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  1. Someone sent me this... Feels like we are straying into MMR territory here chaps. To be honest I can only cope with so many conspiracy theories at once before I have to run back to the temple of the lizard people who rightly rule us all and ask them to purge my mind.
  2. Exciting stuff. All making me very keen to get on with mine now the current domestic projects are reaching the end. What cam/head combo did you finally decide on?
  3. Peter. Thanks more stuff there. I take vitamin supplements as a matter of course anyway. Vitamin D3 of 400IU in the summer and 800IU in the winter. I also get myself an annual MOT which checks things like blood calcium and all good on that front Interesting the Vit K association. Further reading required. Whilst I may be reluctant to go too far off-piste as it were I do consider it to be MY body and I like to be well informed whenever my body is being poked and prodded by the medical profession so I can hopefully ask relevant questions and challenge an opinion that doesn't get me as
  4. Yeah, which is a bit annoying as the lead keeps getting tangled... @PeterC Thanks Peter, that's actually quite interesting and I'll have a more in depth read later. However, still not going to self-prescribe
  5. There is a lot of repetition but the overall impression I got was that people who are vitamin deficient are more prone to more severe symptoms. Post diagnosis of COVID symptoms in vitamin d deficient patients it is argued that this can to some extent be compensated for by administration of high doses of vitamin d as part of the treatment. The way I read it I also got the impression that it was being argued that in asymptomatic people with vitamin d deficiency a short period of higher than RDA dosing would get them back to the point where they would be equal to a healthy - regards vi
  6. Percy, how lovely What they are describing is evidence of a link with COVID severity and vitamin D deficiency. Which is not really the same thing. Sounds a bit like I'm splitting hairs but it's the some is good so more must be better thing. A bit like the difference between marathon runners drinking enough to prevent dehydration and drinking to excess and suffering hypernutremia - I of course exaggerate slightly for effect
  7. Nick, I'm not in a position to argue this at the technical level as vitamin response in humans is not an area of expertise for me although I have done enough research to identify which vit D variety I should be taking (yes it is D3) and how much as a supplement someone living where I do should be taking to get my RDA. So yes to everything you said on the <4000 IU although I do cut down on supplements in the few summer months and I wouldn't habitually dose to that level without medical advice. But that wasn't really the point of issue. All the various official health websites suggest th
  8. Lorries, aeroplanes, lifts, sea..... Although in some way even worse is the bizarre americanised pronunciations that is becoming prevalent. Anyway That seems like a much more balanced article. There is an unfortunate but understandable desire to find easy wins as it were. But there are far too many studies that fail at the peer review stage due to basic inadequacies in the design or data collection protocol. Add in confirmation bias and things can all too easily go a bit awry. If doing something that may help carries no risk the maybe that's ok but Vitamin D is one that needs
  9. The opportunity to mildly annoy our children is a small but nonetheless welcome compensation
  10. Absolutely. Jerseys have arms and shoes are worn with socks visible
  11. @PeteStuppsPete I am on your side with regards to language. 'Hello, how are you today?' An enquiry as to the health and wellbeing of the other party. To which a pertinent response would be, 'I'm very well thank you' compared to 'I'm good'... shudder! What does that mean? I'm not being naughty, I'm a virtuoso on the zither? The English language can be truly wonderful and expressive to the point of being an art form. Using it to its fullest extent is far more interesting than reducing it to the bare minimum vocabulary conceivable. Shaw is brilliant for his quot
  12. Same when I was driving the race Spitfire to events!
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