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  1. legal Eagle needed?

    Cushty, John.
  2. legal Eagle needed?

    Thanks Darren, cant see you'll need to do 'Time' for me. probobly just a fine. good Man, see you nest Sunday? John.
  3. legal Eagle needed?

    Thanks Nick, no I too shant be returning the thing at my cost, but I still have it in my head that the cylinder remains their property? John.
  4. OK then, little bit of an issue that someone here might be able to advise. For a number of years now, I have had one of the national chain, hobby gas type cylinders, ( 5% Argon mix) Paid my £50 deposit, and refilled a number of times. So the site where I first took the cylinder rental, (Local to me) has now closed down, website shows that nearest depot for me is about 140mls away! I contacted H.O. and was told that only option was for me to pay £20 plus for a courier to return the cylinder, but that as I did not have the original paperwork, I would not be getting a refund, (Remember I have had this cylinder at least 10 years) My memory is that the cylinder belongs to the supplier, so what should my action be? I am inclined to tell them i will store their cylinder for a reasonable length of time, after which, if they have not collected then it will go for scrap, and by the way I will expect my 'Refundable' deposit on collection! What would anyone else do? my position is that I am £50 out of pocket, through no fault of my own. John.
  5. Known as TOOT. Toe-out on Turns, listed in everyworkshop manual. John.
  6. Classic Le Mans 2018

    Thanks for the response, John.
  7. Classic Le Mans 2018

    Stupid Me, I should have said original FOC, classic car parking, NOT Camping! So having eaten humble pie, does anyone have info on this, for those of us staying off circuit? John.
  8. Classic Le Mans 2018

    Thanks John, new about the TSCC camping, but we have some hoteing and some camping, all booked now, and I was told cheaper than teh TSCC. I am trying to sort on circuit parking for those residing off circuit, I seem to remeber that classic car parking inside is, segregated and FOC, but can't raise any officials to sort/confirm. John.
  9. Classic Le Mans 2018

    So anyone going? and if yes are you staying off circuit? I ask cause we have two crowds going, one The Softies' in a Hotel at Arnarge, and another crowd camping inside the circuit. Trying to organise, what I belive is FOC, Classic Car camping, inmside the circuit, but the official Le mans Site, is not available. N.B;- thats for this stuff, Not Ticket Site. Anyone know? John.
  10. Changes on TR Register Forum

    Not all of us Hamish, but as you can see it does get a lot of use. My record is 4 different TR's in the day, before our annual group Jaunt up the West Coast of Scotland. Concrete v knees only one winner at my time of life, feel free if you want a natter about the crane. John.
  11. Changes on TR Register Forum

    ThThought be might be fun to start a 'Whats going on in your Garage' thread. This is mine today. Started with some bubbles on the top of the rear wing, but am pleased with the work I did 15 years ago on the tub, all still solid! John.
  12. Changes on TR Register Forum

    Hi All, so for a very inexperienced comp non-buff, how do es one include photos in a post on here guys - please? John.
  13. Changes on TR Register Forum

    I too, am investigating where a serious cencorship elswhere be remidid by some banter here, not a new member though, signed uo quite awahils ago, though might be a bit more active now, so how are photos included here? John.