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  1. will see if it's on youtube
  2. Sorry, don't know what that is! I actually don't watch TV at all...don't have enough time. What was on?
  3. difficult to say if it is stiffer - GRP does not age well, what with ester loss and micro-cracking, plus the previous owners cutting it about a fair bit. Good idea you have given me, I'll measure the chassis gaps in the floor of the body. The issue I have is that Herald chassis of any kind are quite rare - let alone ones without rust and I need most of a car to make the conversion - a vitesse would be ideal but they are rare. The front turrets are different, with the Mk1 lacking the central bracing.
  4. Nick, it's a 2.5 petrol running on LPG - a bit of a workhorse but doubles as race car tow car and family truck. They're a prick of a thing to work on, you really realise how well Toyota doe engine bays after a head gasket change on a T4. I was going to flush the coolant etc, but now I'll wait and get the heat exchanger. Re the Mk1 chassis - I'd be interested in how the chassis would respond to a tunnel and some bracing to the top damper mount - are there are suspension geometry changes between them?
  5. Unfortunate day yesterday - found oil in coolant of VW T4 fun-truck. Anticipating added expense meant that I have pulled the pin on buying the Herald and spare chassis for now - if anyone wants the details of the seller I'm happy to pass them on. Nick from what little I have read on the Mk1 chassis the suspension mounts that bolt to the chassis seem less well supported than the Mk2 chassis - they do not have the inner sheet support. As a consequence the fatigue cracks may be from this as much as the reduced chassis metal - the lack of support would mean added movement and 'work' and hence fatigue - a theory anyway.
  6. Chassis, like most Herald's in Aus are Mk1 chassis. Will have to work out how to make them work for me. Since I was planning a roll cage this may be possible.
  7. Thanks for the thoughts Nick. Not sure what chassis is what really. Herald I've agreed to buy has a 1200 engine and drum brakes and is a Saloon. I suspect that this does not help ID it. I intend to substantially brace and stiffen the chassis. I recall that you have said before that they are feeble - how specifically are they different?
  8. Was looking at a swing spring conversion to a Mk1 Herald for the GRP body project. I've read of the need for the heavier front sway bar, but will the longer wheelbase and even more flexible chassis of the Herald negate some of the sway bars effectiveness?
  9. Did you happen to see the vitesse in South Aus?
  10. Any chance you could show a pic of the bottom arm setup?
  11. Injector Placement

    Perhaps he was correct in summarising that from his tests with the materials he had to work with. If you use a wide band lambda meter you can see the effect of angle/placement on burn eff'cy and in many respects this helps with drive-ability. Placing the injector further out aids charge cooling and ultimately allows changes to timing and more power, but you need sufficient port speed to keep the fuel in suspension.
  12. Ah, relatively close. When I get the chassis and car here (if I get them too - vendor complications) then I'll give you a call. I'm interested to see how the MX5 rear goes.