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  1. Proper mounts there! As for the designers you're right but I don't think they care. It's not in the design brief. Design for assembly as by the time most of this stuff needs touched again the car is onto the second/ third owner and they have completely (as opposed to mostly) lost interest!!
  2. I never liked the switch arrangement on the Dremel really. Inconvenient at the best of time and if something is going wrong then not good at all. This should do the trick though hopefully. Drivers door mould is made. I've not started any of the carbon fibre fabrication yet. Plan is to get all the moulds (except the bonnet) made first - bootlid, bootlid reinforcement panel, doors and front valance. Then I'll get the kit to do the carbon fibre. And saving my pocket money for that at the moment. The carbon fabric is actually not that expensive. A lot more than glass but not ridiculous
  3. Pete. Very well done on getting the thesis done. That's a big job. Daughter is just starting year 2 of her PhD. Interesting and highly topical subject too! @Nick B.As for the consequences of modifications, or even just starting the 'five minute job'.....
  4. Back onto the passenger side door to sort out the pattern. The skin moulding was not a great fit so needs material adding down the front, along the top and a wee bit at the rear to match the shape of the wing. Front and back is pretty easy. A glassfibre 'flange' added (oversize) to provide support for the filler. This will get filed back as necessary to get the panel gap even. Top edge a bit more awkward as there is no 'edge' as such. So a wood strip covered in @BiTurbo228s magic brown tape clamped on to the right line. First dose of filler on and roughly cut ba
  5. That all looks very 'made at the makers'. Most impressive
  6. Beat me to it John. For the stern lines by the looks of things. Guess there are more for the head, breast and springs.
  7. Very interesting topic John Wasn't really aware of these although I use a chest strap HR monitor when I'm training on the bike. ECG based but only provides a HR count. I've also got a simple Fitbit optical wristband and it's interesting how much that diverges from the HR strap even at rest. Once you start working hard it's pretty hopeless. Got me interested as the single channel stuff is really only looking at arrhythmia. I have an abnormal ECG and 'athletic heart' that needs keeping an eye on. Lots of investigative work and I need to manage my training however I was admitted
  8. Whilst it irks me slightly to say this I suspect that being blasted from both sides of the argument lends a bit of weight to the view that they are somewhere nearer the middle, if trying a little too hard on the woke thing! Where they do seem to fall down is having enough properly clued up presenters who can deliver a decent critique on the interviewee without either rolling over on one hand or being pointlessly argumentative on the other! But that's just my opinion
  9. Monster truck bits there!! It is quite remarkable how much other 'stuff' goes under the bonnet along with the engine. You are right about that rocker cover. I guess as it's a diesel no-one really gives a damn what it looks like. Gone are the days when I filled up the old Mk4 Spitfire on payday and when that tank was finished it was the bus until I got paid again. I am now in the fortunate position where fuel economy is rather irrelevant and I can avoid the fuel of satan Scimitar had it's delayed MOT on Friday there. Passed first time. I have covered a little over 1800 miles
  10. Couldn't find those two staples of University life, The Morning Star or The Socialist Worker. Wonder where they would sit on the chart???
  11. I take it you have watched the film 'Greed'?
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