. At tick over the stability of the timing is amazing after the standard distributor. Will fit the new wheel when it arrives and check that the Hall effect sensor has a large enough bandwidth, if not might change it for VR one. Getting the timing working seems to key to the MS3. Lots of work but learning a lot about the MS3 and its capabilities, it is very impressive, the diagnostic capabilities are good once you understand them but glad I understand electronics and have the tools to sort the sensors. mike
  3. Finally got it running today. I have run the Ms3 on the simulator, hooked up my scope to all the signal, drunk far too much coffee and obsessed about the sparks and the timing.. But forgot you need petrol to make it run.... Lots of cranking to get fuel (still on the mechanical pump and it hasn't run for about 5 weeks) into the carbs and it started. Have added a big pipe to get the fumes of the garage and tomorrow will start to play with the settings. Time for wine Mike
  4. Bit of progress. Realised the firmware was very out of date so have loaded the latest version (from 1.1.2 to 1.5.1). Set the Spark hardware to use to LEDS spark and that makes it use the PM4 to drive the second coil driver Bifet. Now outputting pulses on both coil outputs (using a pullup resistor to simulate the coil and viewing the output on a scope). So at least its working with the Sim board in the office! Will do some more basic checking and then put it back in the car. Once I have got some sparks I want to check the timing as I am not convinced I have got it right yet... and then see if I can start it! cheers mike
  5. Hi Nick been a listener for awhile. The Herald EFI has been a long slow burning project, spent too much time playing with my TR6 and Lucas injection and the alps (no easy solution).... The TR6 has gone and now I only have the Herald and have come back to playing with it. Done all the difficult bits (wiring and setting all the sensors up) now trying to get the software working at least starting with the ignition and then moving onto the injection. Will see if I can sort out the options. Its a great system but almost too much information. cheers mike
  6. I have started to fit a Megasquirt MS3 to a 1500 Herald. At the moment I am aiming to get the ignition working before fitting the injection system. I am driving ford wasted spark coil, driving directly from the MS3. I am using the IGN output and the SPR4 outputs. The IGN output works fine drives the coil and give a nice spark, the SPR4 is connected to a Bifet and the Bifet driven from pin8 (PM4) from the processor socket. There is no spark from the coil when driven from this output (SPR4). Checking with a scope and going back to the pin 8 on the processor there is no pulse coming out of the processor to drive the Bifet. I realise that maybe I have to somehow define the output or is it done automatically in the TunerStudio settings? I have it set under Ignition options to "Wasted spark", "MS3X spark". the timing wheel stuff is 36 teeth with a missing tooth, that all works as I have tested it. If I have to set the output up how do I do it? I have read a lots of Megasquirt forum posts and manuals (there is a lot of information out there) but just cant see the answer... regards mike