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  1. Exactly 'three word abbreviation' generally used as a piss take.
  2. I can't say I agree with that, it's certainly not the case here. I used it as a TWA. Love how 'conspiracy theorist' gets thrown around with gay abandon!!
  3. I had a look back at the origin of this thread and at first was astonished that it's over a year ago that you mentioned the connection between Vit D3 deficiency and the severity of Cvid 19 and yet it's rarely if ever mentioned on MSM. I'm not going to suggest any conspiracy, honest.
  4. https://bavarianwerke.com/product-category/bmw/
  5. sorry Nick I thought this post was directed to me, I hadn't seen SpitfireGBT's post!
  6. I have the vacuum gauges and the flow meter, I used to have a motorbike dyno and spent quite a bit of time rejetting carbs and "mapping" injection. I say mapping but I almost always used a 'power commander' which, if your unfamiliar with them is an aftermarket product designed to allow you to change the fueling (re-map) with a piggy back bax which basically changes the signal from the ecu to the injector. Sounds Heath Robinson but works very well. I have a selection of pi throttle bodies and linkages so I'm pretty confident that I will be able to get a 'play free' arrangement and hopefull
  7. Just found this website which I think will be useful for me when looking for donor cars in the scrapyard so I thought I would share it. Even though I'm going to use it primarily for reference I may also order injectors from them when I find the most suitable ones, as I'm based in France the shipping shouldn't be a problem. Particularly interesting for me are the various Renault, Peugeot and Citroen cars using the same injectors.
  8. Thanks Nick, great info there. I think I need to absorb it, have a rethink about 1 or 2 things and no doubt come back with some more questions.
  9. Can I just add a note of caution with new followers? Some out there have the wrong radius where the pushrod sits it the follower meaning the pushrod is not sitting on the base circle on the end but rather on the edges of the "sphere" shape. Easily checked with some engineers blue.
  10. Just need to update this, seems like the Emerald isn't anymore expensive than Megasquirt so perhaps it's a real contender.
  11. Sorry, it's a mk1 2.5 pi and I'm thinking of a Megasquirt as there is so much information/help /experience out there why wouldn't you. Although the Emerald gets good reviews but seems a little more expensive. I'm thinking of having MAP as opposed to TPS as the sensor would be a pain to fit to Mk1 throttle bodies. (the spindles don't go right through the body and although you can get extra long ones don't see the point as manifold pressure seems to work very well) Also thinking of sequential by putting a sensor in the distributor. Any thoughts are very welcome.
  12. I'm in the process of gathering parts and mocking up to convert my PI to EFI. I'm wanting to use the original pi throttle bodies, plenum and air filter. I'm planing a trip to the breakers (if the rain ever stops!) to harvest some sensors and injectors so I can fabricate brackets, tap holes and generally get my head around the positioning of all the bits and bobs. My question is what car makes and models should I be looking at for the various parts or is it a case of anything will do, within reason. I'm aware that the injectors need to be of a capacity to suit the car and was going t
  13. I couldn't get passed the price of the TR6 choke cable, by the way my manifold was fabricated by persons unknown (I bought the set up unfinished on Ebay!) and I got a few people telling me it would be a nightmare due to the phasing of pulses etc but it was easy on a rolling road with a few needles and the reference tables giving the different needle profile sizing. It runs as smooth as you like and the small throttle/low revs progression is a joy. Get it done you won't be disappointed.
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