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  1. yorkshire_spam

    Police road obstruction

    Happens EVERY time there's an issue on the M606 and most of the times there's an issue on the M62. People start using the HS as soon as there's a queue to jump in at the front, then that just grinds to a halt after about 10/15 minutes. Almost an everyday occurrence round here. And it's an odd week when I don't see somebody in Bradford drive blatantly through a red light. or up the wrong side of the road to cut in at the front of a queue. They even do it at the junction outside the police HQ C'est la vie. Sam
  2. yorkshire_spam

    Police road obstruction

    Badly managed and under funded. Ask my wife (20+ years service) about working as a controller and having to decide between the armed robbery and the violent assault, not enough police to attend both.
  3. yorkshire_spam

    Poor quality, or was Lucas ever thus?

    I can't be certain, but somewhere in the back of my mind I seem to remember that there's a landrover part that fits.... https://www.lrdirect.com/575166-Stop-Rev-Light-Switch-Ser3-Servo/?keep_https=yes Not sure though. Might not be that one.
  4. yorkshire_spam

    Hello from yorkshire

    Ey up Wayne! Looks like a lot of fun!
  5. yorkshire_spam

    Review of MSA safety regs?

    You need to watch more episodes of "Mythbusters" John! They went through a phase of using the impact stickers a lot.
  6. yorkshire_spam

    Messages of support fro Darren TR5tar

    I've been staying out of this, but watching with interest. But now we've drifted into more open territory.... I'm in my 40s, so probably considered at the "younger" end of Triumph ownership. I've bored many of my colleagues half to death with tales of our Triumph antics (RBRR, 10CR etc.).... one day I took one of my 20-something colleagues out for a run at lunchtime in the Spitfire. Afterwards he said "I get it now". Although he's not at a stage in his life where he can afford or accommodate a classic car in his life at least he understands it now. The more young people we expose to classic cars the better chance we have of keeping our hobby going. In that regard my local multi-marque car club (Airedale and Pennine MCC) does far more to give younger people exposure to our cars than the larger national single marque clubs. BUT we have to accept that our hobby also has a limited shelf life. As perspectives change on things like the environment eventually fuel for our cars will be expensive and the social acceptability of driving them 2000+ miles "just for fun" will be questioned (rightly or wrongly) Enjoy it while you can!
  7. yorkshire_spam

    Review of MSA safety regs?

    Some news shared via another club I'm a member of. Might be of interest if true? Just in from the MSA MSA to optimise cost of safety equipment for competitors The Motor Sports Association (MSA) has committed to an in-depth review of competitor safety equipment over the next two years. This will explore a raft of initiatives, including strategies to reduce the burden on competitors of the unnecessary replacement of seats and harnesses, while ensuring suitably high standards of safety are maintained in the sport. A cornerstone of this new initiative will be to provide greater education for competitors in respect of their own safety and to place more responsibility on the competitor to maintain a level of safety equipment, above a defined MSA minimum standard. As a first step, the MSA will recognise an extended life for certain FIA-homologated seats and harnesses in the UK. The MSA Board has approved the following Motor Sports Council recommendations with immediate effect: In stage rallying, seats homologated to the FIA 8855-1999 standard are granted a two-year extension at the end of their initial five-year life Across disciplines requiring a homologated harness, the MSA will recognise a ten-year life for harnesses homologated to the latest FIA 8853-2016 standard. This homologation is for six-point harnesses as a minimum, and is tested with higher loadings than the previous standard. These regulation changes are detailed in a document on the MSA website here. The MSA will be publishing new guidance on installing seats and harnesses, while giving scrutineers further training in this area. The governing body will also be reiterating scrutineers’ powers to retain or invalidate homologated equipment if they have serious concerns regarding its condition or know it has been involved in a major accident. Looking ahead, the MSA is investigating new ways of tracking homologated components as well as evaluating more cost-effective accident data recorders (ADRs) for wider use. David Richards CBE, MSA Chairman, said: “As the governing body, one of our principal roles is to grow motorsport at grassroots level while promoting safety within the sport at a realistic cost for competitors. I firmly believe the time has come for a wholesale review of our approach to safety across the entire motorsport landscape and this review will be delivered by 2020. It’s therefore appropriate to allow our competitors to continue using their recently purchased seats at least until then, when the outcome of this review will be published
  8. yorkshire_spam

    Bo'ness Revival Hill Climb, 1-2/9/18

    Would love to come and watch but I think the 4+ hours drive (each way) might put the wife and kids off :-(
  9. yorkshire_spam

    RBRR 2018

    Last time (2 person crew) we stayed 2 nights near the finish and went home on the Tuesday. This time (3 person crew) we plan to stay one night near the finish and head home on the Monday. Unless you live round the corner from the start/finish I can't imagine it's sensible to head straight home?
  10. yorkshire_spam

    We are not worthy....

    Well reminded John, must remember to chuck a few pennies in the virtual charity bucket!
  11. yorkshire_spam

    RBRR 2018

    Route and passage controls get officially announced in the next club magazine I think, or at the drivers briefing. As a very rough guide.... leave Knebworth 6 to 7 pm Friday night, John O'Groats 8am ish Saturday, M6 Tebay southbound Saturday evening. Through Wales etc across the bridge and head to Lands End at about 8am Sunday.... Back to Knebworth for 6pm to 7pm Sunday.
  12. yorkshire_spam

    Not getting what I ordered.... somebody taking the P

    Well at least the supplier is being reasonable. I've been given a returns authorisation number and they've agree to refund in full including delivery charges and return postage.
  13. When you go to a certain online parts supplier's website and look for RB7213, this is what you see..... Well after several months on back-order, what I finally got in the post for the princely some of 24 quid was one of these: To say I'm not happy would be a pretty major understatement. I've emailed them to complain, so let's see what happens.....
  14. yorkshire_spam

    Soldering Stations

    Because I do a lot of PCB repairs I have a nice solder/desolder station. Total overkill for what you need though. I'd look for something at a reasonable price with changable tips and temperature control. Contrary to what some people think it's possible to have the iron too hot, which gets rid of the flux too quickly etc. However it's handy to be able to crank the temperature up if working outside or in a cold garage. I have a cheapish one like this for general automotive and "portable away from bench" use:
  15. yorkshire_spam

    Curborough Sprint. 19.8.18

    Nope. Not a clue where to find 3s!