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  1. Hello Greta, many after market cylinders come with remote reservoirs, so that is another option? Alec
  2. Hello Greta, I wish No was a much longer word so it would have more impression. There is no climate emergency, even the IPCC do not claim that. Alec
  3. John, I wouldn't read too much into that 'million', no doubt many came from far away but London is an area that is strongly remain area and has a very large population. (I've no idea of the current population but it was in the order of 7 or 8 million I believe, perhaps more?) What annoys me more than anything is that a referendum was held and all of our elected representiitves should have been working to that end to secure the best deal possible. We all know that this did not happen and that the negotiations have been poorly carried out. It's time to get Britain out of this mess of an E.U., there's no doubt that we will suffer for it in the short term but we have a very long time to get our house in order and start to reap the benefits of independence. It will take some good governance, so our politicians will have to throw away the rubber stamp and start listening and learning. In Holland there has been an upsurge with a new political party and has won a significant number of seats on an anti E.U. platform, amongst other aims, The Forum voor Democratie has taken the current government's senate majority away. We are not the only country that feels this way by a long chalk. Alec
  4. Hello John, easy enough for you as you have a lathe I seem to remember? Solid bar would be preferable to give a greater wall thickness, but more work of course. You don't need to use shims at all, if you turn up over length slightly, assemble and check the end float, then skim one end to achieve the correct end float, 2 to 4 thou like the rear hubs on a saloon? Alec
  5. Mennor, what you say is true but only half of the story. One part is that the wind farms are in the north but the power consumers (industry) are in the south and a vast programme of transmission line construction has started, at a huge cost, to connect the country directly. A lot of their power is currently (sorry) routed through neighbouring countries and it destabilises their grids. Wind energy in general is not a stable source of power particularly in variable wind speed conditiond. Without the inertia of thermal turbo alternators the system would not work. Also wind is not dispatchable , i.e. it does not cater for load increase or decrease, this balancing is done by thermal generation.. Unfortunately the general public is never informed of the very many real drawbacks of renewable generation and the real liability is that there are times where Europe is becalmed so virtually no wind power. This actually means that we need as much thermal generation capacity as peak grid demand meaning all the capacity of installed wind generation is wasted. No wonder Germany's electricity is so expensive, similarly as is ours. It is ludicrous that our government is planning to shut the few remaining British coal fired stations without any plan to replace that plant with new dispatchable plants. Not only that it leaves our grid at the mercy of gas supply and this is generally constricted during very cold weather, when peak electricity demand is greatest. We relied on coal to keep our grid functioning when the 'Beast from the East' hit the U.K.. That will surely occur again in the future. The relatively minute amount of CO2 from these stations is not a reason to shut them without adequate replacements. I believe it's a matter of when not if we have a major grid failure due to the inept policies of various energy ministers of our government. Because of this I have bought a diesel generator for our small business as insurance. Alec
  6. Hello Rod, the thing to remember si that the E.U. has never been a democratic institution, it is a supranational one and run by selected officers. Alec
  7. Hello RedRooster, " They could have left the washers off too " Many a true word said in jest. Colin Chapman saw a new mechanic to Team Lotus working on one of the cars and he ordered him to remove all the washers he had just fiited on whatever he was working on. Add lightness was one of Chapman's mottos. Alec
  8. Hello all, I think there is some confusion here between Europe and the European Union, which is not a country at all but a ruling body over all member countries. Run by selected not elected people who wish to subvert all national aims of their members. The whole purpose of the European Union is control and not trade as we were told originally by Heath and endorsed with Wilson's referendum in 1975. It is proving to be very difficult to extract ourselves from this dictatorial body and will, no doubt take many years before we can start to really make headway again. We need a better class of politician if we are to make the most of our opportunities, as they have been out of practice for forty years or so as rubber stamp weilders of legislature. To compound it they seem to not only have passed into law the directives but gold plated them making them even worse. A classic example is the Climate Change Act, a law that is so detructive to the U.K. and yet all but 5 M.P.s voted for it. Alec
  9. Hello Paul, forgetting the very small amount of hydro, imagine two scenarios, no evs and evs. The grid load will be x with no evs and x + ev's , renewable genration cannot respond to load, you get what you get. With the + evs that extra load will be provided by more fossil fuel generation, in effect evs are fossil fuel powered. This is unlikely to change for decades and begs the question why are we expending large of amounts of money promoting them and adding extra infrastructure.
  10. Hello Nick, those will be relatively small given the total amount of electricity generated over the life of the station. Alec
  11. Hello Paul, was this research carri dout in France where most of their power is nuclear. In the U.K. electric cars will be fuelled by fossil fuelled generation which will alter the picture dramatically. Alec
  12. Hello all, does anyone have the correct pinion setting height for a 3.45:1 saloon diferential. The workshop manual does not give this figure seimply detailing the setting tool which I do not have.. my Jaguar workshop manual gives this as 2.625" for a H4 Salisbury axle but I'm nor sure if the Triumph is the same because of differing ratios. Any advice or information as to where I can find the data? I can measure the existing pinion but would rather be able to double check to ensure the correct setting. Thanks. Alec
  13. Hello Paul, Auto Mec sell their brand of of DOT 5. Alec
  14. Hello Nick, I'm no chemist so I heeded his advice? He did sort out the problem I had though. Incidentally I don't think the addition of methanol stops some people :-) Alec
  15. Paul, I had cause to speak to a Girling engineer about a problem, and flushing came up an I said the same " I know that the proper job is to empty the system, flush it with meths, " and his response was on no account use meths on brake systems as it is mineral oil based and will damage the seals. so I didn't. The silicone i use from Automec says on the package that it will mix with dot 4 type fluids but any advantage will be lost. Alec
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