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    Triumph sports cars, modified Gt6's in particular. Electronic fuel injection and 3D mapped ignition.
    Lister CS engines and Start o matic generators.
    Track days and autotests.

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  1. I am not saying it is a good idea by any means to machine a damper, on the contrary actually. Just that the Mini guys favour it. My own Ford 32-1 CAS wheel is mounted on a machined down Big T power steering pulley, interference fit. Not the damper.. Laurence
  2. Gt6s

    Pahing Mr Jones! Lobro adapters

    You can send money as personal payment by Papal. No charges. Tho really not for payment of goods. I won't tell. Laurence
  3. That is exactly how I would do it, simple as. Laurence
  4. A favoured method on BL Minis is to machine the damper pulley. Laurence
  5. I have two Stahlwerk machines a plasma cutter and an AC/DC TIG. For Aloominium as the yanks say. Well built machines good value, tho the TIG is older technology meaning bulky. A bench machine really. Mine lives permanently on the end of my welding table. Decent enough machine even tho analog controls but there is nothing wrong with that. Foot pedal is also bulky, cheap and nasty but works well. @ £ 26 for a foot pedal what else can really be expected. She certainly does what I need. Pic shows a Rover SD1 gear remote I shortened by 3 inches. BTW casting was REALLY DIRTY and oil soaked. (Not good for aluminium welding) Laurence
  6. I use Citroen Peugeot 11 1/4 inch discs on a Gt6. With these Peugeot Citroen type discs the critical thing about them is that the inside face is located the same as Triumph. You will also need to get the centre hole turned out just a shave this takes very little, one pass of the cutting tool is enough. Laurence
  7. Gt6s

    2.5 Pi Engine In A Gt6

    The engine in question going by pics is a late spec PI engine. Recessed block, holes in con rods and stiffener ridge on bottom right of block. Laurence
  8. Gt6s

    Red Diesel!

    Never worry about rinceing it out John. Pour it ino waste oil container or even into a space heater and just put fresh fuel in. I am presuming you want it for petrol. even if you want to put DERV in it, just do it.. Laurence
  9. 2500S box with competition 28% J type overdrive Chris. Laurence
  10. I have the full power shift cut activated on my EFI car. Used it once on a dry straight tarmac road from first to second. Rear tyres lit up, things got real sideways real quick. The most worrying thing was the VERY LOUD BANG from the transmission. A mate told me later not to use it first to second. That loud bang put me off using it at all, dont think transmission would be up to that punishment too often. Laurence
  11. Chris have a look on ebay I saw shallow m12 nuts on there specially made for these adaptors.
  12. Gt6s

    The Most Valuable Gt6?

    Yeah it's a Banksey.
  13. Gt6s

    1500 Efi

    My PI bodies came with two PI engines for £ 45.