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  1. Sprint95m

    May's Brexit Plan

    Okay, seeing as it is seasonal, I'll bite. What is wrong with Turkey, Peter? Ian.
  2. Sprint95m


    Judging by the presence of a chrome filler strip in the back window's rubber seal and also the presence of a rubber trim on the bumper that is quite a late mark two 2500, post '74 or 75. Ian.
  3. Sprint95m


    The Triumph 2000 mark one saloon (or sedan if you prefer) was briefly imported in to the USA in the mid 1960s but, due to low sales, was removed from this market. Triumph did intend to market the Dolomite (1850) from 1970 in the USA but this idea never got off the ground, indeed the Dolomite was two years late being introduced in the UK, never mind any other market! Early Dolomites had Stromberg carbs but with the rationalisation in 1973, they along with the 2000, were fitted with SU HS4s. Ian.
  4. Sprint95m

    May's Brexit Plan

    That is surely illogical Mike? Was it not Mrs Thatcher who lead us away from being a manufacturing based economy in to being a provider of services, said services having their main market in (what is now called) the EU? If she was still around, surely Mrs Thatcher would have voted to stay in the EU? Ian.
  5. It is the rapid rate of change that is the problem rather than the change itself. A gradual slow change is easier to adapt to than a rapid one. Ian.
  6. Sprint95m

    May's Brexit Plan

    Are they though? I stay in Northern Scotland and lived through the Thatcher era. For the first time in my life, this last three or four years have really seen things on the up. Norman Tebbitt said we should get on our bikes and look for work. We have embraced that idea by taking advantage of the opportunities the EU offers. Now, I don't know, are we headed back to the dark times a la Thatcher? Ian.
  7. Sprint95m

    Early Christmas present

    A friend of mine, on visiting her father's grave in Kincardine was appalled by the wanton destruction of flowers throughout. It was always the same, then, on one visit she witnessed this destruction taking place. The "culprits" were a pair of roe deer! Ian.
  8. Sprint95m

    Early Christmas present

    Buzzards, like the other birds of prey we have in the UK, are not sociable. However Hamish, as you observed, they will tolerate each other in close proximity if food is plentiful. This behaviour is not the same as sociable birds such as rooks who share the responsibility for finding food and watching for danger. Ian
  9. Sprint95m

    Early Christmas present

    Tell them. Previously with such an occurrence I have been thanked for my honesty and told to keep the extra items. The bird is a buzzard by the way. Ian.
  10. Sprint95m

    May's Brexit Plan

    I absolutely disagree Dave. Dominic Rabb has been going on about leaving without paying the "divorce settlement". To me this is, at best, lunacy. If someone went back back on a deal/their word with me I would never ever go back. Russia has sanctions in place against us right now, sure, but the EU could really hurt us............. Ian.
  11. Sprint95m

    May's Brexit Plan

    A sad thing about this whole mess is that it highlights the massive cultural divide between Scotland and the rest of Britain. It is almost as if we have gone back to pre-Britain times, when Scotland had strong trading relations with Europe. (Especially since devolution) Scotland has sought to reap benefits from EU membership, therefore we are going to be hard or very hard by whatever we Brexit we get. Independence has a certain inevitability. If the choice is between Britain and the EU I know how I will vote. Remember, in 2014 we were told that the only way we could stay in the EU was if we voted no to independence. Ian.
  12. Sprint95m

    They Shall Not Grow Old

    It is entirely possible that his asking for a medical discharge would have been permitted by the standards of today? What you have to bear in mind is that the authorities a century ago had very little understanding and therefore empathy for those suffering with stress and it is only very recently that the MOD has started to acknowledge PTSD (although having said that, they do consider it an NHS matter). https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b0brzl3w/wwis-secret-shame-shell-shock This documentary is well worth watching. Ian.
  13. Sprint95m

    GHK1011 GT6/Vitesse/Dolomite Front Wheel Bearings

    This is what I went for Sam.... https://www.chriswitor.com/products.php?cat=210 Ian.
  14. Hi Phil, is that the Spitfire that is powered by an MX5 engine? (I saw an underbonnet photo on the RBRR facebook page). Ian.