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  1. "There was a time when we had our own resident Dellorto specialist, the site's original creator, but he's only a very occasional visitor these days." Can anyone tell me who this guy is and how I can contact him? Thanks....NIge
  2. Thanks Nik, I'm in South Wales, so the nearest place for me, that comes recommended, to have the carbs set up on a dyno would be Gloucester Cheers...NIge
  3. Thanks for the welcome and letting me join in.Yes, there's quite a history to the cars I've worked on and owned over the past 35 years or so. Thankfully I was about when cars and parts were relatively cheap to buy and modify. Nothing like scavenging around scrap yards for those elusive parts......... Nige
  4. Hi, my name's Nige and I have a 289 Le Mans Cobra kit car. I've been self employed for 35 years with my own bodyshop, specialising in repairs and restorations to Porsches, Rolls and other exotica. Over the years I've had numerous oddball cars, most of which were highly tuned. Quickest of all was my '55 Chevy, that had a 468 cu in motor and ran 10.57 secs @135 mph on the motor at the 'Pod. I've been a lurker here for a while, but finally decided to ask the question I posted in the "Carburetter" section. Hopefully I'll be able to get some answers and take the next step with my current ride Cheers...Nige
  5. Hi, I've a Rover 3.5 and it currently has a 390 Holley, Performer intake, headers and a piper BP270 cam. I've also got a set of DRLA 40's complete with Rovercraft manifolds. I've found a tuning shop about 1.5 hrs away from me that specialises in Dellorto carbs and the guy said that he'd set the carbs/engine up on his dyno if I take the car to him. I've no idea what condition the carbs are in and would like to have them cleaned and given a "ball park" tune up, so that I can bolt them to the engine so that it will start and run, so that I drive it without major issues to the dyno guy for a final set up. Are there any recommendations as to who would be able to clean and set these carbs up for me with a "ball park" tune? Also the carbs both face the same way when mounted on the manifolds, why is that? Surely it makes it very awkward to adjust the two that face inwards? Is it best to drill and tap the intakes and put the carbs on so that they're both facing back to back? I realise that I'd need to re tap the stud holes and cut into the mounting faces for throttle linkage clearances. They also came with a balance pipe that's connected to tapped and threaded pipes. All eight intake runners are connected to this "U" shaped pipe, is this normal and is it for a brake vacuum take off? if not is it best to do away with this set up? Where is it best to take the brake servo feed from?? Sorry for so many questions, but I was directed here and told that I would probably get my questions answered Thanks in advance.....NIge
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