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  1. Thanks that's sorted it out! Now have a working tacho Unfortunately I think my bungled initial wiring fritzed something in the ignition as it was breaking up over 2000rpm (sounds like ignition letting go, and the rpm on the tacho drop while you can tell the revs rise so I figure it's getting fewer signal pulses). I've swapped the coil for another one I had lying around which has improved it, although it now breaks up over 3500rpm so perhaps it's a Spitfire coil of some variety (or perhaps one of my mate's MG Midget ones). The question is I suppose whether to just replace the co
  2. I'll be fascinated to see how this comes out weight wise. Distribution would be interesting to know as well...
  3. Yeah I'm not normally one for the rat look either, but I do rather like this. I think I'm coming to the realisation that this car really is rather rusty! It looks okayish from the outside, and there aren't any gaping rot holes I've found yet, but there's patchy rust showing through paint pretty much everywhere you look. It's definitely destined for a full resto at some point soonish, at which point it'll be tricky to keep the rat look on the outside. I'm also thinking that I really like these in darker colours. It'll be a shame to lose the patina, but I'm not convinced the clearcoati
  4. Yeah I'm of the 'superfluous on a good engine, harmful on a bad one' point of view. I can see the logic behind them, and how they could possibly be positive in some cases (sludge blocking head oil ways but not anywhere else), but think those cases are highly unlikely and avoidable with half decent maintenance.
  5. Having driven the car about a bit I've identified a few problems. It's probably got a slow drain somewhere, and it's definitely not charging properly either. Now that I've paid attention in the dark the ignition light is on faintly as you're driving along, and gets brighter at idle. Poked around with the wiring and found this... https://youtu.be/WFNzCfbYq9c That's not going to help! Replaced that and sorted the battery clamp end a bit better... ...which improved things, but you could still discharge the battery with the lights on. Some more poking around sh
  6. I'll have to dust off my 3d drawing skills (or lack thereof), but I'll see what I can do
  7. Just catching up with progress overriders look great! One of the main reasons I decided to change my bonnet mounts to the BMW double-hinged ones was so I didn't have to worry about sorting overriders, but yours are very neat... Oh, and I've just spotted your pivoting quarter valences and it's reminded me that I should do that as well. Every little bit of weight saved counts for my car! Hopefully they'll be alright with my funky hinges...
  8. Very little to report on the Spitfire front I'm afraid as it's been full steam ahead on the Jag, but I have done a thorough measure of the Rover 2600 engine to try and capture the dimensions a bit better. Here's what I've come up with: I'll do something similar for the Triumph OHV as well seeing as I know have two knocking around, one in the Spitfire and the other in the 2000. Can't seem to find a decent technical drawing of those to work around though so if anyone's got one (or knows of one in a manual that can be scanned) that would be brilliant!
  9. Hi folks! Been a while since I've been around these parts. Need to make sure to drop by more often! So...err...I may have bought another thing. You can never have too many projects, right? That's how the saying goes... ...back at our place, after an hourish drive back from Midhurst. It's a mk1 Triumph 2000 that was pulled out of a shed a couple of years back but someone in Club Triumph. Here it was when it was found: From what I've heard, the plan was to strip it for parts but on closer inspection the actual structure of the car is pretty solid. So instead
  10. Yeah I think it's slighty more than they don't care, in that they're not given an evironment that allows them to. Modern car production cycles are such a hell-for-leather scramble, and the designers are detached enough from the manufacturing and service staff, that there isn't space made for them to value ease of maintenance. That's one of the reasons I like old cars so much actually. When they were being created it was that little bit easier for the manufacturing staff, or a vocal fleet manufacturer to kick up a fuss and have ease of maintenance prioritised. That's caused some nasty comp
  11. Thanks! Yeah alternator replacements on Alfa 156 V6s are another one that people should be sentenced to not that they could do anything about it as the engine's really crammed in there. Maybe front ARB replacement as it would have been so easy to run it under the subframe rather than above and make it so much easier.
  12. Some more jiggery pokery with the engine as I wanted to make sure I could fit and remove the wiper mechanicsm without dislodging the intake manifold. Moved it forwards by about half an inch which sorted it. At this point I'd lucked into having the engine dead central in the car, angled at 6.4deg and clearing all of the major components nicely so I thought I wouldn't tempt fate and try and raise it to take up the squish in the mounts. Just make them while it's central and sort any issues by shimming the mounts with metal plates (which can later be welded to the underside of the mounts
  13. Glad I could be of service! looking great Cool idea with the plug-in foot pedal. There's lots of bits I can think of that would benefit from being foot controlled. Will have to make one!
  14. After a fair bit of jiggery pokery I think I've got the engine in the right place now. Raised the front a little to make sure the sump was above the bottom of the subframe to make sure I don't rip the sump plug out if I hit a log. I've also found that the diff pinion flange is angled 6.4deg nose up, so I've got the gearbox flange to point 6.2-6.4deg nose down. Should keep them both in the same plane for UJ speed variation. With that done I could start fashioning mounts The nearside mount wouldn't really fit in the stock location behind the turbo so I tried to do some research o
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