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  1. Hi guys just taken delivery of a 6-3-1 manifold but not too happy with the alignment of some of the headers what's the concencous grind it or send it back
  2. Noswal

    Tr6 efi

    Was completely blocked up to the far side still no water came out , have some welding wire which I pushed to the right and left up the passages eventually got it cleared of debris continued flushing the block out till the water ran clear. It's all back together and running temperature more consistent now throughout the block using the laser temperature gauge where before there was 25c difference. Let's hope that's cured it only time will tell. Thanks for the help
  3. Noswal

    Tr6 efi

    Removed the water jacket plug near the starter , completely blocked , not rust but thick oil crud . So no water getting to 5 and 6 cylinders, but where did the oil come from?
  4. Noswal

    Tr6 efi

    Hi Nick , glad to hear you're feeling better. The idea of using the starter was suggested this morning, will try later. I'm running a Canems unit , air temp is quite high at 40c . In the process of acquiring another gauge to check.
  5. Noswal

    Tr6 efi

    Basically the engine is getting extremely hot although the water temperature is not getting abnormally high, the ecu struggles to maintain an even tickover around 850rpm dipping to 500rpm. Engine is getting very tight and runs unevenly at normal speeds (40-60). Air sensor is located level with the radiator below halfway
  6. Noswal

    Tr6 efi

    Tr6 efi is now running well most days, till we got to this hot spell. On a run round country lanes she is fine till you in to traffic, temp gauge starts to rise electric fan come on and just about copes for short periods, but never boils as such. Took a reading with laser temp gauge and it’s about normal around 80c. It’s the air temp that gets very hot 40c + when this happens the tickover starts to suffer, starts around 900 and slowly goes down to 500 then stalls o2 gauge goes very week 16 to 18. Have changed the rad new lower stat flushed the engine out , slightly better, one thing I have got is very very high oil pressure, cold 95 tickover hot 65 2000rpm hot over 100 Any ideas welcome Phil
  7. Noswal

    Throttle bodies

    No , just the bodies any Year wil Do .
  8. So I need a set of tr6 throttle bodies can anyone help cheers Phil
  9. Noswal

    canems ecu

    Not been able to do much on the Tr lately, but what I have done is balanced all the cylinders roughly the same. My throttle bodies don’t have bleed screws as on the video, you have to alter each butterfly which alters the next and so on and having 6 not 4 makes it worse, makes me think I should have gone down another route ie tr6 throttle bodies might have made life easier. I found that the problem was the idle valve and where it entered the manifold (on the photo right side near rad) all the air was being pulled by no1 leaving nothing for the rest, also the Bosch valve never completely closed down so was also having trouble with tickover being too high. Now that it’s not in the system everything working much better. I have three other issues at the moment, the Rev counter on idle is fine then as you rev the engine it reads less rather than more, the other is a programming problem I think. When the electric fan kicks in all the fuel goes lean for a few seconds till program catches up, it could also be the charging system not giving enough on idle. The other is the aem o2 gauge, it reads 2 numbers lower than the ecu program which is right ? Merry Christmas Phil
  10. Noswal

    Nick & Chris's Gt6 Mk 3

    Really fantastic work the pair of you, remember when I did my 67 sprite , I changed every panel on the car except the boot unlike you I didn't make them. so well done looking forward to the finished article cheers phil
  11. Noswal

    canems ecu

    That was my next question, no6 seems to be the problem one, I was thinking of letting a little more air through on the butterfly , would that work? Is it better to be slightly lean on tickover ? Or could I put a hotter plug in no6 Cheers Phil
  12. Noswal

    canems ecu

    Hi Nick, I’ve moved the the pipe that supplies the map sensor on to the ones that come from the bottom of the throttle bodies, these I have dasy chained together so should be more stable. Tickover is much better now Ive been trying to set the cold start, it’s getting better but having trouble with fowled plugs .The plug you suggest do they need to be the resistor type. cheers Phil
  13. Noswal

    canems ecu

    All reassembled now, put some different plugs in and she runs. Got to set the cold start settings now, so things are progressing. The vacuum gauge that I have connected is a bit wild not stable at all, hope thats not an indication of other problems. what plugs do you recommend Nick ? Phil
  14. Noswal

    canems ecu

    Did that last night, came back saying manifold air leak Kpa to high manifold pressure to low cheers Phil