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  1. Michael. one solution is to helicoil the crank? Alec
  2. Hello DeTRacted, that is in the proposed legislation, and also the manuals. However they specify spares to be supplied withing 15 days, which is not a lot of use for a fridge or freezer if it's not cooling? Incidentally we are still using an old fashioned Creda electric oven because we cannot find a new one with the same features, high level grill top oven combined, main oven and a warming drawer for plates and cooked food. Spares are quite hard to get and I've fitted industrial temperature controllers for both ovens. I haven't a clue how old it is but it still keeps going. Alec
  3. Hello Paul, We must get out is what I said. Why, Simply so that we are not dictated to by a group who do not have our interests at heart and whom we cannot vote out, they are selected not elected. The aim of the E.U. is to control all of it's member states with no regard for them. Free of the control from this group gives us the opportunity to set our own taxation levels , to communicate directly with the global bodies who determine standards for so many goods we trade in. We hear so much about the E.U. rules we have to obey with regard to standards of goods we make. In reality these standards are determined by global organisations and while we are in the E.U. they input E.U considerations, which may or more likely do not suit our needs. This we can now negotiate directly. Do you really want to be in a country whose future is determined by a generally unfriendly body that usurps our control of what we do by democratic methods? Brexcit is not an automatic route to nirvana, but it certainly is a route that is our responsibility and any gain or loss is our decisions alone. OUT! Alec
  4. Hello TR5Star, " Let's be generous here and say that at the very least, the EU is benign " Let us be realistic, the E.U. is anything but begnign and and no concern for the citizens of it's member states. An intersting book is Varoufakis's book of his time as finance minister of Greece, and his battles with the E.U. and the various banks with regard to the Greek debt. There were various dubious methods carried out just so Greece would seem to be paying the debts to the E.U. banks Had these debts not been repaid on schedule it would have left French and German banks in dire straits. What is even more indicartive of the E.U.'s lack of consideration that they stressed that the debts must be paid on time even if it meant that Greece's payments of pensions and social service were suspended. The Greek finances were that extreme Varoufakis put forward a comprehensive plan that would enable Greece to expand it's very suppressed economy by reforming the way that tax evasion was tackled and removed a lot of the austerity measures the E.U. demanded and outlined how it could both service the debt and progress back to an increase in GDP. The simple answer was a no. Keep receiving the bailout money which the was simply used to repay the debt. He was against Grexit, which at one time looked likely, and was also against Brexit, but only because he thought that with the U.K.'s help the very necessary reforms of the E.U. could be attempted. On this I feel he was very optimistic as in reality the E.U. is an unstopable leviathon. Alec
  5. Hello GT6, it is as binding as the 1975 referenduim, and as for irregularities, neither Edward Heath nor Harold Wilson, who held the referendum, told the people of the U.K. what the intention of the EEC was which is to rule the member countries with a body that was not elected but selected as countries, individually, can not be trusted. This was the intention all along and gradually, by deception the E.U. has evolved and is getting stronger, and individual countries' powers are removed. We must get out, and while we could have got out much easier and with little disruption, the collective M.P.s have made a real pigs ear of it. After the declaration of article 50 all M.P.s should have been working together to that end. Alec
  6. GT6MK3, of course the referendum is binding, what else could it be, it was not an opinion poll? Westminster has demonstrated that it does not understand the word democracy, which is a control by all of the population using elected representitives. It does not mean that parliament decides what it wants and pursues it irrespective of a majority vote. Alec.
  7. Hello darren, induction heaters are usually workshop tools and access would be the biggest problem if you have a seized fastener somewhere on a car. One tool I consider most versatile and useful in my work shop is my oxy accetylene kit, (brilliant for that job as the flame is so concentrated), body work, joining dissimilar metals e.g. stainless to copper, heating heavy section steel for bending, cutting thick steel etc. To put this into perspective I have a Bridgeport miller, Student lathe, AC/DC tig set and a plasma cutter. Alec
  8. Hello Roger, while it is neat from an engineering standpoint, seal life is a factor and should it wear out then it's a much bigger job to replace. Maybe being a larger diameter the seals will last longer but it's worth thinking about? Alec
  9. Hello Roger, although it is quite easy to fit seals to the exhaust valves, i doubt if it makes any difference to oil consumption, and half a litre in 2,000 miles is exellent anyway. Bronze guides expand more than cast iron, so you should end up with the same running clearance when hot. Alec
  10. Hello all, renewable generation is ineffective including tidal. The Swansea bay scheme was scrapped because it produced very little power at an enormous cost, it was never really viable. I hate to think what the maintenace problems with tidal generators would be, offshore wind turbines are having problems with premature wear of the rotor blades. Someone mentioned the 'big battery' in Scotland, 50 Mwatts rating but I don't know the capcity, but it won't be much more (Tesla's 100Mwatt battery in Australia is 109Mwatt hours). Used as back up they will last only minutes. Useful for load balancing to a degree due to the fast response. Nuclear is the only non CO2 emitting technology we have that does work but the cost of fighting law suits is making it quite expensive. Even nuclear, although reliable, has problems as it can't easily be modulated to meet demand so is generally run flat out and fossil fuel stations will have to do the balancing. Alec
  11. Hello Michael, I have no experience of 360 washers (I've also run these engines for decades and not had a thrust washer problem) but from an engineering theoretical aspect the caps are not designed to take end thrust, the block is far more rigid? Alec
  12. Hello Greta, many after market cylinders come with remote reservoirs, so that is another option? Alec
  13. Hello Greta, I wish No was a much longer word so it would have more impression. There is no climate emergency, even the IPCC do not claim that. Alec
  14. John, I wouldn't read too much into that 'million', no doubt many came from far away but London is an area that is strongly remain area and has a very large population. (I've no idea of the current population but it was in the order of 7 or 8 million I believe, perhaps more?) What annoys me more than anything is that a referendum was held and all of our elected representiitves should have been working to that end to secure the best deal possible. We all know that this did not happen and that the negotiations have been poorly carried out. It's time to get Britain out of this mess of an E.U., there's no doubt that we will suffer for it in the short term but we have a very long time to get our house in order and start to reap the benefits of independence. It will take some good governance, so our politicians will have to throw away the rubber stamp and start listening and learning. In Holland there has been an upsurge with a new political party and has won a significant number of seats on an anti E.U. platform, amongst other aims, The Forum voor Democratie has taken the current government's senate majority away. We are not the only country that feels this way by a long chalk. Alec
  15. Hello John, easy enough for you as you have a lathe I seem to remember? Solid bar would be preferable to give a greater wall thickness, but more work of course. You don't need to use shims at all, if you turn up over length slightly, assemble and check the end float, then skim one end to achieve the correct end float, 2 to 4 thou like the rear hubs on a saloon? Alec
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