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  1. Thought I should share my Oil Cooler Pics! Buying a modern oil cooler using 10AN fittings was ridiculously cheap on eBay compared to staying with older UHF connections. Hard part was finding oil sandwich plate with 10AN fittings so I re-tapped one. You simply have no room around the spitfire oil filter to work with. Andy
  2. Oh I was bad! Jigging Holes are on the block, not the head. Thanks for not jumping all over me on that mess-up! Andy
  3. Plugged Jigging holes on my block with 1/2' brass rod I purchased off Ebay! One thing I did to help me shape the plug so I could have a nice press fit was to drill and tap my plug so I could press the plug back out with a screw down the middle. Andy
  4. Picture of one of the blown gaskets showing small pin hole water damage caused by jigging hole.
  5. Plugging the jigging holes on my head solved a chain of blown gaskets after I shaved head to produce around 9.0 compression ratio. Blew both a PAYEN and then a Lucas gasket, and could visibly see problems around the jigging holes when I replaced. Went back to cheap generic AK260 gasket from British parts Northwest in the States ($6.75 US), after plugging the jigging holes and have not had any issues since. Before I shaved the head, engine ran for over 10+ years on cheap generic gasket with no issues (Stock US Compression 7.5) !
  6. I looked at up-rating my calipers several years back when I swapped my Spitfire front suspension for bigger salvaged GT6 parts I found on e-bay. Decided to just rebuild the 16’s that came with my salvaged GT6 parts for the experience. Rebuilding the calipers gave me the option to up-rate the pistons to stainless that you will not get with most purchased rebuilds. The calipers I rebuilt were in bad shape and the rebuild was awful, your brake caliper looks far worse!!!! Problem I saw with the Wilwood kits available for GT6 years ago was they used the Powerlite caliper that does not have d
  7. I have yet to actually use but found a latest generation BOSCH EV14ES injector 0280158284 with specs 12 ohm, 15.4 lbs/min, 161.9 cc/min, USCAR plug. Also found another with same specs with JETRONIC plug (0280158254). I modified my fuel rail using inexpensive aluminum extenders I found on ebay to adapt the newer style shorter injectors. rail
  8. Trying to fit EV14 style injector into recently purchased Borla DCOE throttle body that appears it be designed around EV1 style injectors! EV14 long injectors are a few millimeters too short, so I'm looking for EV14 standard size in the 150-200 cc/min range with USCAR wiring port that I can put a 14mm top extender bung that will be welded into the fuel rail. Does anyone have a decent reference chart or website on the newer 280158*** style injectors? I can find several sites with decent references on EV1 and EV6 injectors but not EV14. Two injectors model numbers I have foun
  9. Since this thread is recent I thought I would just add on with recent question on Wideband systems! As stated previously I was using a PLX O2 Wide band system but was unhappy with system stability. Just completed wiring Innovate LC-2 controller (with gauge) and find the gauge reading is not matching output to micro-squirt, It's a full point off on AFR (i.e 14.5 on innovate gauge is 15.5 in tuner studio on the micro-squirt). LC-2 default settings are 1-5 volt wide band on output 1, and narrow band on output 2. At start of project I re-programmed output 2 for same settings as outp
  10. Nick I posted some forum pictures last year showing the lack of space between the Spitfire front pulley and steering rack! I had to take my trigger wheel setup back to the machinist a couple of times to fit trigger wheel more forward onto the pulley. Have you tried checking the clearance? Mine was close, but found out on first street bump (loud grind noise) that I needed much bigger gap! It looks like you did machine off some of the pulley backside, but I'm not sure! Andy
  11. Mark I fitted my Spitfire with PLX Wide-band O2 sensor system with the same future expectations to use with fuel injection. PLX is inexpensive system that has multiple sending units that gang together and connect to one Multi-output gauge.The gauge however has been constantly loosing data feeds and not displaying correctly, the secondary connections to my micro-squirt spot on with no issues! I'm running a vintage Weber DCOE carb for now, planning to switch out for throttle body later. The O2 sensor has been a great help with tuning the carb and watching the overall perform
  12. If your interested in the GT6 radiator mount dimensions PM me and I will send them to you! I converted what I found for the GT6 mount online, and converted them to Auto-cad that I gave to my sheet metal fabricator. instead of welding nuts to the backside of the mounts like the original GT6, I cut 5/16" steel square pieces of metal to place under the mount, then drilled and tapped holes for screws. This way if something gets stripped I just need to replace the square block and not grind off the mount from the frame for repairs. I then copied the mounting locations from a GT6 fram
  13. You Could try using GT6 radiator! You can find the welded bracket mount dimensions on the internet (or I can dig them up for you) Picked this radiator up on ebay with fan and welded fan bracket included. Just need to modify the fill cap neck to fit under a spitfire hood. Lots of competition multi core versions available on the internet. Andy
  14. Thanks Nick for the previous discussion lead, that helped. My block fire ring recessions are not flush with the block head so it appears to also be a factor in the gasket leakage along with the spigot holes near the cylinder walls on 1 and 4 cylinders. New plan will be to resurface the block next winter to remove ring recessions, and to add plugs to the spigot holes to be cut flush at the same time. For now I'm just going to try up-rated cylinder head gasket and flange nuts. Last head gasket one was AL-cheapo version. Andy
  15. I have a question on recent problem with water getting into 4th cylinder when engine heats up causing white smoke out the back. Compression test found nothing unusual so I removed the head and an inspection of the gasket only reveled a small pin hole near water passage that is extremely close to #4 cylinder wall. My question is what that water passage hole is for? And can I add additional plug or sealant to it since It appears to serve no purpose once the head is on, gasket seals it off . Andy
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