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    Classic cars , steam engines - anything electrical mechanical or powerfull!!!!!!!!

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  1. daisymoose


    Good luck Nick hope all goes well Dave
  2. Hi Alan - just a quick outburst from the back row -- what John and Nick have said is correct - words of wisdom to me years ago (and they were correct) buy the most powerfull set that that will plug into a 13 amp socket which now would be @200 amp or you will regret it later !!!! Definitely go for MIG - TIG does not play well with dirty or oxidized metal - gasless or flux cored wire to be right and proper is atrocious at best - and the statement "you get what you pay for" is true - I have been a welder and fabricator for 35 years now and fully understand now that the wisdom was right I just wished I'd listened at the time!!!!! but there is hope for me yet as my 130amp cebora mig has just unceremoniously expired (@22years old - how very dare it!!!) in a large and smelly cloud of smoke!!!! Oh and the bang was impressive as well Dave
  3. daisymoose

    gt6 vert.link dimensions

    Hi Rick - welcome to the forum After a struggle to kick my laptop into submission (thinks it's still xmas!!!) Dimensions requested are A 106.52 B 122.23 C 110.17 D 86.98 I have a fully drawn up 2D model on CAD if you require any other dims shout Dave
  4. daisymoose


    PHEW - wishing you a speedy recovery Nick Dave
  5. daisymoose


    hope it all went well nick Dave
  6. daisymoose

    Change, Inevitable Change...

    hi all - I'm game for the donate button - i don't post much, just kind of lurk in the shadows and occasionally stick my oar in but definatly could not do without my (usually daily) sideways fix - the knowledge base for our cars that exists here is staggering as is the willingness to help and share knowledge as well as failures -but the knowledge has foundation in reality unlike some forums where it seems to be armchair based or more on the lines of polishing and preening!!!! Echoing Steve's comment THANKYOU to the admins and everything they do - including keeping me entertained (and hopefully learning something along the way) Dave
  7. HI John, ally tread plate on rubber strips to isolate from the zinc in the galvanizing - use 316 stainless fixings as should be no galvanic reaction between any of the metals that touch one another directly - will not be any cheaper than replacing the wood with proper decking material - if I remember correctly tis bloody expensive in its own right the proper way to do it (and it last) is to put protective channel around the edges of the wood - fully sealed on to stop the water ingress on the edge's of the sheet and also protect them from damage. dave
  8. daisymoose

    Unibody Mk4 Spitfire 6

    Phoey - too slow!!!! Can confirm from a set of v links I have(one built up still - the other stripped) that your earlier missing dimensions are the same as I have measured on my set - give or take a few thou Drive flange to spring eye bolt ctr = 106.5 Vlink face to spring eye bolt ctr. = 94.5 Drive flange to btm arm bolt car. = 87.35 Also Watching with great interest!!!!!! I've spent hours drawing this on CAD and farting around with pick up points till I've tied myself in knots hopefully you are about to confirm that I'm not as daft as I think I am Interesting project - good luck Dave
  9. daisymoose

    Craig's 6Fire In Aus

    mmmmmmmmmmmmm shiny - very very nice work :yes: - gonna be some serious heart stopping moments putting that baby back together :unsure: Dave
  10. Hi spitfire8 Wow that could be a handful of spit - but very nice looking If you are interested I have roto vertical links/btm arms and radius rods that I got to do this back suspension set up on the back of my vittese but decided to follow the mgf hub route for the discs - and being a fabricator by trade the mods and metalwork seemed more appealing to me!!!! By pure coincidence my choice of diff changed from the scubby diff to your choice of the bmw diff - mine is ???? e82 ???? 120d 3.07 diff (which may have been a mistake as it has the tripod input for a rubber donut but I may have a workaround for that) anyway let me know if your still looking Regards Dave
  11. daisymoose

    St170 Engine Into My Spitfire

    Hi - just a quick outburst from the back row!!!! - DTA ecu's can do VVC ( 60 pro and up) and I believe that they have a proper "variable solution" for the ST170, might be worth giving them a ring and having a natter - only hitch is S60pro is about £1000 but it's not a locked ecu - hope this helps regards Dave
  12. daisymoose

    Which Blasting Media?

    Hi - try guyson international in leeds, all our media at work comes from them Dave
  13. daisymoose

    Anybody In Or Close To Leeds?

    Hi Ian I am ls22 where abouts in ls17 is the oily beast - I'm sure we can sort something out Dave
  14. daisymoose

    Scratching My Head Here.

    Glad you got it sorted john and good luck with first start!!! Dave
  15. daisymoose

    Scratching My Head Here.

    hi John - not slunk back in to the shadows Yet - check or if possible bypass Anderson plug - from your description above sounds like poor connection that's OK until hi current demand - have seen that on a friends hill climb car - shouldn't think anything going to ground as that usually causes BIG sparks from somewhere and/or major smoke loss from wiring!!!!!!! Dave