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  1. Nick & Chris's Gt6 Mk 3

    Really fantastic work the pair of you, remember when I did my 67 sprite , I changed every panel on the car except the boot unlike you I didn't make them. so well done looking forward to the finished article cheers phil
  2. canems ecu

    That was my next question, no6 seems to be the problem one, I was thinking of letting a little more air through on the butterfly , would that work? Is it better to be slightly lean on tickover ? Or could I put a hotter plug in no6 Cheers Phil
  3. canems ecu

    Hi Nick, I’ve moved the the pipe that supplies the map sensor on to the ones that come from the bottom of the throttle bodies, these I have dasy chained together so should be more stable. Tickover is much better now Ive been trying to set the cold start, it’s getting better but having trouble with fowled plugs .The plug you suggest do they need to be the resistor type. cheers Phil
  4. canems ecu

    All reassembled now, put some different plugs in and she runs. Got to set the cold start settings now, so things are progressing. The vacuum gauge that I have connected is a bit wild not stable at all, hope thats not an indication of other problems. what plugs do you recommend Nick ? Phil
  5. canems ecu

    Did that last night, came back saying manifold air leak Kpa to high manifold pressure to low cheers Phil
  6. canems ecu

    All the manifold is coming off at the weekend just to make sure its all sealed properly then we will start again. will put more info on when its all back together. Though things were going to good Cheers Phil
  7. canems ecu

    I have interconnected tubes through the manifold so yes it’s an average of all six. not sure on vac readings. i have malpassi not tested but set to 3 bar all plugs are black not wet. plugs paired 6-1 5-2 4-3 plugs used are Bosch WR 78 super 4 sent a text to Daniel at Lloyd’s telling of my problems. sent one back asking , fuel pressure ,manifold pressure kph , fuel mixture at idle.
  8. canems ecu

    Hi Nick, yes im using the original 600 injectors rated at 200 cc, waisted spark via ford coil pack. Manifold pressure and a wide band sensor. The manual that you have is all I have. it run just but sound as it’s on only 4 cylinders. I’ve had the plugs out, they are all black as you would imagine but fireing I think. The chap at canems took details of engine and injectors and does a base program. The injector resolution is set mbps low for big injectors higher for small injectors you can reduce the resolution but on small injectors you my run out of fuel at full load. cheers Phil
  9. Ive install a canems ecu on my tr6 made the inlet manifold myself , with Suzuki 600 throttle bodies. So today is start up day , and yes started first time, Great. I'm now trying to tune it because its so rich, with no luck so far. I'm in tuning mode but nothing seems to make any difference, altering figures in the fuel table , no. So any one have a Canems with more knowledge me (no hard to do) can HELP Phil