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  1. Seems we have done 160.000km or for you guys... 100.000miles ! And that in 5,5years and with the same engine. Back on 30 sept 2013 i started to drive her when she had 117.037km.
  2. Also timing mark with the original chain didnt line up. But transfered everything on the duplex setup etc. Old vs new chain... a little difference ! 20190202_155351.mp4 20190202_193504.mp4
  3. Could be the groove in the pully that has play (the old sprocket had play with the a new key to.. ) Will see what im going to do. But she dtives great, after the timing chain replacement the timing was at 20 degrees instead of 10 !
  4. Nick, my keyway was damaged.. So ordered 2 new ones.. 1 fitted good, 1 was way to big ! Nut was done up right with torque figures as per manual. And used loctite to! So my guess is no.. find time to take it apart again.. :/ Wim
  5. Thanks guys ! Some of you will know this car to.. This GT6 from Andy Cook came to my work for a short meet up on his trip to Germany 2 years ago. Last year this GT6 was used on Car SOS!
  6. After the 'Nachtrit' i had a knocking sound.. The crank pully nut was loose !! But i had other noises to. So decided to change the timing chain. Oh boy was it worn.. Went to fit a duplex kit. It now runs a lot better, but after 4 days the noises came back.... (still need to find time to investigate).
  7. In the last few years been collecting some bits. Well actually nearly a 2nd spitfire in parts Panels are 2nd hand, cut out of a bad spitfire or NOS but sandblasted to get rid of surface rust and painted in green primer. Bonnet i found a few weeks ago (laying outside on a shed roof in the rain..), then stripped the paint and put a rust convertor on it.
  8. Seems to be a while since i posted here ... She now has nearly done 100.000 miles since end september 2013 ! And yes the same engine (now done 180.000miles). In those years 2 rebuild gearboxes, 1 spare diff fitted and now a rebuild. And the many other parts that went wrong... So yes she has been a lot of work ! Also done the 'Nachtrit' (Nightrally - Club Triumph) in the Netherlands last year. Some pics of the rally.
  9. Some more (k)rusty pics ... Chassis at the front was plated over and found some 'holes' :s . At the back wheel arches we needed to weld a lot in the wheel arch on the right side, left side was one 1 small plate.. There was 1 bog hole and 3 small one. But the metal was so thin we where blowing through it .. So cut a big piece out so all the 3 small ones where gone and we could weld in a big piece Brakes where rebuild (front ones only did this year) Electrics where not that bad . But someone had put a relay in the boot for the rear lights .. After some investigation i found out they used the wrong gearbox switch.. Got everything back to original and it works ever since. Also needed to put in a new wire for the boot light switch, that was broken off in the wiring harness.
  10. The very bad points before where a lot of holes in the rear wheel arches , front crossmember was also very rotten (plated over very badly). Exhaust downpipe i could peel open with my fingers Brakes and handbrake was non existing.. , rusty sills, bad interior. In the future it needs new bonnet side panels and new sills and my drivers door needs a change.. Already got a second hand door, but needs to test fit it and then off to paint.
  11. Time to update this a bit ! Some new pics !
  12. Hi all, Here is my Spitfire 1500 from 1978. It's been my daily car for over a year now, restored it between june 2011 and Sept 2013. Done 15.000 miles in a year (sept 2013 to Sept 2014 ) ! Done a lot of oldtimer drives & meetings with other classics and Triumphs I'm also a member of Club Triumph , i'm in the fb group of spitfire & on young guns classics (so some will know this car a bit ! ) Front chassis beam was rotten, so replaced that. has gas struts on the bonnet, revolution wheels, new interior, extra volt & oil pressure gauge.... and many more little mods Here are some before, during the resto and after pics !
  13. Hi there ! It's not an original triumph color, but a Ral color (i think it was 7031, need to look it up). But the name of the color is Blue/Grey In the dark it seems grey and in the sun light blue, a bit special indeed
  14. Next to the van of the garage who painted it (parked next to be for when the spitfire wouldn't start )
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