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  1. mpbarrett


    will try some better fuel! Running NGK multi electrode plugs, cant remember the number used them on my TR6 and like them a lot, nice grey colour not overheated. Going out in her tomorrow so will have a play. Its not too bad, was thinking about adding a knock sensor but that does not help understanding whats going on! cheers mike
  2. mpbarrett


    I am getting some pinging from my Herald, its a 1500 engine just rebuilt with 20thou rebore and new Newman (PH1). Its running Megasquirt with ITB and wasted spark ignition. Before I rebuilt the engine there was s no sign of pinging, as the engine has run in (now up to 1000 miles) I have noticed it starting to ping under load. I have adjusted the timing to retard it slightly but its still pinging under load, usually at low rev high gear. So am not sure whats going on as its only started in the last 200 miles. Could it be that as the engine runs in the compression ratio is improving and that's why its started to ping? I don't think the basic timing has changed but will check that this weekend with a timing light. The mixture is not lean when it pings if anything its a bit rich (going by the AFR readout). I don't think I really understand what causes the engine to ping! Is it just the timing or can other things cause it? Also how harmful can it be, its only happening at certain loads and revs. Cheers mike
  3. mpbarrett

    EGO (AFR) Controllers

    What MPG are you getting? When I fitted my new engine (600 miles ago) I didn't touch the mapping but as I use it I realise that the mapping will need quite a bit of tweaking. I realized that its using different cell in the maps that weren't used before and I think this is due to the ITB mode needing to be recalibrated. I tried to collect some data with the laptop but it kept crashing as it was just too hot for it! Its all good as the engine is running very nicely and has loads of torque. Decent bores, good rings and a cam with lobes does make a difference.... Mike
  4. mpbarrett

    EGO (AFR) Controllers

    Not sure if yours is the same but on my AFR gauge you can change the output range from the gauge. There is a small pot to adjust at the back and when you change it it displays P0 to Pn on the display corresponding to what range its set to. The manual has a list of the output voltages and corresponding AFR values, some of the differences between ranges are quite small. Usefully, when its switched on it shows the current range (ie P0) before showing the AFR reading. Worth checking before you setup the Megasquirt I managed to confuse myself and had setup the Mega squirt so at high AFR value it did not agree with the gauge! mike
  5. mpbarrett


    just read this thread, I was thinking you hadn't been around on the forums very much. But very glad you getting better. I used to work at Kings college hospital in london in physiological measurement. Fault finding a human makes fixing old triumph seem easy! At least with a Triumph you know how it should work, with the human body there are lots of bits that we don't understand how they are meant to work! Not helped by the amazing variability in human body build quality. all the very best Mike
  6. Thanks JohnD. I had not thought it thru when I took the distributor off.. Will get busy with my lathe and make up a proper plug to stop the gear coming out. mike
  7. I have fitted full injection and wasted spark ignition to my Herald 1500. I remove the distributor and turned down a plug to blank the hole where the distributor was. I have just stripped down the engine (its off to be rebored) and realise without the distributor seems to be nothing to stop the drive gear for the oil pump moving upwards and becoming disengaged from the oil pump. I hope that the direction of the gear mesh should hold it down but should I do some thing else to stop it disengaging or am I worrying about a non problem! What have others done? cheers mike
  8. mpbarrett

    Setting Up ITB Mode

    roger sorry haven't got back to you yet. Been busy stripping engine down (very low compression on No4 cylinder) after our run around the NC500 and sorting out someone to rebore it. Also I have been trying to update my Windows 10 Portable PC, complete nightmare...... It only has 32 G memory so the only way to install the latest version is to do a clean install of Wind10 Home. Have now got a copy of Win10 Professional so should be able to stop the updates..... Once I have got it up and running and reinstalled TunerStudio will post some maps and settings. regards mike
  9. mpbarrett

    Setting Up ITB Mode

    Roger I have ITB on my 1500 in my Herald. Setup to use ITB mode in Tunerstudio. I too paid for the full version of the software (worth the money). The video is quite good, I hadn't realised how powerful the analysis software was. I used it to set the change point from manifold pressure to TPS by analysing some data files I collected while driving around. Basically you produce a scatter plot and then apply a filter to limit the displayed data to certain parameter ranges. let me know what you want to do and I will see if I can remember what I did! Just back from taking the Herald to Northern Scotland to do the North Coast 500, the EFI was great and transformed the car. Just need to rebuild the engine as it is using a lot of oil (good oil pressure and no nasty noises so I think the rings have had it, will do a compression test on it soon). mike
  10. mpbarrett

