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    Mk2 Jag 1960 3.8
    Timber 1935 yacht with too much varnish work

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About Me

for those interested.

I have a spitfire 1500 i purchased while working in Northumberland 1989, brought it back to Australia and was my daily drive for about 10 years...

Got shelved when i got Company cars / family and now trying to get it back on the road.


Am going to put a Electric 300v 300Nm torque 100kw Motor in the spitfire.

Will have a LSD 3.545 R160 CV shafts with GT6 wishbones & W58 gearbox.


Project is scheduled to start mid 2015 after i get a new garage down the side of the house...

busy collecting parts 


Also have a Mk2 Jag 3.8 and am in the middle of putting Aircon' alternator halogen head lights 





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