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  1. Bms is zeva made in Australia Evms3 version. Wiring up is next on the list, partly there... Bms has built in precharge resistor and you can see i have 2 HV contactors one will be connected to precharge. The charger is a small 3.3kw elcon CAN controlled by the BMS. Charger is located under the front battery pack next to coolant pump. Can be seen in earlier pics. Still not worked out where to put inlet yet... Regen will be controlled by motor controller gevcu for uqm motor & inverter. Along with And brake pressure switch from hydraulics. Im sure that would b
  2. Hi nick Battery pack. Is relatively small for ev.. 25kwh about 150klm range. But is high voltage 350v so to achieve v i need 108 batteries. Maybe 96 if too heavy. Aiming to be 40kg over. Which is well within the GVW . Can not exceed that in Australia... to keep it simple avoid engineering report etc. 24 pack goes where the engine block was 24 pack in replace of fuel tank. 24 pack in boot up against fuel tank-pack
  3. Now building up my battery boxes. Old... Engine Position... Front Pack...
  4. Spent too much time designing my HV contactor / box.... & fitting coolant header tank
  5. Been on the go slow, last few months. ... But some progress, Firstly decided to upgrade brakes at front to the BCC. good option for me (despite the cost) fits TR7 wheels, less weight, 4 pot should be better than old 2 pot...? especially with some extra weight onboard. decided to make bracket to have Flex hoses in U rather than S ... not sure if it is the right thing to do, but looked better to me... only slight mod to the dust shield, left one trimmed, Right to do.! Ears were removed and bent a new but slightly smaller..
  6. To add further clarity. Nick are you able to confirm, the fiesta uk shafts and r100 are the same length. I had assumed so, as they had setup with machined adaptors and common reference to bieng same as r100 and what i was led to be volvo lobro. I concur with zetecspit subby cv have plenty of plunge. Assembled my shafts seem to be only near 5-10 from outer cv snap ring. One option for custom shafts is to have various circlip grooves into splined shaft. Longer is better. You can always cut down
  7. My Fiesta shafts i bought from a guy in UK about +5 years ago on ebay. had volvo Lobo and Nicks adaptors. was obviously from a conversion that did not go ahead. Paid a lot for it ... pure luck on my part especially the timming. They were advertised as R100 shafts. and latter confessed Fiesta .but the same??? any way they worked. but i do feel they are on the short side of perfect, when fitted to the subby CV cup (large cup). 10mm more would put them closser to centre in the subby CV cup IMO
  8. Handbrake cable was installed prior to axles & spring, and discovering my error...impossible to remove now... so will cut off rather than dismantle rear suspension. and Yes, Is the original Spit 1500 cable guide with GT6 roto cable... FYI according to rimmer Roto cable 137mm in length. I'm still pondering to use existing Spit cable guides and making shorter cable. or to fab cable guide and attache to body tub as per GT6 set up... and get new GT6 roto cable. difference in arc seems minimal ...
  9. Thanks Nick, Will get back to that latter and add to tub. got my Chassis and parts back pretty quickly, despite being out of action for a number of weeks, some progress. hmmm pic not loading?
  10. Nick. Ooops had no idea they moved the guides for rotoflex. Anyone have pics that show where they are.? I gather ill have to cut off existing and reattach...
  11. Ohhhh. I didn't pick up on that... thought the chassis mounts were used.
  12. starting to reassemble after blasting and powder coating... As discussed, have converted the Spit1500 to GT6 Rotoflex with various mods... Looking for some advice... I purchased replacement Handbrake cable from Rimmer. 149353 was listed as GT6 Rotoflex. After installing it appears to be same length as what i removed, if not longer...? which is way too long .... waiting on Rimmer to come back with comment on total length... any experience out there with this?
  13. Enviable skills and great inspiration... Always looking forward to your posts...
  14. Plan A for Regen is to use a pressure transducer in the brake line. available from EVTV or EVwest, the GEVCU controller has inputs to receive 0-5 v signal as pressure is applied to the brake line. apparently it should be a matter of tweaking in the program already installed, instructions included... options B. also included in the gevcu is to adjust the hall effect throttle in the program so that before pedal reaches 0v pos' the throttle goes from throttle to regen. Again this is adjusted in the installed program. not sure i want this, more inclined to maybe have some creep function inst
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