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  1. Hello John, I've been in engineering all my life and that question I have no answer for. When I looked at files on Cromwell Tools' website there does seem to be a corroberation of your idea that length and diameter are related. As far as round files go diameter seems to be 10% of length but only if you use imperial for length and metric for diameter. So a six inch file will be 6mm in diameter. https://www.cromwell.co.uk/shop/abrasives/engineers-files/engineers-round-files/f/52996 Alec
  2. Hello John, " run by Carl Fitchett who has taken on the Prestige business. Is he part of TD Fitchett of Telford? Both Malcolm and Fitchett are local to me so it is good if that is the case? Alec
  3. Hello Nick, just to clarify, better meaning easier in this case. Alec
  4. hello Nick, silver soldering is one of the easiest processes to use as the solder flows so well once everything is up to temperature. I often use it to join dissimilar metals, eg, brass to stainless. (You can also braze them but that is harder as the brass is molten at the join.) I do have the benefit of oxy acetylene which is better than mapp as it is hotter and more concentrated. A close fit of the mating parts is required but i'm sure you know that? Alec
  5. Hello Harry, in reply to the heading of your post, fit a Merlin engine. :-) Alec
  6. Hello Mr Ecosse, unlless you are set on absolute originality, I would simply countersink the metal parts and used countersunk screws and nylock nuts? Alec
  7. Hello Mattius, what Paul suggested is almost what I did. My workshop had a concrete floor, not too bad a condition but was always damp. I laid a damp proof membrane over the conctrete and laid a floating floor of normal tongue and groove chipboard finished with normal floor paint. I can now lie on the floor without getting cold and damp. Alec
  8. Hello all, This is how all racing versions of the Lucas P.I. are controlled, but of course they spend their time either off or high throttle openings. I noticed that Ric Wood's three litre racing Capri is using Lucas injection. I don't know who supplies spares for all these rare Lucas systems, but relatively there are a lot of them on the historic racing schene, Can Ams for one and of course any Cosworth DFV powered cars. I bought a spare injection system with the idea of fitting it to my Mk 2 Jagaur sometime, but think it will need a larger diameter shuttle to give enough fuel. I h
  9. Harry, I was happy to pay what it cost when I bought it, and found it very interesting, but then I like books like that. I would recommend it and as books go that is not expensive Alec
  10. Hello E.E., silver soldering is an excellent process, very easy to use as it flows so well. Ideal for dissimilar metals, e.g. copper to stainless steel. It is best with lap joints. Expensive! Alec
  11. Hello all, it is so very easy to criticise and say that the government was slow in implementing 'expert advice'. But the real problem is that which experts do you listen to? There are, as is normal, a variety of widely conflicting advice from medical experts who specialise in disease and contagion. Some even say that lockdown is completely the wrong thing to do. That, of course, assumes a health service capable of dealing with a much larger than normal workload. The government tends to use University College London (I think that is the university), the same experts indeed some of t
  12. Hello John, on the basis of reassuring the patient, can it be that any treatment is better than none? Alec
  13. Hello Phil, thank you for all the pictures, very entertaining That you incinerate your waste is interesting but do you have any practical use for the heat produced? Alec
  14. Hello John, From Lucasinjection.com:- "1. INTRODUCTION Origin The Lucas fuel injection system was originally designed for Rolls Royce. Around the end of the war Lucas designed a fuel injection system for the Merlin aero engine (Probably its tank version, the Meteor and later tanks e.g. the Centurion, had Lucas fuel injection instead of a large Zenith carburettor.) It was not a direct fuel injection such as was fitted to German Daimler Benz aero engines of World War 2 as this would have had lost the effect of charge cooling. Lucas continued to design and build fuel systems f
  15. Hello John, it's quite easy and something that should be avoided in most cases. If you grind one face more than the other it will lbe longer. The chisel point moves off centre. Mentioning the chisel point, its quite common in engineering to thin the web at the tip to reduce the width of the chisel and reduces the load on the drill. A good friend of mine's father was a toolmaker at Wilmot Breeden and he showed me that trick. Alec
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