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  1. Barbon looks like fun. A short course indeed, but a beautiful view from the top and a great collection of vehicles. The Waumandee course is 1.9 miles long. The fastest time last year was 2:16, in Jeremy's highly modified blue Spitfire that you see in the video. Other competitors' vehicles can be seen at the end of the clip when Jeremy pulls into the paddock at the top of the hill. I placed he haybale chicanes strategically to slow drivers down in the straight sections. The event is run through our Minnesota Austin-Healey Club and we get a nice mix of vintage cars. Second fastest up the hill was this 1968 Chevrolet Camaro. His one-handed steering scares me: We also had a couple Merlyns, but they weren't trying as hard as Jeremy in the Spitfire or Ryan in the Camaro:
  2. Better flier link here: http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8060/8239610119_4a730145a2.jpg
  3. The 2013 Waumandee Hillclimb, to be held over the weekend of September 20-22, in Alma and Waumandee, Wisconsin, USA. Cars must be 1983 or older. Flier: http://www.mnhealey.com/mnhealey/events/waumandee.pdf Video:
  4. When I received my crossflow head from AKM Racing back in 2004 it came with the info below. Sorry several years have passed since I've worked on my Sprite so I don't remember what we ended up with, but this is a good start, and these numbers come from Georg Mikkelsen himself: For road 1300cc try: Dual Weber 40 DCOE 28 to 32 choke 125 main jet 180 air corrector 40 pump jet F16 emulsion tube 50F8 idle jet 4.5 aux venturi Hope that helps! - Tom
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