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  1. A solution to the problem..... It was the front flexible hoses that were to blame. As we were in a “stay at home” lockdown I left the car until now. I had already replaced the back ones last year with some difficulty (had to also renew two brake pipes which in turn involved removing heat shields..) so wasn’t much fancying tackling the front hoses, but as it turned out this was really easy. thanks Ian
  2. Bluetooth usually works. I used to do a lot of this for customers who owned smart phones but not a computer. Normally they wanted prints but sometimes just needed their photos saved to a DVD or USB stick. If Bluetooth wouldn’t work, then (as Nick has said) email was a way to go if the customer had mobile data. The older phones had removable memory cards, which was simpler really. Ian
  3. Hi Nick, the tank is fine, which it really should be given that it is one of they plastic ones from a Fiesta mark 6! Hi Clive, not sure about using a core plug? Won't it be too shallow and have an insufficiently thick wall thickness? Was thinking 2mm wall thickness tube... thanks, Ian.
  4. Not the most exciting bit of progress, removed the back axle. All went well, no stuck bolts or such like but, however I discovered a couple of surprises... Dolomites have live axles located by four links. The lower arms look like replacements, being in good condition, on removing the near side upper arm from the axle I was surprised that most of the inside locating cup came out, being stuck to the bush. This did rather explain why the arm wasn’t centred within the mounting bracket. My limited powers of deduction make me think that the rot is a product of this
  5. No John, I stay in Wick in the north of Scotland. Otters are pretty numerous here. https://www.facebook.com/100016399511073/videos/663147524241892 This was filmed last May at about 10:30 at night. Ian.
  6. Red squirrels are being reintroduced to areas of Scotland where they had disappeared and no grey squirrels are present. This is working so far (early days and all that). A more ambitious project is to try and save the Scottish wildcat from extinction. The plan is to use captive breeding to produce kittens that will be released. Beavers have been reintroduced. There are separate proposals to reintroduce wolves and lynx. I have never seen a badger. They don’t quite occur this far north, the nearest sett is about 30 miles away. Regarding their lack of road sense, do they
  7. Wow, an update at last. Since my last post in June 2020, I am afraid work had to stop. The money I had put by for this project had to be used for something other, that should not have been necessary but that is a long story. However, I am back in action and have finished the front/chassis leg sections and now that is all painted. Next up is to remove the back axle and suspension and tackle the boot floor. For said floor I have come by some steel..... Ian
  8. On a Dolomite 1850, having fitted a T9 gearbox I thought a test drive BEFORE refitting the tunnel cover was necessary. All was fine except that I just wrapped the exhaust manifold and front pipe...... ........it was a touch smokie Ian
  9. I wonder if he V5C for my mother’s car hasn’t been issued to the new owner? It might be in a pile of correspondence still to be processed or simply lost? I am sure the new owners would have used a PO to tax the car. The rest of the “Tell us once“ has worked just fine. The DWP replied very quickly and dealt with the paperwork (which had to be posted to them) equally efficiently. HMRC, who I had to phone for advice, were very helpful indeed. On the other hand, the Clydesdale Bank can’t be accused of having been helpful. In fact I made so many complaints against them that
  10. Well I have contacted the DVLA through their website and received a very prompt reply. They can find no record of a notification of my mother's death but have given me instructions for what to do next, which is simply of writing to them to confirm what I said in the email and to also include details of who the refund cheque is to be made payable to. Their current time for dealing with such is 6 to 8 weeks. thanks, Ian PS I had informed them using the "Tell Us Once" online service
  11. Aye, tracking for safety. One of my friends used to work for Bear Scotland and then Highland Council with responsibility for putting out snow ploughs/gritters He always had two men per vehicle which meant the wage bill was very large, his bosses always insisted on one man per vehicle but my friend told them they would have to sack him as he wasn’t doing that. He added that if he was dismissed his first port of call would be an employment tribunal. At both companies it was never mentioned again........ Ian
  12. Thanks Nick, last year I had to renew my driving licence, there are three ways to do this but only one was available to me, which was the paper application. This took from April until September. ( The other options were to go online but I don’t have a passport or apply at a Post Office that handles applications but the nearest was beyond the COVID travel limit and this wasn’t an essential journey because the paper option was available.) I was able to sell my late mother’s car through a car dealership, the dealer informed that the DVLA were not issuing new documen
  13. Are the DVLA refunding car tax or is that on hold because of the Covid restrictions? I contacted the DVLA last April using the "Tell Us Once" service but have heard precisely nothing. The car in question is sold and is on the road (so has been licensed). It is a mute point because their website confirms they issue refunds by cheque made out to the registered keeper, which means, even if I receive a cheque I cannot pay it into my mother's current account because the Clydesdale Bank don't allow such, but I thought I'd ask anyway. thanks, Ian.
