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  1. yorkshire_spam

    Item: Binny

    I only use copper grease on things that get hot (backs of brake pads type of thing), I used a very thin smear of white grease on the studs when I re-fitted them. Torqued it down to what it said on the "slant 4 amended service guide" which was more than what it said in the original service manual. Even then it seemed a bit low.
  2. yorkshire_spam

    We are not worthy....

    Awesome stuff.
  3. yorkshire_spam

    Item: Binny

    Thanks for the heads up Alan, I might acquire one of those when my bank balance recovers a bit. Hylomar? I assume NOT the jointing compound that I associate with that name? Cheers, Sam
  4. yorkshire_spam

    Vespa smallframe

    Awesome stuff!
  5. Really interesting read, thanks for sharing Nicky - I love a bit of modeling in FEA.
  6. yorkshire_spam

    Item: Binny

    Very interesting, thanks Scooter. The GB oil cooler sounds a lot like the style used on the Range Rover Do you mean GB oil cooler or engine as well? Hmmm definitely food for thought. Probably something I'll look at over winter after the RBRR. Thanks! Very good point, it's such a surprisingly good combination it'd be a real shame to spoil it.
  7. yorkshire_spam

    Item: Binny

    Cheers Scooter, you are spot on about the BW65 suiting the engine, it's very nice to drive. I'm running good quality ATF with the kickdown cable adjusted nicely and it's a real pleasure to drive. I'll take a look at an oil-cooler, out of interest where do they "usually" mount? I'm keeping an eye out for a likely looking TR7 lump to swap for the 1850, maybe with a slightly improved cam if I can source one. I don't want to go wild though, it's supposed to be a family cruising motor.
  8. yorkshire_spam

    Item: Binny

    Yeah, something must have jammed, but I can't see what. As I reassemble I'll make sure everything is as it should be.
  9. yorkshire_spam

    Item: Binny

    Binny's speedo packed in the other day... odo and speedo not working, so it's not the gauge. I tried replacing the cable, but still no joy. On removing the drive pinion the "fault" is very obvious! 219002A is the pinion part, 21 tooth.... seems to be pretty much unobtainium from all the usual and unusual suspects, but the splendid chaps of the Triumph Dolomite Club came through and I've managed to get a replacement. I already had a spare drive gear in the bits box from an old spitfire single rail box I stripped down.
  10. yorkshire_spam


    The antibiotic equivalent of "the big guns". It's nasty stuff but good for clearing resistant infections! (It's what they had me on when I had a nasty bout of bacterial endocarditis) Hang in there and keep trying! Our experience is that the NHS has so many mythering hypochondriacs (NOT YOU!) to deal with that it takes some getting them to pay attention.
  11. yorkshire_spam

    Spain and classic le man's trip

    Indeed, thanks for the entertainment and great photos Roger!
  12. yorkshire_spam

    Durability of LEDs

    Shouldn't it be the other way round to protect against back emf? or am I confused. If the diode has a "band" round one end that usually corresponds to the "current shall not pass" (Cathode) end of the diode
  13. yorkshire_spam

    A lesser man's Le Mans trip

    The only similar issue I've seen is a propshaft or driveshaft bolt being loose and fouling the diff case as it rotates. It'll move a certain amount and then jam solid in that direction, but will move back the opposite way until it fouls the case again.
  14. yorkshire_spam

    A lesser man's Le Mans trip

    That's rough luck John, but at least it happened on this side of the channel so no nasty repatriation complications.Hope it turns out to be something not-so-complicate/expensive!
  15. yorkshire_spam

    A lesser man's Le Mans trip

    John, I showed a colleague your photos, he was very impressed because the last time he was there (2001) it looked like this: (Photos by Nick Mclean 2001) Cheers, Sam