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  1. Och och, just had an unpleasant phone call to Paypal. I had a subscription to Retro Cars which I cancelled in May with a year to go so Kelsey Publishing refunded the balance to my Paypal account. Now. wait for this, Paypal simply have kept the money £18 (or as I told them, have stolen the money) because the original transaction from 2018 is outwith the Buyer Protection time limit. So. in other words you cannot receive a refund after whatever the time limit is, Paypal will keep the money and you can go and ........ I informed Kelsey of this and they immediately have refunded me to my bank account and they will now take this up with Paypal. Surely, there must be an HONEST alternative to Paypal? Ian.
  2. Here you go Nick. Saab 900 concentric slave cylinder. These come in two separate boxes, namely the slave and bellows in one and the release bearing in the other (presumably because it may be necessary to replace only the bearing?) Dimensions: CSC internal diameter 25mm release bearing contact area diameters 39mm to 52mm height from bottom to body to release bearing contact surface 65mm Having just unpacked it, I have discovered the Saab release bearing is a smaller diameter than the OE Triumph, however for my Sprint I have a (lightweight) Saab clutch cover anyway so this CSC will be fine. This is a Ford Mondeo CSC, sorry don't know which exact model. Dimensions: CSC internal diameter 29mm release bearing contact diameter is 38 to 54mm CSC total height 70mm I haven't investigated what the threads are but the bleed screw is a smaller size. Given the access restrictions, I will need a remote bleed facility on my Sprint so I expect the Saab is an easier option to employ? Anyhow, if the Ford CSC is of use to you Nick, please PM your address...... Ian.
  3. The Saab one should work fine. I haven't got as far as the mounting boss yet. A friend works as a machinist and he looked at it a few weeks ago and said "something should be possible". Recently on here using a Mondeo CSC was muted but, I don't see that as I off the opinion that the release bearing diameter is too small? Tomorrow I will photograph and post dimensions of the Saab CSC..... Ian
  4. Sprint95m

    T9 clutch woes

    Hi Tim, is this a standard flywheel that has been lightened or is it a new bespoke flywheel? Ian.
  5. Sprint95m

    T9 clutch woes

    Firstly, I don't have a parts catalogue for a GT6 so cannot compare the master and slave with the Dolomite 1850 numbers but I do know the clutch plate, cover and release bearing are all the same. Dolomites have 5/8" bore master cylinders and 7/8" bore slave cylinders. There are two versions of 7/8" bore cylinder, the position of the mounting flange is the only difference. The early 1850s had the GT6 'box with a slave which had the mounting flange nearer the middle (Vitesse type) but the other slave (T2000/Dolomite Sprint type) does work too (I have used this). There were two flywheels used on 1850s. The early version is thinner and gives a much lower biting point. Anyhow, the point of my post is this question... Do you have the correct release bearing? I have one here (somewhere) which is supposed to fit but it had has quite different dimensions to an original RHP think it is Quinton Hazel boxed SKF? Ian.
  6. I should have mentioned earlier, I am aware of the Bulgarian business that makes seemingly indestructable boots out of polyurethane but they only do car sizes I believe. The Dolomite upper joints are so big they are in the HGV class. Ian.
  7. Nick, it is for a swivel joint. The widest dimension is around 45mm. I am not familiar with the Rover 100, but if it is of the same ilk as the Metro/Ambassador/Princess then a boot from one of these should be fine. If you can find one that'll be great, thanks. Clive, I have read complaints about the TDC boots splitting but have no experience of them. I think these sourced from a motor factors' wholesaler some years ago? The, then spares officer worked for them. The Superflex boots are, being thin walled, very flexible, more than the Triumph OE bottom joint boots so I think they will be fine. My question was really motivated by thinking it will be worth having some boots just in case. The only failure I have to contend with recently was on a Citroen Picasso where a track rod end boot failed at two years. As a new track rod end was available we simply replaced it. That wasn't a cheap brand, it was Delphi. On that same car, a wheel cylinder failed after a couple of years as well. These were about £35 each I think. About 4 or 5K miles. thanks, Ian.
  8. Ball joint boots? Does anyone know of a source of high quality? I am rebuilding the suspension on the front of my Dolomite Sprint using OE ball joints and have managed to locate three OE boots from my spares collection but still need one for a top joint. Superflex sell "universal" ones but these don't come in a big enough size. There is quite a lot of alternatives available via a Google search but I don't know what is good or bad? thanks, Ian.
  9. For my Sprint I had looked at a Mondeo concentric slave but dismissed it because I thought the release bearing is not wide enough to properly work on the clutch cover diaphragm fingers. Apparently I am wrong! Ian.
  10. Thanks, the reason I asked the question is that I have read lots of complaints about the new Dolomite 1500 slaves which made me wonder if there is an alternative. To be honest, I don't really get what the complaints are all about, because the Dolomite Club sells resleeved cylinders. Ian.
  11. This is just a question I have... Can you use a concentric clutch slave cylinder on a Spitfire? I have no need for but wonder if such a conversion has been done? Thanks, Ian.
  12. The merchant sea men were only paid for their time onboard, so if they had to evacuate their ship their pay was stopped. A lot of them preferred the winter journeys because the weather and darkness were a shield and, mind this was the Barent's Sea . There was no help for them dealing with the return to civilian life having survived the unimaginable horrors they endured. Today, at least, their efforts are commemorated annually in Arcangel. Ian.
  13. I should have went there last month but obviously the Lockdown prevented that. Still hope to go there, maybe next year... Ian.
  14. Progress is progress, no matter how slowly it happens. Hopefully Sam, you will be able to drive the car before the summer is over. Ian
  15. This may sound like a joke, but how about Coca Cola or Pepsi? Having worked in the licenced trade I have seen first hand what this stuff does to stainless steel sinks. If you search "coca cola as a cleaner" here are lots of videos on You Tube, eg.... Ian
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