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  1. The articles detailing the builds of modified vehicles have gone. These have been replaced with quite general articles about 80s and 90s cars. It is the former that interest me. I thought (wrongly as it turns out) they would reduce this content and supplement it with the 80s and 90s stuff. I do of course understand that my interest is very much a niche and that the new content has a much broader appeal. Ian.
  2. We no longer have a bookshop here anymore (well done Tesco) so I have to buy it via a subscription now, of which I have two years left to run (maybe taking the longest option for the best price wasn't such a good idea...!?) Ian.
  3. Just received the latest edition of Retro Cars magazine and, even though I was aware changes were being made, I am rather shocked and disappointed at what it has now become. Ian.
  4. Yes, all they Canada geese originally came from Canada. Humans took them (in considerable numbers) to various Southern Hemisphere countries and also to Europe. In fact Europeans took loads of different species to the Southern Hemisphere (from memory during Victorian times 39 species were introduced to New Zealand and today about half thrive there including Canada Geese!). Ian.
  5. We should believe them because as time goes on they learn more and have a better understanding of the evidence presented. Today nobody believes that barnacles turn into Barnacle Geese..... Ian.
  6. It is not a new idea, having been in use on the continent for many years and indeed is actually a return to the way things used to be here up until the 70s with glass bottles. Retail sales include the 20p charge, so every purchaser will pay, irrespective of the tax status. For drinks to be consumed onsite (eg in pubs or restaurants) there is to be no additional charge. I don't know if the 20p charge is really high enough to be very effective but time, as they do say, will tell. Ian.
  7. Yes, it is simply a different way of achieving an answer. If they receive assistance then hopefully they will go on to assist others. Asking a question online is often an effective shortcut to the answer. No matter how you dress it up, in the classic car world there is a lot of snobbery and hostility to newcomers. Having been a forum moderator for several years, I know the Triumph Dolomite Club forum has lost users due to this (it is fair to point out that the culprits aren't necessarily members). We also need to allow for the fact that some folk struggle with deciphering technical information, especially since many manuals are written in a rather technical form assuming that the reader has already a certain level of knowledge (for example the Dolomite BL manual torque settings are for the threads lightly oiled with engine oil). Sorry Clive, I don't get the King Canute reference. He was the Danish King he ruled a large portion of Western Europe and is remembered for sitting on a beach against the incoming tide, to demonstrate that he wasn't invincible? thanks, Ian.
  8. I have been steadily selling/exchanging (for CDs) my vinyl collection over the last few years to the traders at a local record fair. Being realistic, I had loads of records I was never to listen again so if they can find homes with new appreciative owners and I acquire new (to me) music to enjoy then this seems to be win-win to me. The traders are very very keen to acquire vinyl so clearly there is a large interest to music. There is no longer a record shop here so I mainly buy CDs direct from the artist (in person or via their webshop) or from one of the independent shops trading on ebay. We are very fortunate have an excellent live entertainment venue locally so I try to attend as much as I can. Ian.
  9. This also affects Dolomites. The OE Dolomite top joints had grease nipples but the aftermarket ones don't. (They OE joints are rebuildable.) However, it is feasible to add a grease nipple, which improves the operation of the balljoint and extends it's lifetime too. Ian.
  10. Yes the You Tube videos are brilliant. In the days before the internet, my neighbour had a Kawasaki motor cycle that had a bad misfire (was only running on two cylinders). Swapping them over shows the fault wasn't a coil pack so he enquired about getting the ECU repaired.... "not repairable, you will have to buy new" so my friend tried a breaker, they could supply a used guaranteed ECU on a non-exchange basis. This got my friend thinking, seeing as they didn't want the faulty ECU, how about trying checking it over? Low and behold a resistor had no resistance. A trip to a local factory produced a new resistor (for a few pounds) and a few minutes later the bike was running as good as ever! Ian.
  11. Peter you are wrong. The SNP existed before the long EU or common market. To include the SNP with the "most nationalist parties" shows a lack of knowledge on your part. The SNP movement had pretty much died out by the late 70s but Thatcherism restarted it. Malcolm Rifkind MP has a lot to say about this, having been made unelectable in the place he said he would never ever leave. Mrs Thatcher may have resigned 29 years ago but we are still dealing with Thatcherism. The irony (?) today is that the so called Unionist party are the ones breaking up the union. Ian.
  12. You may not have seen such, but it has happened and is happening. The inevitable consequence of Brexit is Scottish independence. Some want Scotland to adopt the Euro, others prefer that there is a Scottish currency instead. Ian.
  13. Thanks Paul. We don't have any coarse fish this far north in Scotland, I don't think there are really any north of the Great Glen. The only freshwater species are brown trout and arctic char. Ian.
  14. By the year 2000 Kodak was already well along it's terminal decline. Their biggest profit maker was the paper and chemistry division. This is now owned by their pension fund following court action in the USA after their former employees discovered the pension fund had been plundered. What is left of Kodak is mainly concentrated on the printing business in the USA. Kodak were the best company in the world to deal with, any problem they would bend over backwards to sort on behalf of their customers. The decision in the 1980s to completely abandon this policy was their undoing. Ian.
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