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  1. Are you sure it's not an electrical problem? I had something similar a while back. Fitted an accuspark or something similar to my rebuilt S motor. It had a regular miss which I couldn't tune out. In the end I swapped distributors with an identical one off my TC. Problem solved, or just transferred to the TC. New Pertronix unit fixed it. Tony.
  2. "The Fast Ladies"....female racers from 1900 on. Some great pictures too. Tony.
  3. As an ooold skier and ski patroller most injuries are broken tib and fib...lower leg spiral fractures. Something to do with that 6 foot lever attached to your foot. Tony.
  4. Just be sure that everything is flat and clean first. Tony.
  5. I'm a great fan of Loctite Master Gasket. Not cheap but ,for me, very effective.Stuck the front sealing block on a Triumph S amongst other things and no sign of an oil leak. Tony.
  6. I remember most of the campfire songs.I went from Scouts to Rover Scouts then to Cub leader. because I my day couldn't get interested adults to participate. Same today? I did my Scouting in New Zealand. Tony.
  7. FWIW just had similar problems with my 2500. Turns out I had worn seals in the M/C. Being in New Zealand we have duel circuit systems with front and rear working independently. Fluid was getting back past the rear piston. Had cylinder resleeved in stainless and rekitted. Now have perfect brakes. Tony.
  8. It's a pity that Lord Stokes is still not around. After the job he did on British Leyland I'm sure he could have sorted out your problems. Tony.
  9. Turning back time I was involved with both AEC and Ford buses. AEC's always started easily as long as compression wasn't down.(Motor worn) Ford's could be a bastard if compression was down or batteries were low. I trust your motor is alright for compression ? Tony.
  10. Why stop at a 6 ? Wouldn't this be better https://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=1856425671 Tony.
  11. Back to the original thread. Yes you can to it, cleanliness is the main essential as far as I'm concerned along with an understanding of tolerances an good measuring equipment . As an apprentice 60 odd years ago and a boss who was an ex air force fitter these things ware drummed into me. I still remember Tony.
  12. Many many many years ago I worked on side valve motors. Was always told don't drop the valve collets into the sump or you will have to drop the sump to recover them. After a while I thought does it really matter as long as I have a spare one. Can't see what they would do. About this time I owned a Bradford ute which lost one of its big end nuts. This ended up getting picked up by the camshaft and punching a hole in the housing alongside the fuel pump. Tony.
  13. nang

    First Visit

    Yeah, the British Anti Rust system has a lot going for it....Even here in New Zealand. Tony.
  14. nang

    Channel Bridge

    Think you fellas need to resurrect Mr Brunel. Tony.
  15. Probably better to grind them with a suitable stone rather than cut. Would take off less metal. Tony.
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