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  1. Sprint95m

    May's Brexit Plan

    Fair Isle is in Shetland. Ian.
  2. Sprint95m

    What car?

    The 2000.
  3. Yes I agree on us being lucky, but disagree on the second point...the huge annual commemorations in Russia demonstrate clearly that the Arctic convoys are not forgotten. Ian.
  4. Sprint95m

    Passport office excellence

    Well John, I know a lot of people who have two UK passports, these being folk who work abroad, mostly in the oil industry. Most of them have what they call a "work" passport and a "personal" one. On entry into many countries it is necessary to hand over your passport, which should be returned some few days later, but if it is not returned you can then use the second passport to leave. Furthermore, folk working in places like Libya will find it hard to enter such countries as the USA with Libyan entry stamps on their passport, hence why two passports is a good idea for them. Ian.
  5. Sprint95m

    May's Brexit Plan

    I find it astounding that Gove is now a member of the Government given his dishonesty during the leave campaign where he concocted a story about his father's business going bankrupt due to the EU, this lie being exposed for what it is by both his own family and the pro leave Scottish Fisherman's Federation. In fact, I would go further and say that he should have resigned as an MP, the fact that he didn't shows his lack of integrity....... Ian.
  6. Sprint95m

    Hispec brakes

    As you said Nick, nothing new I am afraid. When my brother stayed here in the early 90s he did >20K per year, on the Sierra he had then, that equated to a set of new front discs and pads every year! Mind you the discs were cheaper than the pads. Ian.
  7. Sprint95m

    EWP Controller

    Sorry Iain, I have seen this written but I very sceptical. Drill two tiny holes in the thermostat, indeed. This is a DC method for cars without a header tank.... ...during the warmup the EWP just sits and spins, it cannot pump any coolant because there is none available at its input side due to the blocked bypass. If this is tried on a header tank equipped car it will stall the car because of the load the EWP places on the electrics, the pump is able to draw in coolant (from the header tank) but can't expel said coolant because the outlet in the head is blocked off (by the thermostat) and the radiator bypass is blocked off too. Mind the EWP is trying to pump 80 litres/minute through two small diameter holes. Putting a clamp on the header tank outlet allows the pump to just sit and spin. Little wonder DC EWPs are so short lived. I don't understand why all this faffing around is necessary? Looking at V8 racing cars in the USA, they just go for a pump and thermostat which works. Ian.
  8. Sprint95m

    EWP Controller

    Your heater doesn’t work because there is no return. Said return needs to be plumbed into the bottom hose before the pump. The Davis Craig pumps have a drain hole which obviously needs to be at the lowest. From your photo I cannot determine if that is so. It is disconcerting to have a pool of water under the car when up park up but apparently this is the way to do things? Whilst your setup may work it is not the best option. You really do need to fit a (remote) thermostat to get the engine up to temperature efficiently. From experience I know the graph in the previous post is just mumbo jumbo, having no coolant movement is undesirable. Thanks, Ian
  9. Sprint95m

    Happy New Year all.

    Yes, a guid New Year to one and all. This is a view I took this morning of Langwell Strath from the lower slopes of Morven, here in Caithness. Ian.
  10. Sprint95m

    2000 V8 saloon

    Not heard of this one before. The owner of Canley Classics has a collection of T2000 prototypes/ development cars. There were some interesting ideas including Stag V8 and Dolomite Sprint engined cars, but I think both of these were dismissed because of cost. There were quite a few Stag estates made by Del Lines, Alan Chatterton has one of these which recently completed the CT RBRR. There were a few FF conversions done by Ferguson on 2.5PIs. An estate version was fully and meticulously restored in Switzerland fairly recently. These all retained the 2.5PI engine. Ian.
  11. Sprint95m

    EWP Controller

    No John. The slant four engines use a standard cooling system, save for the weak link that is the so called "expansion tank", this curiosity was replaced by a header tank on later TR7s. An electric pump is desirable on a slant four because it removes the strain on the jackshaft. It also makes the engine much more free revving, akin to fitting a lighter flywheel. When I contacted Davies Craig about their controller I was told to get lost because they said I was being unreasonable expecting it to work in the European climate. I wasn't having that, so they then responded by promising (three times no less) to send a replacement but alas they went back on their word. This is one of they occasions when you have to accept you have been cheated and then move on. The Google search on DC I conducted certainly did them no favours, there is forum after forum after forum of problems on various makes. As I said earlier I have bought a Stewart pump. These pump 200 litres/minute and were developed for racing applications but are of course suitable for road cars. The pump's lifespan is rated at 10,000 hours. Thanks, Ian.
  12. Sprint95m

    EWP Controller

    Surely the pump should circulate the coolant all the time? That is what a mechanical pump does... There are some very dubious Davies Craig installations out there for slant four engines, I say dubious because the controller operates the pump during warmup but no coolant is actually circulated, in other the pump just spins dry. This is because the presence of the closed thermostat prevents flow.... Also, if plumbed properly the pump will allow the heater to operate fully. DC's additional pump "solution" is a pure con. For my Sprint I have bought a Stewart EMP from the USA. Ian.
  13. Sprint95m

    EWP Controller

    The very kindest thing i can say about the Davies Craig controller is that it is pure shite. They could offer me tens of thousands of pounds and I would still never use any of their products again. My advice is to use a remote thermostat. Please read this saga Ian.
  14. Sprint95m

    May's Brexit Plan

    This is such an active topic here. I simply don't have the time to read all the posts, which is frustrating. Ian.
  15. Sprint95m

    May's Brexit Plan

    Not so. There are two enormous container ships under construction in Denmark to carry container freight from Eire directly to Europe. The loser in this is the British haulage industry. Ian.