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  1. Sepang and Motegi from the far east, and I'll claim Donnington Park seeing as nobody else has.
  2. Is it Monza that looks like a paperclip?
  3. The trouble with space is that you tend to fill it with more projects (or "crap" as my wife would call it)!
  4. Triumph Club SoCal on Facebook have posted some nice photos from various sources.
  5. Daily ration packs for the military used to contain 3 sheets of 'Izal' toilet paper. I think the same methodology was supposed to be employed. Something about fingernails...?!
  6. Thanks John. I'm a bit of a Luddite when it comes to IT and tech in general!
  7. https://www.easyliveauction.com/catalogue/b4e12819241cc188e9602114fbde3435/0af8d24542e81eb9357e7ef448a6646f/vintage-and-classic-cars-to-include-many-ford-mk-i%E2%80%99s-mk-ii/ Some interesting stuff here if you're feeling brave...
  8. Correction - That is the clamp plate in your photo, but as John says, you don't show the spring box. How was the spring attached to the diff?
  9. You also don't appear to have the clamp plate (item #149189)
  10. I would ensure the grooves are well defined. Paint the lines with 'Humbrol' gloss white enamel (model aircraft paint), then wipe the excess off with a cloth dampened (not wet) with thinners.
  11. One side 'might' be longer on your car. It's not supposed to be, but you might have a mismatch of parts.
  12. Some success tonight! A couple of hours spent fiddling - removing, fitting, filing - the butterfly discs has resulted in a rough idle down to 850 rpm (without yet setting the mixture correctly). I have concluded that the new discs are not particularly well made, being roughly stamped out with inaccurately positioned mounting holes. I found the biggest improvement if I fitted the disc loose with only one screw, then manipulated the spindle so the disc found it's natural position. Having done this the second hole did not align precisely with the spindle. Easing the hole with a fine file allowed the second screw to fit whilst producing the best seal of the butterfly in carb body.
  13. Phil, All suggestions gratefully received, but I was aware and had spent a fair bit of time already trying to get the best fit. One thing I have noticed today is that when the butterfly is fully open there is a few thou of lateral movement on the spindles which isn't present when closed. I'm wondering if the butterfly is binding on the carb body and not closing fully. All good fun!
  14. Hi John, The original butterflies had popoff valves. One didn't look too clever so I replaced them with plain discs. I was going to solder them up but managed to destroy one removing it (those tiny screws can be bl00dy tight)! Not sure what happened with the repeat post. It was supposed to be a response to Nick. I will investigate the discs and spindles again.I P.s. Rear carb was drawing more air than front. Leaning out the mixture ( a lot) reduced the idle speed but had the engine 'bogging' when lifting the piston.
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