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  1. Setting up takes the time, not the actual grinding. Tony.
  2. Connecting Rod Balancing

    Permanent marker ? One to four strokes. Tony.
  3. Driving Habits Of The Aged.....

    Mind you we're all not like that......I'm a 77 year old bus /coach driver who hasn't managed to kill anyone yet. Tony.
  4. Fuel Resistant Thread Sealer

    Used to work in the industry repairing service station pumps. We used to use "Stag" Don't know if it's still available. Tony.
  5. I always use Locktite. Never lost one yet Tony.
  6. POR 15 is the best I know about, apart from galvanising which wouldn't be practical in your case. Where's the water getting in.? Surely the sealant you used should keep it out. Tony.
  7. Ooooeeer, Missus!

    As we would say in new Zealand......fornicated..... strange for a nolathane one. Tony.
  8. I also use a jigsaw with a metal cutting blade. Especially good on aluminium. Tony.
  9. There's something, somewhere on line about doing this. Sorry can't remember where. Tony.
  10. Repeated #5 Big End Failure Triumph 6

    All of the above is good to know but it doesn't (to me anyway) explain why No5 is giving trouble. Tony.
  11. Another trick I have used over the years is a tubeless tyre valve in a spare cap. Plus a bike pump. However this can be messy with fluid leaks. Tony.
  12. Repeated #5 Big End Failure Triumph 6

    Sorry, ignore previous post. Just caught up with the latest ones. Tony.
  13. Repeated #5 Big End Failure Triumph 6

    I see no mention anywhere of replacement con rods. If so ignore my post, but if original could you have a bent or twisted one causing unusual loads somewhere? Tony.
  14. John, I give the pedal a few pumps, then hold it down with my adjustable arm, open bleed nipple to let bubbles out. Then repeat the process. Sounds more difficult than it actually is. Tony.
  15. Made me an adjustable arm to push the pedal (brake or clutch ) down and slip the top under the steering wheel. Did this years ago as I normally work by myself. No real problem doing this, nipple with a plastic tube into a glass jar. Clutch on a 2500 is a bit of a bastard. Got a small syringe which I use to start flow if I completely empty the system. Seems to work ok for me. Tony.