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  1. yorkshire_spam

    VHI Declaration

    I discussed this with my tester last year, he agreed that if my cars were MOT exempt (this was before the idea of the declaration was mooted and it looked like a blanket 40+ yr exemption would be applied) that I could turn up once a year with an appointment and he would inspect my cars for "roughly the cost of an MOT, maybe slightly less depending on how bad they are". After 25 years taking cars to the same MOT tester I have no idea what I'll do if he retires!
  2. yorkshire_spam

    Spitfire Speedo issue

    Well.... I removed the speedo and stripped it down. No signs of any issues. I cleaned it, lubricated it and re-assembled it. I'll refit it and retest it when I get chance.
  3. yorkshire_spam

    New tyres tr3

    Mmmm they look grippy!
  4. yorkshire_spam

    Wheel Studs

    I found the allmakes ones had the correct chamfer on the head to sit nicely in the hubs on the Spitfire as well.
  5. yorkshire_spam

    Wheel Studs

    Talk to somebody like Island 4x4 or LRDirect, go for bearmach or allmakes not 5h*tpart. (IMHO) And definitely heed Alan's warning w.r.t. closed/open nuts and them bottoming! :-)
  6. yorkshire_spam

    PC bunged up with fluff?

    Hi John, If you use the Chrome browser, you can select the "Advanced" tab on the "Clear browsing data" screen and set it so it doesn't clear passwords and form data. You will still have to log in to the sites, but it will have remembered your username/password. You could also try leaving the cookies and site data, but that might mean it doesn't cure the problem. Cheers, Sam
  7. yorkshire_spam

    Holed piston

    Just out of interest is the tapped adjustment on the exhaust valve rockers similar to the setting on the inlet rockers?
  8. yorkshire_spam

    CT French Tour 2019

    I think the tour is the follow on from the previous tour of Ireland, definitely not a 10cr replacement.
  9. yorkshire_spam

    What i've done to my Car this week!

    Made a start stripping the cylinder head off the dolomite, HGF. :-( Man I've been spoiled over the years working on a spitfire, the exhaust/engine bay areas are TIGHT on the 1850 by comparison.
  10. yorkshire_spam

    Spitfire Speedo issue

    So I finally got around to testing this, I did a run last night on the way back from CT Pendle and Pennine meeting, the GPS measured 9.2 miles, the odometer 9.4 miles. So the odometer is not giving up when the speedo does. (Roughly half that distance was at 70ish MPH with the speedo showing around 40mph) Looks like it's the speed head!
  11. yorkshire_spam

    Lunatic drivers

    No, not a better person, just sadly over-exposed to driving lunacy, every single day I see people driving dangerously on my way to work and on my way home. (And I'm not talking about driving inconsiderately... dangerously!) I tried reporting stuff I see, but the police don't have the time or resources to do anything at all.... which just made me more annoyed! I had to let go or have a heart attack.
  12. yorkshire_spam

    Lunatic drivers

    Same etymology as the English then, somebody who stares at and is transfixed by the moon. I have to drive around the outskirts of Bradford every working day, it's an odd journey when at least 3 people don't do something dangerously stupid in an attempt to kill themselves and me. If I got angry about it I'd have died of an aneurysm, sadly it's just everyday life these days.
  13. yorkshire_spam

    Hi from new member in Hampshire

    I was wondering if you might have had a Camaro or a Beetle. A Gt6 is better though! Welcome!
  14. yorkshire_spam


    Hmmm fuse chord vs fuse wire, must be the same thing?
  15. yorkshire_spam

    Fuel hoses revisited

    I've had the same issue as Nick - none of the "R9" hose I bought online lasted more than 6 months. In the end I bought a small roll of 1/4" bore gates barrier hose from the USA, it'll last me a LOOOOONG time but at least I know it won't crack after a few months. Amazon.com Cheers, Sam