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  1. steveJM

    Wheel Studs

    Thanks for your help. trying to get confirmation before next purchase.. steve
  2. steveJM

    Wheel Studs

    Has any one managed to obtain the m12 x 1.5 studs with full length thread? I purchased set for front (Rear MGF hub has full length threads) the image on the web site (product CLP9037L) indicated the full length thread but alas arrived ...thread cut short... Wondering if any one has been able to locate a suitable reliable supplier of these studs?
  3. steveJM

    Rover 100 Axle Length

    just re-read this, must have been drinking. I can confirm the fit of of the old Fiesta shafts into the Subby Stub axle, but not confirm the travel distance is perfect yet. Although it does have around 55mm travel BUT bench test looks ok. I did have to get a few Subby stub axles to find the right ones. (the larger diameter size fit)
  4. steveJM

    Rover 100 Axle Length

    To answer your question Nick, No i haven't used the Newer Fiesta shafts.. I managed to pick up a few years ago an older Fiesta set. and the old and new look the same from a distance... Although i have not yet installed in the car, i can not confirm their size fit with Subby Stub axles. I did pull them of the Stub axle on the weekend and measured from edge that fits against the MGF bearing, and the end of the axle, See pic 420mm The Subby Diff has around 55mm plunge. Hopefully in the next couple of months i will have installed and comment further.
  5. steveJM

    Rover 100 Axle Length

    Is this what your looking for http://www.pumaspeed.co.uk/product-Ford-Fiesta-ST180-Short-Driveshaft_16821.jsp
  6. Est freight costs via - instant online quote from pack&send from here in Aus, 1 set $140 aud, 2 sets $200, 3 sets $250. (in one package.)
  7. Can send as gift to any one making purchase. I currently have a batch of 10 sets scheduled, (hence the lower price) castings being machine this week, spring & base plate should be with me in 2 - 3 weeks time. many small changes and improvements compared to the original NZ design i had made 3 years ago. Based on replies to date only 5 sets left. So please confirm ASAP, as my window closes early next week to extend the order qty. steve
  8. New improved R160 kit in production. Based on previous offer in 2015 with some improvements. See pic's Includes Qty 1 Rear plate, Qty 1 Modified stronger front plate, Qty 1 Spring plate to take original Triumph studs, with spring guide as per original. Pre-production order for complete set $640 AUD Send PM to arrange 50% up front PayPal payment to secure order. Freight from Melbourne Australia at your cost to be included in final payment before shipping. (OR/ you can arrange freight yourself) Weight of parts complete 6 kg
  9. For someone who might be interested, but pick up only USA... complete kit for spitfire to GT6/MGF rear & Subaru diff conversion http://www.ebay.com/itm/Triumph-GT6-Spitfire-LSD-Rotoflex-project-/321815845874?hash=item4aedb81bf2&vxp=mtr
  10. GT6 vertical links machined to fit MGF hubs. I know this has been covered and the info below is the basis of machining.... back in 2008 Can anyone confirm this is still the accurate machining spec' ?, especially for line 3. 4.5mm to be removed, and also confirm that in line 4, "5mm cut from new outside of link" groove for circlip places the bearing 5mm from outside edge???. OR bearing is 5mm + the width of the circlip ? Quote... I found my notes on machining of the vertical link to accept the MGF bearing the other day, so I though I'd add this also. 1. The centre of link needs to be machined through to about 67mm to give an interference fit for the outer race of the new bearing. 2. Inner side of link to be machined out to 86mm to a depth of 10mm to give clearance for the CV joint. 3. Out side of link to be machined down by 4.5mm 4. Outer circlip grooved cut 5mm from new outside of link. Position of inner clip is determined by outer race of bearing (approx 37mm).
  11. Well i got out from my racks at work my spare old spitfire diff, my 3.54 R160 with shafts and the Cv kit i obtained last year, with MGF CV, Rover 100 shafts, Volvo Lobro , Spacer for Std'Diff. I removed the Lobro joint from the Rover, and the Scooby shaft from inner CV and assembled rover shaft to Scooby inner CV. I measured and marked centre of each Diff, then with one of each shaft fitted, measured to the shoulder of the stub axle of the MGF Centre to shoulder compressed shaft / Extended shaft. Spitfire Diff 565mm to 578mm Scooby Diff 545mm to 590mm Looks like a winner!
  12. yes i could be.!!..?? I have the gt6 uprights just about to machine to suit MGF, and have Subby 3.54 LSD V, and also got the original stub axles and shafts to suit. (each side is different) So could be a good solution. will need to check if wrx inner cv splines are all the same?? or do you know? if i go ahead...Would have pair of Rover 100 + lobros + adaptors for conventional diff as a sale item if this works out. they were not cheap... do you have dimensions / spec's and costs to make ? Are you looking to have std overall length upright to upright ?
  13. steveJM

    Engine And Gearbox Weights

    This might help http://www.triumphspitfire.com/Size.html
  14. steveJM

    Spare Subaru Diff Back Plates

    james, did you have any issues with overall length / track position using the SUBBY stub axles and ford shafts etc. ? Do you know what the variation is compared to original Rotoflex total axle / Diff width ? steveJM
  15. steveJM

    Spare Subaru Diff Back Plates

    you guys need to PM JimC