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  1. two hours trying to make a donation i am totally pxxt off this ks not good
  2. Hello Roger my problem at the moment is i am being bombarded with too much info i know more about lammbretor than any four stroke i just want some one to make that gt6 mk 3 in my rear mirror to get smaller and smaller do you think that could ever happen . plus i think there is another option for rear suspension to replicate the lotus elan have you heard of that one my friend
  3. thanks for that mate getting on it straight away.
  4. Hello Roger thanks for the offer i will gladly buy this off you just name your price mate. i do actually have a snide convertable which already has one fitted but i need to sell it to make room for the race car mega build and it is the only redeemable attribute of this sad mess of a car first purchase got drunk went on ebay . so knowing that if you still want to sell then i will buy mick
  5. hello mate thanks for your contribution i will be contributing some money to this site but i have advise from a few of you guys and i do not know who to respond to first or does it not matter dont want to put any ones nose out of joint this bui;ld is crucial to me i need every support going this starts during the minors strike
  6. Hello John and Nick thanks for the info in reply i just wanted to race in a classic car series that has a two litre section hence the need to tune up what i have got instead of just slapping in a big lump from another motor that is not my style. whilst obviously trying to create short cuts which do not seem to be working mick.
  7. twathook


    got a hoarding problem i think
  8. hello guys got a mk 1 Vitesse and just bought tuning standard triumphs by david vizard. now he states that a 2.5 litre cylinder head can be used on my engine i did not think this possible. some one stated in the distant past that not even a mk 2 head could not be fitted or are they wrong i need to get as much power out of this motor as poss as i want to race its a saloon with origional over drive by the way D L O any advice would appreciated cheers mick
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