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  1. Cant see how I could drive to Sellafield and back in a day... not a great EV advert.
  2. Having spent the morning trying to find the right size replacement cartridge for a monobloc tap I feel like I have wasted hours of my life!
  3. What did you go for? I thinks that on my winter 2021 to do list along with a head upgrade.
  4. As an “early adopter” of Smart Meters I can confirm they are a disappointing proposition once the initial excitement of seeing how much gas and electricity your using and seeing how little effect turning things off or down appears to make. Then you realise your daughter ignores it totally and then realise the house is cold because your wife turns the heating off to save money. Then the remote display in the house goes radio rental and starts telling you your using £300 per day of gas which you obviously haven’t because the house hasn’t been replaced with a 300ft crater after the e
  5. Finally got round to swapping the wheel studs on the back to the M12 this afternoon... did the fronts with no drama a couple of weeks ago. Rogers patented nut and spacer tube worked a treat. The old rear studs were much esier to knock out than the fronts. Drums back on all good. First wheel on... wont go on... what have I done, is a stud wonky... cant be as the drums are on... bit of head scratching. Check the wheels, holes for the studs are smaller. I had a spare stud, had to double double check. Definitely wont go in. Largest drill bit I have at home is 12
  6. The thought of using a passport causes a nosebleed Is this the event in mid May?
  7. Scary how small old cars are. Had to actually go to the office today so an excuse to get the Spit out.
  8. A fair observation... I was fighting a loosing battle with a teenager. Having a couple of additional tiny speakers in the small glovebox each side helps a little. I need to spend a little time setting the balance of front to back but it will do for me and keeps all at home happy.
  9. Seams to work pretty well tucked up by the fuel tank. Bluetooth to the phone seems fine. Left the old stereo in place as a decoy and nod to the old pre Bluetooth days.
  10. in the pursuit of keeping a teeanger happy I added a hidden bluetooth amp in the boot and wired up four small speakers as apparently a sharp radio /cassette from 1976 wasnt cutting the mustard. Hidden behind the trim panel in the boot. Works really well. Spotify and the Spitfire are now friends... Anything for a quiet life :)
  11. Cake and coffee sounds good to me. Just give me some notice so I can try and book time off work.
  12. three times now for me... and it does not get any more pleasant when you know what is about to happen
  13. I imagine the limit to the warranty might be installation in a car
  14. Never had a chance to fit them. Fell asleep in front of the rugby yesterday. Needed to do a long run today to prove to myself I can still run a good distance post operation as I am supposed to be racing on the 13 March. I am sure the event will be cancelled but I need to ensure I am ready so needs must. Covered 10 miles today with no drama so looking good to at least get round the event without issue. Then having a shopping trip sprung on me and a trip to the father in laws with the purchased supplies has wrecked the day. Will get done during the week. I will be ready!
  15. Zetecsit reminded me of turning a land rover into a very top heavy Land Rover. Not sure what the weight was but it wasnt a great idea - very challenging round islands but I think a coffee table in a Spitfire is an equally special effort.
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