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  1. I think that one should definitely be adopted Paul
  2. That sounds like a 'proper' day out when you get to wearing the dogs out And a bit of mountain rescue thrown in! Probably deserve a day with the feet up.
  3. It is a great walk that Hamish. The first bit up from the loch is a bit of a killer although since the path was improved not quite so bad. Last time I was up that way heading for Bienn Ime it was a bit snowy and we had to give up past the shelter stone as it was almost up to our bo££ocks! Beautiful pictures. Good job
  4. I was wondering about corner prompts on that track
  5. Candybox is one quick Vitesse! The Thunderhill track looks beautiful though there aren't a lot of trees round there obviously
  6. The really hard part about using the drill is that it's bloody heavy although I'm built like a cyclist not a weight lifter However the one good thing with it is that the swarf is fairly large and doesn't travel too far. I put up a couple of bits of hardboard either side of the job to keep the the crap fairly well contained. Like John says a vacuum cleaner (or in my case the old Vax) rigged up by the piece helps enormously. Just adds a bit more to the aural cacophony!
  7. That's impressive. Fit is really very good. Reverse issue is frustrating but sure you will get a solution eventually. I like it
  8. Good job. That really is a very nice looking car
  9. Although in the process you will at some point decide that this car will be just as good, if not better, that your 'good' Mk3. Because that is what happens.
  10. Agree with that John. I found stones to be hard work, slow and wear quickly. A burr on the other hand is very tolerant of speed, cut well and like you say seem to last forever. Work in the hand drill at 2000 - 3000 rpm. Just need a bit more physical effort. And more awkward to hold.
  11. It was worth it just for that Pete! Should keep you busy for a while there though
  12. Looks good though. Like those stands too.ò
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