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  1. Hi Phil, is that the Spitfire that is powered by an MX5 engine? (I saw an underbonnet photo on the RBRR facebook page). Ian.
  2. Here is a selection of photos I took at John o' Groats on Saturday 6th October during the 2018 Club triumph Round Britain Reliability Run. The weather was rather dull and a bit wet alas. The 2000 range were (as usual?) the most numerous and the small saloons were also well represented. In all th times I have been going to Groats to see the RBRR this is the first time that I didn't seen Nigel Gair's French blue 2000. Among the small chassis cars I didn't see a single Vitesse but there were two Heralds (I wasn't able to photograph the red/white one). The newest car was an Acclaim and I guess the oldest was a Standard Ten (whose twin exhausts suggest it maybe isn't so standard...?). Tom Overton's Dolomite Sprint. Mark MacLean's Sprint. The car with the biggest spotlights? Clive Senior (left) and crew with his TR7 engined Toledo. This GT6 (PI) had to have new clutch hydraulics fitted. Sadly, I understand that this Stag had to be retired on Saturday night after it was accidentally refuelled with diesel in Lancashire. Twin exhausts....?? Ian.
  3. Sprint95m

    Vitesse project

    Yes I concur with Nick's opinion. Ian.
  4. Windows software is not fun, full stop. I am rather hoping that when the time comes, a friend will have a suitable laptop for tuning my car. If not I guess I'll have to buy a laptop just for this purpose? Ian.
  5. Sprint95m

    We are not worthy....

    On the Triumph Cars DVD there is an insightful interview with the Rimmer brothers. There they explain the difficulties of commissioning remanufactured parts within their business, in an ideal world everything would be made to the highest specification possible but this is simply not viable because a majority(?) of their customers won't pay. Afterall a lot of restored cars are simply taken to shows, therefore the longevity or otherwise of components is not as important as the price (of said components) to owners. Yes Nick, as you said, feedback is critical to remanufacturers. In a utopian world there would be enough discerning customers willing to pay for high quality. Ian.
  6. Sprint95m

    What were you wrong about?

    On a slightly different track. I bought Guns'n'Roses "Appetite for Destruction" LP when it was first released. After a few listens I decided that it was pretty rubbish, save for two or three songs, so reckoned they were bound shortly for obscurity..... Ian. PS I gave the LP away!
  7. Sprint95m

    Capillary temperature gauge

    Thanks, this is interesting. Hadn't thought about the wire length. I am planning buying a new sensor from Chris Witor and had thought about doing a bench test (or trying to at any rate!) in order to calibrate the gauge. On Sprints the sensor is situated in the inlet manifold but I am considering relocating this to the cylinder head transfer housing (I have a Sprintspeed transfer housing plate with a tapped hole for this purpose). Thanks, Ian.
  8. Sprint95m

    Capillary temperature gauge

    Yes, thanks Nick and John for your replies. I might go for this type of gauge on my Dolomite Sprint, given that the feedback I have read suggests that the senders currently available available are quite hit and miss. The one thing putting me off the idea is the probably that fitting such a gauge could make removing the instrument panel more complicated? Also I do prefer the appearance of the original Dolomite gauges! Ian.
  9. How is a capillary temperature gauge operated? Is it triggered by the water expanding/contracting as it heats/cools? Thanks, Ian.
  10. Sprint95m

    Credit card machine providers

    Thanks Paul, that is an interesting read even though it doesn't address my question. Ian.
  11. Sprint95m

    Credit card machine providers

    Quite often it has been said recently that we are heading to a cashless society here in the UK. I wonder if that is actually so, because, if it is, why are the banks spending so much on introducing plastic notes? Anyhow, I am wondering about the card machine providers. I tried doing a comparison online but that is a bad joke. Being pestered with phone calls is not a comparison. Has anyone any thoughts please? Thanks, Ian.
  12. Sprint95m

    Talk Talk IP

    My employer had Talktalk phone and internet for a short time. The service was so rubbish (on the rare occasions it was working) that he cancelled and paid the contract termination fee. It is outrageous that such unscrupulous slounks are legally able to charge a termination fee even though they have failed to provide the service stated in the contract. Ian.
  13. Sprint95m

    Warm running Dolomite 1850

    The header tank (it is not an expansion tank) is poorly positioned on your car. I did point this out in the TDC forum thread. If it was moved to a better position then filling up is a simple process with no bleeding required and furthermore the potential for cavitation is greatly reduced. Below is a photo of my preferred location. It is as high as possible (taking advantage of the skeleton of the bonnet). All the coolant within is ABOVE the height of the engine. To fill up the cooling system you set the heater to "Hot" and fill via the header tank. No bleeding or purging hoses required. Whether position of the header alone is the cause of your problem I don't know Sam but I do know it is easier to start with moving it.....! The water pump clearance should be set to the maximum given in the workshop specifications, advice from Sprintspares (now sadly no longer trading). As an aside, I have an electric pump for fitting to my Sprint, it is a Stewart EMP (200 litres/minute) but alas these aren't sold in the EU so I had to import one from the USA. However, even allowing for all the import duty, they are really good value compared to the rubbish that Davies Craig produce. Ian.
  14. Sprint95m

    Long lived cars

    When I saw the heading I was expecting there to be posts about things Swedish. 70s and 80s Volvos and Saabs certainly have (had) a reputation for longevity. Ian.