  14. I paid the same Colin. It really is a top service offered, I contacted him Friday evening and they were delivered on Monday and, mind these were GT6 that had to be reduced to fit my Sprint Ian
  15. It is about getting on with things John. https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b08ww3gh/the-hector-from-scotland-to-nova-scotia This documentary is worth viewing. It tells the story of folk departing Wester Ross for Nova Scotia in 1784. On reaching Nova Scotia, they (who survived the months at sea) learned they had been cheated but they didn't lie down despite their desperate situation. In the end many thrived... Ian
  16. Aye that is what I feel too Clive, it is what it is, you should try to make the best of the situation. History shows us that. Ian
  17. Aye, they red listings...... This is really bad news for those of us who stay in the Scotland since we were using EU sellers because so many eBay England based sellers won’t sell to us as it is. Annoyingly eBay don’t have a filter to avoid wasting time pointlessly reading these listings. Menzies Distribution do offer a service where we can use their address and they will then deliver for £4.99/parcel or we can use them to uplift but neither of they options works through eBay because if it is highlighted in red you cannot buy. I do clearly mind being told during the r
  18. Not only the effort making the car Nick, but the effort required to make all they films! On a similar vein there is a guy in Canada building a GT6 or to be more precise, fitting a GT6 body onto a bespoke everything else..... Ian
  19. To expand to your comment Alec, if I may.... The links to the national grid are being upgraded (the subsea link from Wick to Blackhillock(near Keith) cost £1.1 billion. The Beatrice Offshore Windfarm creates so much electricity that it has it's own subsea link. BOWL cost £4.5 billion). There is currently work going ahead to connect Shetland to Wick via a subsea cable to permit the export of electricity from Shetland). Scotland has over 90% of the UK's freshwater, hence the huge hydroelectric production. There are projects under way to expand on this. As these come into
  20. Thanks Colin for starting this thread. I had looked for these (some time ago) without success and rather forgotten about it after. I have ordered a pair of spacers for my Sprint. thanks, Ian.
  21. https://www.pressandjournal.co.uk/fp/news/aberdeen/2847385/aberdeen-hydrogen-double-decker-buses1/ The trial has proved it to be viable. Not far from me as the crow flies, so to speak, Orkney Islands council are looking at hydrogen powered ferries (as well as motor vehicles). Also on Orkney, a prototype hydrogen powered passenger plane is being developed. Interesting times. Ian.
  22. Sorry I should have replied sooner, much sooner. Thanks for the advice. I have a confession to make, I haven't done anything about this. The car needed a small bit of work for the MOT and I didn't get around to doing anything about the headlamp lenses. Ian.
  23. I have on occasion bought things mail order from so am aware of the import duties. The last big purchase I made was a Stewart coolant pump. Even through the list price was exactly the same it was cheaper to buy from Summit Racing, than from Stewart themselves, because I could pay the duty at time of purchase with Summit. I have often bought stuff from the EU (mainly because the carriage is way cheaper than from England because EU sellers don't add massive surcharges for delivery to Scotland). Now, am I right in thinking this advantage has gone and I will have to pay im
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