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  1. What i've done to my Car this week!

    Reinforced the "special tool" I use for holding the diff flange with some fresh welds. Pinion preload set by squashing the nasty spacer thingy. Then I shim'd the diff carriers to get as close as I can to the book settings with the shims I had available.
  2. Spitfire Diff Bearings (1500)

    I'm pretty sure the references that @Martin has are for the earlier carrier bearings corresponding to p/n GHB105 I'm going to cross check the p/n used in other diffs and see if they are common.
  3. Spitfire Diff Bearings (1500)

    Care needs to be taken with the carrier bearings as well though, I've noticed that the Triumph part number changes at a specific commission number. What I'll try and do when I have some time is add the ones for part numbers other than the ones for my diff, so we have a complete set to refer to. Martin has me a bit worried with those SKF part numbers as they are not listed as equivalent to the timken ones I have, so I'm wondering if they correspond to the earlier ones. (Or if I've got the wrong ones?! They do seem to fit well though!)
  4. Spitfire Diff Bearings (1500)

    Thanks for the comments guys, I've updated the original post to reflect. Provided the Triumph part number marries up they should be ok for other diffs. If it's considered useful I'll try and expand the list for other diff bearings? @Martin I'll check those SKF numbers against the Timken ones I have - thanks!
  5. Spitfire Diff Bearings (1500)

    I've been concerned about the quality of some of the unbranded bearings being sold for diff and gearbox rebuilds, so I tracked down equivalent part numbers and sourced mine from reputable bearing factors. These are based on the Triumph part numbers for my Spitfire 1500 with 3.63:1 ratio. BTB440 - pinion outer. (Listed as an alternative to 134070) Timken Part Number M84548 - M84510 1”x2.25 (2 ¼)x0.765 (49/64”) 134065 - pinion inner Timken Part Number M88040 - M88010 1.1250” (1 ⅛”) x 2.6875 (2 11/16) x 0.8750” (7/8) 28.575mm x 68.263mm x 22.225 Diff Carrier GHB105 - diff carrier (to commission number FH106101) LM67048 - LM67010 (TBC!) (31.75x59.13x15.88mm) UKC4805 - diff carrier (from commission number FH106102) Timken Part Number L68149 - L68110 (TIMKEN set-13? might be the same, it has the same dimensions?) 1.3775“ x 2.3280” x 0.6250” (34.99x59.13x15.88mm) Not as hard to find, but included for reference: 533360A/128572 Inner axle shaft (output shaft) bearing bearing part number 6205 C3 clearance 25 x 52 x 15mm Please treat with caution! I'm in the middle of rebuilding my Spit diff with the bearings listed above, everything seems to fit just fine, but there's a chance I made a mistake! Updated again based on some more research - I'll try and confirm more ASAP
  6. 68 Vitesse Saloon on ebay 8K miles? Stored 33 years?

    I really fancy a vitesse saloon, but there's currently no room at the inn... already too many cars in the garage/drive.
  7. What's happening over on CT?

    I'd just like to know how Steve managed to post at 6:66pm?!
  8. There's a garden under there somewhere!
  9. Looking for my old...

    Looking at the DVLA it's been off the road since 1999. Sorry I can't help!
  10. Yesterday I tried to drive to work (Halifax->Bradford) usually a 35 to 40 minute drive at that time of day.... everything went well until I hit the outskirts of Bradford, total gridlock. So I turned round and came home. Total of 3 hours in the car, total achieved zero. I'm not even trying to get the car off the street this morning - roads haven't been cleared and local authority reporting that road temperature is too low for salt/grit to be effective. I'm just ringing round to make sure my staff are all ok....
  11. Spitfire 1500 - on Mikuni Carbs

    Hmmm food for thought thanks!
  12. Diff cover floor re-make.

    Awesome press work!
  13. What's happening over on CT?

    If you want a change buy a dvorak keyboard!
  14. Spitfire 1500 - on Mikuni Carbs

    I might give Bogg bros a call, thanks Nick. To keep my options open I plan on fitting carbs first, but if the manifold fits at a later date I might try fuel injection using a set of bike throttle bodies from the same type of bike as the carbs.
  15. Anyone got experience of running a 1500 engine on mikuni bike carbs? Or any recommendations where I could source/have made an appropriate inlet manifold? (I'm thinking the quad carb set-up from something like a Yamaha R1 or Suzuki GSX types)