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  1. oldtuckunder

    TR4 V8 still for sale

    Whilst taking a peek, (nice car shame about the engine) I also spotted this inexpensive Vitesse Convertable https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/triumph-vitesse-cabriolet/153027190105?_trkparms=aid%3D222007%26algo%3DSIM.MBE%26ao%3D2%26asc%3D52343%26meid%3D5cbb8a9355214b49912638989e8c42e5%26pid%3D100005%26rk%3D3%26rkt%3D12%26mehot%3Dpp%26sd%3D253636048857%26itm%3D153027190105&_trksid=p2047675.c100005.m1851 Alan
  2. oldtuckunder

    Musing on road speed

    Now that could be the genius idea of the year!
  3. oldtuckunder

    New tyres tr3

    Hamish I don't think 0.37 secs at Curborough falls into the too quick category, and I was close to the limit! Next time out you will be used to Sticky Tyres! Alan
  4. oldtuckunder

    VHI Declaration

    No matter how good we think we are we all miss things, the second set of eyes argument wins hands down for me. Alan
  5. oldtuckunder

    Throttle Snail cam

    Finally got my custom throttle cable installed, this one stands a far better chance of withstanding the rigours of instant hard competition WOT, outers now meet at a bulkhead block so are only in compression nothing trying to grip the outer. How can one man spend so much time on a bloody throttle cable? Found I had some teflon lined outer, but also whilst digging through cable inners left from data logging project, found a couple of these: https://jagwire.com/products/inner-wire/mountain-elite-ultra-slick-brake-inner-wire Now if you want smooth and slick these make ordinary cable inners feel like rough tree bark, and by luck the Jagwire nipple was also a perfect fit for my throttle lever. Alan
  6. oldtuckunder

    Musing on road speed

    We have a similar affliction, but fortunately most MWays are 3 lanes, and they are banned from lane 3 or I think things would get very interesting! Whilst visiting colleagues in Germany I have noticed that on a number of 2 lane MWays that between certain times of day Trucks are banned from the outside lane, so just have to stay in line. I have always thought that we ought to have something in the highway code that prohibited overtaking a vehicle that will take more than a mile or say a minute, the thought of a careless driving conviction and the ever growing number of surveillance cameras might just reduce the practice. Alan
  7. oldtuckunder

    New tyres tr3

    Sticky Tyres + Hot Day =
  8. oldtuckunder

    Trigger Wheel Mounting Vitesse

    Had an interesting few hours with the Vitesse and Nick at the RR last week seeing what we had with both Dissy and Points or MegaJolt, can now swap between the two in a couple of mins, so were able to do a back to back test of the two. For those of you hoping that full digital crank driven ignition will give more top end power the results are disappointing, although expected, you cant get a quart out of a pint pot, if your dissy was giving you the correct advance at high rpm's (which mine was) then there is no more to be had. Interestingly the initial back to back power runs were as near as identical as you can get, meaning the base MJ map I had created wasn't far off what the dissy was doing. However the good news was that after that we managed to pull about 8-10 ftlbs of torque increase most of the way back down the rev band, from about 2K upwards. This was on WOT power runs, which is my prime interest area. We started to see what we could do in the cruise range to see if improvements could be made, but time and a few technical gremlins that made the MJ reluctant to accept updates whilst engine was running (of course miraculously cured the following day when no RR!) meant we didn't get very far. So will do some road testing data logging to see what improvements can be found. Twas interesting in that Nick is used to mapping ignition timing to MAP, whereas I has set my Megajolt to run from TPS, although I do also have it using MAP as a secondary input (although not using it to apply corrections yet). So the question arose what is the difference between MAP and TPS in relation to RPM. Realised I had some logs from last year using the same MAP and TPS sensors, which I had actually done for my AFR tuning, but realised that they would make a nice comparison set with the AFR noise edited out. So thought I'd post them here just in case they are useful to someone else pondering the difference. Alan Red = RPM, Blue = MAP, Yellow = TPS Circa 4.9v is atmospheric (WOT) anything below is vacuum! TPS shut (on these) is just over 1v and WOT about 4.75v
  9. Well it could be the MK2 head is way way heavier than the MK1, I had been told it was 15lbs heavier but have never weighed. Its just that my Mk1 head I can lift and carry and would gauge to be less than a bag of cement "25Kg" I always recon a bag of cement is on my limit of wanting to carry, so was just querying how an alloy head could be 22Kg lighter, than an iron one that at my guess had to be in the 25Kg ball park. I could be totally wrong! its not unknown Alan
  10. oldtuckunder

    Throttle Snail cam

    Yes your usual neat piece of engineering Roger! Alan PS. Re Teflon bike cables, whilst working on my piston lift logging project last year I switched to using them, the friction difference is amazing to a normal bowden cable. You can get some very slick bike cable technology these days!
  11. With the latest post, i reread some of this thread and wondered why I hadn't picked up on this earlier, there is no way an alloy head could save 22kgs, that about the weight of the head anyway (if that)! If that was supposed to be 22lbs then why bother use a MK1 head, its 15lbs lighter than the Mk2 head anyway! Alan
  12. oldtuckunder

    Holed piston

    I've seen numbered ones in the wrong slots, and around the wrong way. Just saying if it wasn't a block I knew to be good, I'd check it.
  13. oldtuckunder

    Holed piston

    Did it come with or without Main Bearing Caps? Even if with, unless clearly marked, I would be tempted to get it line bore honed. Its as cheap to get it honed as it is to get it checked, normally same set up on same machine. Alan
  14. oldtuckunder

    Wheel Studs

    Don't forget when using longer 12mm Studs, to either use non closed nuts, or to very very carefully check that the studs aren't bottoming out in the nuts. This will happen if the long Freelander Studs are used with a number of the closed nuts on steel rims. I always have one nut with either the cover removed or the head machined off so that I can check, also helps scrutineers check that you have 1.5 x thread diameter depth of thread location. Alan
  15. oldtuckunder

    LHD carb throttle linkage

    Funny the circles we create, I also had very heavy extra return springs working on the safety first principal, when Nick and I swapped Vitesse's at CC last year, he commented how hard it was to press the peddle on my car, whilst I found it strange using NIck's with what felt like zero pressure. Looking at my data logs where I have recorded TPS for a couple of years I could see that a number of times where I thought and should have been at WOT I was actually backed off a bit, which I concluded was from over strong return springs making it easy for my foot to relax a bit. So I actually softened off the auxiliary springs, which from the data logs seems to have worked, however I think the upshot was that instead of the return springs relieving some of the load on the throttle linkage and hence the cable, I was able to exert maximum load on the cable and without a carefully adjusted peddle stop overloaded it!