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  1. Nick & Chris's Gt6 Mk 3

    I have never had the misfortunate to own a Triumph that had a Ziebarted (or undersealed) under bonnet area, instead I have had them where the underside was coated, which was good and and the insides of B and C posts too. For reasons best known to themselves, the insides of the sill structures and other box sections were left untreated........ Ian. PS: Following this thread with interest, I do admire folk who take the trouble to post photos detailing progress.... me, I come in from working on the car and can't be bothered writing about what I have just been doing. Given that this is the tenth anniversary of RBRR 2008, is the GT6 going to be entered this year....?
  2. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-43255368
  3. Ian's Dolomite Sprint EFI

    Hmmm, one step forward and two steps back? Haven't really done anything since my last post some two months ago which is more than a little frustrating. By this stage I was intending (hoping) to have one side done. I didn't get any time off work over Christmas or New Year, so no progress was made on the car. My problem presently is that I dare not risk spending too long in the cold... just after New Year I got very cold and haven't recovered fully since. What happened is a bit of a long story so please bear with me. I am a key holder for the business where I work part time, one full timer has keys but no other staff do. Alas I cannot switch my phone off because I am the contact for the security alarm. Anyhow I was phoned by a part timer at 1:30am one Sunday morning to ask if I could lock up because the full timer (whose name is Martin) had yet again forgotten his keys. The alternative was for him to wait an hour for Martin to walk home and back with the keys. So I went along (which is about 5 minutes walk) expecting to be there a couple of minutes at most but somehow Martin managed to completely lock the key pad preventing the alarm from being set. Eventually we managed to unlock it and get locked up but by this time I was frozen to the bone so to speak and have struggled since. This week I have done a little to the car and tidied up the work space a bit. The little I have done is more bad news....the front wings and front panel don't look too bad but have rotted from the inside, especially the lower valance and nearside wing, therefore, I have decided to replace the lot with GRP panels from the TDC. Fingers crossed I'll start to make some inroads soon. Ian.
  4. long term triumph owners

    Long term? I bought my first Triumph, a 2500S, in 1986 and apart from a couple of years lost in the wilderness have pretty much run Triumphs as daily drivers ever since these being a Dolomite Sprint, another 2500S and an early Dolomite 1850 until late 2016. Currently, I don't have a Triumph on the road but am in the early stages of building a Dolomite Sprint EFI, this car being very rotten so it is going to take a while. Ian.
  5. LeJog 2017

    RE the damaged TR4, The owner of the red T2000 informed me thus: "The red TR4 damage at the back was the Rover P4 sliding into it at a control, and the front was were it decided to go through a wall." He also said that the snow and ice made it difficult throughout Wales and Scotland with about 75% of the cars sustaining some damage. The T2000 managed fine and only needed a push to get going on the ice on the occasions that they had stopped to assist the Minis! Ian.
  6. LeJog 2017

    https://heroevents.eu/event-type/le-jog/ http://www.johnogroat-journal.co.uk/Sport/Other-Sport/Lejog-rally-crosses-the-finish-line-at-John-OGroats-12122017.htm Below are some photos of cars that completed this years"s LeJog, according to the local press only 39 out of 53 completed it. Pictured is about half of the finishers taken outside three of the hotels in Wick. The other accommodation is out towards the outskirts, which I didn't visit because of the bad walking due to the thawed then refrozen snow. (My car was frozen in to its parking space!) Apologies for the photo quality, I don't have a proper flashgun anymore so couldn't take balanced flash against the available light. Ian.
  7. Ian's Dolomite Sprint EFI

    Nick, I haven't looked at the driver's side yet. If it needs the same, then so be it. The screen pillars need some work but are not that bad really. Once I have completed the welding under the car, then I will attend to the pillars. Ian.
  8. Ian's Dolomite Sprint EFI

    Yes thanks for that, left to my own devices, I would have never figured it out! Ian.
  9. Ian's Dolomite Sprint EFI

    Most of the car's interior has ben removed in preparation for welding. Usually the outer sill skins are sufficient for completing repairs after the inner sill soffitt and diaphragm have been sorted but the nearside of this car is more challenging..... The tread plate of the sill is holed at all three posts and heavily corroded underneath in parts elsewhere. To replace this I have bought a full sill (which cost £175). It'll be the New year before I can really get on with the welding because I am working every day until then. Ideally I would like to have the welding done by May so I can get on with painting in the summer. We'll see . Ian.
  10. Rewire

    Yes, I concur. If practical my preferred option is to weld a nut or bolt to the body, but obviously that means painting after wards. I also like to have a second engine earth cable to body.... Ian.
  11. Aye, it could well be, Clive.. The refreshments are provided by a local charity. We are often told, Scottish charities by and large collect more than those in the rest of the UK, this is easy to calculate because Scottish charities are registered separately. I dare say there is a favourable deal available from Tunnocks too Ian.
  12. I am a blood donor too. It is no hardship and afterwards you get tea and Tunnocks tea cakes . Picking up on Roger's point, I am also registered as an organ donor. Ian.
  13. Health.....

    Glad it went not too bad. Ian.
  14. Ian's Dolomite Sprint EFI

    Unlike GT6s, Dolomites aren't prone to stub axle flexing whilst on full steering lock, which I suspect is because the Dolomites have shorter stub axles? Ian. PS How do you get lines of text to stay together?
  15. Ian's Dolomite Sprint EFI

    Yes thanks, that is a good point, one I am aware of. I'll try and explain why the change of BMC is desirable...... The Ford calipers are indeed single piston sliding, there are three piston sizes across the range, 48, 54 and 60mm diameter. The ones I am using are for a Sierra so are 54mm. Dolomites have drum brakes on the back. Sprints have much bigger shoes and wheel cylinder bore size than the others. Later Dolomites and Sprints with dual circuits have a softer pedal (more travel). On Dolomites with single line brakes the Sierra calipers are fine but those with dual circuit brakes have noticeably more brake pedal travel and (with its bigger wheel cylinders) this is more pronounced on dual circuit Sprints. Changing to a 22.2mm bore BMC gives "normal" travel or pedal feel, i.e. like standard single line brakes. Also, by way of a reference point, Ford Sierras had 22mm bore BMCs for the disc/drum models. thanks, Ian.