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  1. oldtuckunder


    Yes, but if you can track down a Sideways BoD, your a better man than me, I don't think they could even track themselves down, even if they existed, let alone hold a court of enquiry
  2. oldtuckunder


    You'll fit in well here then
  3. oldtuckunder


    Well as the sequence on the GT6 went Swing Axle/Fixed Spring, Rotoflex, Swing Spring this would imply that as I don't think there were any complaints when they finally went swing spring, that its up to the job, and also saves a lot of weight. Not sure but I think the GT6 swing spring was heavier duty than the Spit one, but as you are converting a Spit and don't have the extra GT6 rear weight it should be all right. If you want to keep options open, you could always weld the Rotoflex brackets on whilst body off and easy, keep the swing spring, and if you want to try rotoflex later you are good to just bolt everything on. I'd concur with Martin upgrade the Front Brakes, you have a lot more weight up there, not to say a few more HP. Alan
  4. oldtuckunder


    I had heard a rumour that you were trying to either take over Nicks role, or steal Sideways members to form a breakaway forum I'll wait for the facts in TRA 309 However it sounds more like something your end, I have never seen anything log me out of Sideways (well not so far) so it perhaps smacks of your browser or internet connection being reset, and then possibly when you reconnect if you have your browser set to remember passwords its then supplying an incorrect old password. I never let my browser remember passwords, its basically the equivalent of writing them up on a public forum in the security stakes game. What you might try is open new browser session, login (even if it requires you setting new password) then once logged in just shut the complete browser down without logging out, and then open the browser and try loging in again.
  5. oldtuckunder

    Bodyguard? Boo! (Plot spoilers!)

    PLEASE STOP POSTING ON THIS TOPIC! Missed all but first 10 mins of last episode due to power cut, so will have to do iPlayer catch up this evening! HAve managed to reply without reading John's post, Guess I could always just shutdown Sideways for the day though
  6. Hi John Display name and password is working for me to login to Forum. Alan
  7. oldtuckunder

    Can a numpty build an engine (TR3a)

    I know some discussions are happening, but don't know what if anything will be proposed, so I'd wait until after meeting in early Nov before deciding.
  8. oldtuckunder

    Can a numpty build an engine (TR3a)

    I'd certainly recommend having a go. Again I'd caution if looking for competition use to make sure you don't accidentally slip into an upgrade class i.e. > 130 bhp/tonne. The later high port head will also require new inlet and exhaust manifolds (I think but worth checking) If you check most of the 4/4A cars with breathed on engines (i.e. only lightly modified) are struggling to keep within 130 limit (possibly with a bit of people choosing not to ask questions), or are just over it. It may pay to see if there are any regulation changes later this year for next year, before deciding what approach to take, as if a sliding scale was introduced it would remove the current high hurdle of stepping up a bhp/tonne class band, and might give you more flexibility. lan
  9. oldtuckunder

    I salute a master prankster.

    unless you are inclined to drop your Esses? But I suspect it was more likely the spell checker rather than any language filter that was in play!
  10. oldtuckunder

    Ignition light on, but Alternator appears to be charging

    Chris took it to a friends garage yesterday, voltage is fluctuating all over the shop from 9V up to 17V on their equipment. Its a Lucas unit, so they have just ordered a new one for fitting next week (and keeps me out of the loop). If its an explosive mix, good job its in the boot next to the fuel tank! Alan PS thanks for the offer of a regulator, if I ever drag the Vitesse into the modern charging world I may appreciate.
  11. Well as I understand they are actually paying a commercial company for support, hosting and maintenance, it ought to go smoothly!
  12. oldtuckunder

    Can a numpty build an engine (TR3a)

    Your actually a bit lighter than I am, the difference is that having hit peak torque at 4K yours starts declining and you are getting peak power at 5K slightly above which I suspect you have to change up, where my peak torque is about 1K higher and peak power about 1.5K higher so I can hold acceleration in 2nd longer than you can which is probably an advantage on some hills, however at the sprints with your higher torque lower down, you can be pulling a higher gear and accelerating hard whilst I'm having to hang on in a lower gear till I get to the point where a gear change up will work effectively. It's why if you look at some of the Sprint split times you are noticeably quicker than me at some points. Also different intermediate gear ratios between our boxes makes a difference. So there is some horses for courses effect, that we suffer from more at our end of the scale than the cars with big numbers.
  13. oldtuckunder

    Can a numpty build an engine (TR3a)

    PS wish I had that torque at 4K would probably sort my having to hold 2nd into high 6's before going 3rd on steep hills. Alan
  14. oldtuckunder

    Can a numpty build an engine (TR3a)

    Alan is in the same class!
  15. oldtuckunder

    Can a numpty build an engine (TR3a)

    Seriously though, It depends where your starting from, and I know nothing about your current engine, other than your starting to push me hard at places and even beat me! So what you already have isn't a bad spec to work from, if you know what that is? Alan