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  1. https://www.motorparts-online.com/en/triumph/speed-triple-1050/all/throttle-body The Triumph 3 cylinder motor cycle throttle bodies hve the fuel rail, injectors, throttle switch and fuel pressure regulator in the assembly. You could run 3 or 6. I found them on ebay. The inlet is oval though
  2. Vitesse project

  3. Vitesse project

    http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Engineering_Acoustics/Filter_Design_and_Implementation#Basic_Wave_Theory http://www.paraglidingteam.nl/PPGTechnics/sound%20and%20noise/Mufflers/1155795969.pdf http://www.comsol.asia/paper/download/36825/Andersen_pres.pdf http://www.diva-portal.org/smash/get/diva2:11878/FULLTEXT01.pdf
  4. Vitesse project

    It's called science Try Google
  5. Vitesse project

    All silencers use reactive attenuation and or absorption attenuation they reflect a wave back at the incoming gas flow to cancel the sound wave. The ratio of body length to pipe diameter should be 10 to 14 and the ratio of body diameter to pipe diameter should be 3. A couple of parameters to help determine size There are several US manufactures who claim the internal design of there silencers do not increase back pressure while lowering noise level.The cut away views look interesting but I have no knowledge of any benefit beyond noise attenuation. The exhaust is a very important part of a system which must all work together. No part operates alone. As for the exhaust loosing it's energy and cooling ? Was this heat radiated to the atmosphere or a drop in pressure due to an increase in volume? Energy gets transferred. Thanks for sharing it was good food for thought
  6. Gaza

    MGT your assertions lose credibility when you link to psychotic web sites
  7. Gaza

    this is not an ethnic conflict. It is solely religious. Where you were born or where your ancient relatives were born does not determine who you should hate and kill only your religion. And like all religions the conflict defies logic or reason. How can you negotiate peace with a dead profit whether it is Mohammad or Jesus. Is this an aftershock of the 1st Crusades. Now that the Christians have exited those sill standing are left to kill who they can find. The volcano must have periodic release of pressure or there will be a huge eruption. So wait until the lava has cooled and then see how the landscape has changed.A volcano can not be controlled or defused. Let mother nature run it's course.
  8. Pomwah's Mkii

    stick with the 4x100 pcd and change the front. 4x100 gives you infinite wheel choices at a fair price.
  9. move the engine rearward. Start with an compromised design
  10. Moss 6-3-1 Manifold

    I used a Net calculator and one from a thread here from 2008 both with the same results. at 5000rpm peak torque ptimary length is 39cm so in the ballpark of the Moss copy but 49cm at 4000rpm which maybe a more desirerable rpm for most. I have looked at many straight six exhaust manifolds and BMW a long 6cyl. manufacturer of straight six engines always- OEM and aftermarket use 6-2-1. I understand the theoretical benefits of 6-3-1 so why BMW's approach? I also found a Jeep 6 cyl. manifold 6-2-1 that combimed 1-6-5 and 2-3-4 which did not make theoretical sense to me ( i apologize for the spelling . Spell is unresponsive)
  11. Moss 6-3-1 Manifold

    "If I start answering questions about that project here, (which started some months ago), this thread will be polluted" GT-- well said sir.
  12. Well said Pomwah and today is the celebration of our independence. In the last election a candidate for the Presidency said "corporations are people too" and was agast when his believes were not understood.
  13. Moss 6-3-1 Manifold

    I used a calulator found on the net that inputed exhaust cam specs., displacement and valve diameter. For a peak torque at 5000 rpm it recommended a primary pipe ID of 26mm and a primary length of 39 cm. So in the ballpark to what the extrator is. There is a fomula on here from 2008 that when used gives 39cm at 5000rpm but 49 at 4000rpm, I looked at a lot of OEM and aftermarket exhaust manifolds for straidht 6 engines BMW is always 6-2-1 Jeep 6-2-1 and 6-1 and an odd 6-3-1 that connected 1-6-5 and 2-3-4 but with BMW engineering takes president so why 6-2-1?
  14. I have lived in the US my entire life half on the Atlantic coast and half on the Pacific coast. I meet people and am completely baffled by their perspective on life. The people from the South the Confederates are another species and am not surpriced or inqusitive about their culture