    mS3 1500 Herald

    Thought I should update this. Just done a 1600 mile trip from Cambridge to northern Scotland in my 1500 Herald to do the North Coast 500 route with some friends . The car was wonderful, much quicker and nicer to drive than I ever managed with SU carbs. It did a good job of keeping up with some MX5's and a Tr5 around the single track roads of the highlands, plenty of torque and revs. And even though it was thrashed around it still managed over 36 MPG (useful as there are not many petrol stations up there). I think there is till room for improvement with the maps (it hasn't been on a rolling road yet as I think of it as work in progress), but it has certainly been worth all the effort to get it working. The whole EFI system just worked, had no problems with it at all. The speedo broke, the horn has packed up, the drivers mirror fell off and the sync on second has had it. Oh and the engine is burning rather a lot of oil.... Apart from that had a great time, but do have a list of jobs for the future (rebuilt engine, refurbish gearbox etc). I had fitted Uniroyal Rainmaster tyres on it and Mintex front pads, both worth the money all helped to make the car more enjoyable, it would go round corners and stop! One strange think that did happen was that it did not like going over the mountains even though they were only 2000 feet or so. It felt like a TR6, very rich and misfiring. I have added a extra pressure sensor to compensate for altitude but had not enabled it yet and really did not want to change it while the rest of the time it was fine. I also think the AFR sensor was effected by the oil, I had it setup to correct the VE table for AFR readings and this did some strange things at times. Something else to add to the list of jobs. BTW The NC 500 route is really excellent, and its good to do it this time of the year as there are not to many camper vans or supercars and the midges haven't woken up yet. cheers Mike
  11. mpbarrett

    EFI issue. K3.

    don't know the Emerald system but on Megasquirt you can use a combined MAP and TPS for the load control. This was introduced as MAP can be a problem with an engine with ITB's. I have just set it upon my system and it seems to work well. You need to collect some running data to see what the MAP pressure is when the car is being used then set cross over point in the software. There is a very good Utube video on doing this. I am not sure if you can do something similar on the Emerald system. BTW there are people on the TR reg forum who have gone the Emerald EFI route on TR6's. regards mike
  12. mpbarrett

    Trigger Wheel Mounting Vitesse

    Oh dear... Shame to give up but do understand the frustration. Where about are you? regards mike
  13. mpbarrett

    Trigger Wheel Mounting Vitesse

    John did you get the converter to work on your XP laptop? If you need a driver it sometimes worth going direct to the company making the chip. If its FTDI chip they usually work well but worth getting it direct from the chip manufactures. Also I don't know the Megajolt system but on the MegaSquirt its worth getting the TPS calibrated before you do anything else and make sure that you have full throttle movement. On my system (Megasquirt and ITB) I had a VE map working very nicely and then realised that the throttle wasn't fully opened. So I fixed that and recalibrated the TPS and completely screwed up the mapping! Wish I had checked before I started to play with it. These systems do seem to have a very steep learning curve but its worth it when it all starts to work regards Mike 1500 Herald with Megasquirt, ITB and wasted spark ignition.
  14. mpbarrett

    mS3 1500 Herald

    Thanks Nick I think the problem is that the injector I have used has too big a flow rate so is very sensitive to pulse width. I had set the dwell time to the default of 0.9mS, as I understand it this is added to the calculated pulse width from the fuel equation. As the injector is too large for the power of the 1500 engine any small change in pulse width has a significant change in fuel going to the engine. When I reduced the dwell time and went back to the calculated VE map I started to get a a good AFR. So I think I understand what's going on. Ideally I should reduce the size of the injector but the one I have used is a short body one, the usual Rover ones that others have used will be a bit long and interfere with my airbox (yep design fault..).... So still learning! Hope to take it for a drive out of the garage tomorrow! Mike
  15. I have fitted a MS3 system to my 1500 herald. After a bit of a fight I got the ignition working very well. I have now moved on to the fuel injection and finally got it started last weekend. Its runs, but is very very rich. For the VE map I used the wizard to generate one (which does not look very different from what other people have used on 1500 Spitfires). But it runs far too rich. So I have gone into the table and multiplied all the cell by 0.5 and now its running at about 13.5 AFR. What I don't understand is why my VE table is so different from others? I feel I must have got some other setting wrong but cant see what it is! BTW the AFR values in the tuning software agree with the AFR gauge and you can smell and see when it runs very rich Below is the VE table and the engine settings. The car has Jenvey Throttle bodies (probably a bit big for the engine), Bosch 747 injectors (200cc/min at 3Bar, again maybe a bit big for this engine), wasted spark ignition. I have tried both MAP and ITB control but don't yet see much difference so am using ITB control. The engine is a standard spitfire 1500 block with standard cam but with a gas flowed stage 2 head (whatever that means!). At the moment I haven't driven the car but am testing it in the garage, with the exhaust vented out of the garage. It starts, runs thru the WUE and then settles down to a nice tickover. It seems to rev ok and really needs to be road tested now. I have disconnected my idle valve for the moment as it had some air leaks and so blocked the pipes. This has been a steep learning curve, but very interesting, but would really like to understand why my VE table is different from others before going on. Any suggestion very welcome! cheers mike