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  1. My wife has a friend that went to school with their current MP. That individual recently stated that they had no particular political aspirations, because "it's 'money for old rope' on the back benches!". Says it all really...
  2. The oldest working funicular water balance cliff lift is at Saltburn, North Yorkshire. There is also one in Bridgnorth, Shropshire, which is now converted to electric. Always a treat to take a trip on the funicular!
  3. Nice car, I hope the DVLA don't see the article or he might be requiring an SVA and 'Q' plate...
  4. In 2007 Brown took over from Blair in an uncontested 'election'...
  5. Nice pair of Lomax(s?) next to the 2CV. Both with full weather kit, and the white one has 4 wheels by the look of it (224 model). I built one in the mid 90's.
  6. His father in law was awarded the VC at Arnhem. That made an interesting program as well. But, to be honest, I struggle to watch him these days...
  7. The safety culture at the IOM TT has improved dramatically in recent years. Races and practice sessions do not take place if the weather is 'adverse' in any way. They do install specialist motorsport safety barriers in many areas of the course and there are now large sections that are prohibited to spectators. At the end of the day you must accept it's not a closed circuit. Most road racers do not make much money from racing (unlike F1 or MotoGP) and many are amateurs. Success at the TT can make their year and mean the difference between having to hold down a 9-5 job and not, but to win you have to be 100% committed and there is no margin for error. The super slow motion shots are spectacular. Two 2 wheel drifts at 180mph and bottomed out suspension are what it takes to win. I recommend 'The near death thing' by Rick Broadbent if you want to know what makes TT racers tick.
  8. andymcp

    Spark plug

    I have seen a lot of rumour/discussion on a motorcycle forum I frequent of counterfeit NGK plugs on the market. I had one which produced a rather strange 'sparkly' white spark from new. The bike didn't perform well so I swapped to a Champion, which was much better. Just saying...
  9. The plot thickens! Perhaps they were never lower wishbones per se but a variation on the 'camber compensator' theme.
  10. Those look a bit agricultural (almost DIY!) Are they re-purposed front upper wishbones?
  11. I can imagine the penalties for exceeding speed limits will be increased accordingly. Having made a conscious decision to 'override' a factory installed safety system, you cannot then argue a 'momentary lapse of concentration' as a defence!
  12. Nick, If you decide you want it, PM me your address and I'll drop it in the post.
  13. I have to agree with Nick. One of the first jobs I did on my car, 8 years ago, was to replace the hood cover. I managed to get it to fit quite well at the time, but it has now shrunk and is very tight. One of my tasks 'pre-season' is to ease the tension on the header rail. I have already added some material to fill the gaps along the bottom edges at the sides. This car has always been stored with the hood up in an attempt to minimise shrinkage.
  14. I bought one 20 years ago, for when it was too cold and wet to commute by motorcycle. One owner from new, 40k miles with 10 months MOT for £300 (in 'deaf aid' beige). I sold it 2 years later, at a profit, even though it was suffering from terminal 'patina'.
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