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  1. Best of luck tracking it down. I spent ages improving my PI fuel plumbing chasing a misfire up high in the revs which I believed was leaning out. It turns out I had a dying coil and it was not fuel related at all! So i felt pretty stupid but at least i have really good fuel flow to the pump now lol.
  2. Hey guys, this is an interesting read. If it were me I would be moving all the pumps and filters into the boot for a couple of reasons. 1, to it all out of the heat of the engine bay- it just seems really dangerous in such proximity to the engine/ electrics and 2, I reckon the long run of pipe could be causing a pressure drop to the CAV filter and pump mouth. From what I have read and experienced, the bosch pumps can push heaps but 'suck' at sucking. I would be keeping the pipe run to the HP pump as short, large and smooth as possible, the bosch will have no trouble pumping the fuel at reliable pressure op to the front of the car. I don't know if you've changed it or not but I reckon even that brass elbow could be causing cavitation due to the turbulent flow around the corner. I did try setting up a CAV filter like Andreas at one point and it seemed like a really good idea, but I cant remember if it still functions as a filter set up that way. At least any induced air can then go back to tank with the over flow. Cheers Josh
  3. josh18

    Vitesse Mk2 Exhaust Manifold

    It just keeps looking better and better!
  4. josh18

    Vitesse Mk2 Exhaust Manifold

    I reckon you'll be impressed.
  5. josh18

    Vitesse Mk2 Exhaust Manifold

    That's awesome! I bet it goes well! What pipe sizes did you end up using?
  6. josh18

    Con Rod Bolts?

    Thanks for the tip, I will be putting them in soon.
  7. josh18

    Phantom Grip?

    Has anyone got any first hand experience with the Phantom Grip unit in a triumph?
  8. josh18

    Big End Shell Recommendations?

    Just checked out the revington VP2 style. Look really good and priced not too bad either. Thanks for the heads up!
  9. josh18

    Big End Shell Recommendations?

    Thanks guys. I see I can get the King Tri-metal for a good price in Australia, Id feel more comfortable using them than the bearings I have. I'll buy a set when the engine builder lets me know if the crank needs a grind or not. I'll check out those Revington ones too. Cheers
  10. josh18

    Big End Shell Recommendations?

    Thanks Martin. I must say, my engine that I just pulled apart had either AE or Glacier (same thing?) and they didnt look too bad after a pretty hard life. Anyway, here is a pic of the offending shell. Also of note is the discoloration of the face around the edges. I didn't think much of this but I have just read a piece somewhere that this could be the metals separating and the bearing may be unusable. What do you reckon?
  11. josh18

    Big End Shell Recommendations?

    I think Ive found the answer as to why no one uses the ACL bearings. While they do make some good tri-metal options they seem to only make triumph ones in the crap style. Oh well
  12. josh18

    Big End Shell Recommendations?

    So after all this, did anyone end up trying the ACL bearings? They seem to get very good reviews in other circles, and I can get them easily in Australia. I was very happy to get some VP2 main shells from England recently, only to find when I got them great cakes of rust on the backs. I talked to my engine builder and he said it would be ok to use some emery paper to sand it off. I then realized that some of the rust had actually built up around the edge and onto the bearing surface. I gave this a light sand also and tried to crape it off the chamfer with a blade. Only problem is I seem to have sanded through to the copper on one edge of a chamfer. Have I just wrecked my bearing set?
  13. josh18

    Mega Jolt Or Megasquirt?

    Thanks for that. Sounds like a MS2 is the way to go when I get to that point. Cheers
  14. josh18

    Mega Jolt Or Megasquirt?

    Thanks Andreas. I already run a wide band O2 and am pretty keen to go for a coil pack and crank triggered VR sensor to do away with any errors in the distributor drive. Logic tells me I should probably go for the Megasquirt as it seems to do all that the MJ does but with the option of fuel control later if I want to go that way. Am I right in thinking the MS doesn't need to run an EDIS module any more? I was also toying with the idea of going for a 123 tune distributor because it seems so easy but they are just so damn expensive. Cheers Josh
  15. Hey, Im in the process of rebuilding my engine and have been recommended to eventually take control of the ignition to reap the benefits. Ive been looking into Megajolt but was wondering what the consensus is of going with Megasquirt and running it spark only just to have the option of going to full EFI later on. Mega jolt from what I read seems fairly easy to set up, would MS be a similar proposition? (ignoring self building the MS for now). Also is it worth going MS just to not have to use EDIS6? Also, I always though MS and MJ were from the same company, which doesn't seem to be the case. Were they once? The reason for going spark only is I already have a well set up PI on the car which has been pretty reliable, and have read there are many benefits to be reaped from properly mapped ignition. Cheers Josh