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  1. Hi Roger Just had a quick measure and bolt ctr to the spring pan is about 3 1/4". The spring compressed length is 7 1/4" on passenger side and closer to 7" on the driver side.
  2. Thank you for the replys. I am happy with how the car rides at the front but I dont like the look of the springs. To my simplistic mind the coils look very close together, I wonder if they have lost some of there "spring" I would be happy to use spacers under the spring to fine tune it but I just don't feel like the spring coils should be that close together... I just made a quick and rough measurement and there is about 25mm gap between the tyre top and underside of the front wing. Rear wheel is around 35mm. Do those coils look a bit close? Ian
  3. While the back of the car was to high I do also believe that the front of the car is to low. Measuring the free length of the fitted springs they are coming up at 7" which is lower than I have seen written as standard at 8" I was looking at uprated springs for the front, perhaps the TT4302PR from Moss but they just say lowered which isnt so helpful. Does anyone know what they actually give when fitted? Any general advice appreciated. Thanks Ian
  4. Thanks Nick, I will be sure to take a close look at them for cracking. Mine do also have the steel inserts but as you say they wont stop cracking occurring in areas such as that. Mine came from Evesham, think they have been in the fellas hedge for some years. Tyres were about 16 years old I think so they are in the bin.
  5. I thought they are 5.5" wheels - thats what they were advertised as. Just double checked and... It appears that there are three 5.5" and two 6" wheels. I guess the 6" will be going on the back and the 5.5" on the front - do you see any issue with that? dont look to be any cracking but I need to get the paint stripper out to get them back to base metal. Might see if I can get them crack tested at work. The 7/16" UNF wheel studs sounds like a plan, can they fit without having to pull the rear hubs off?
  6. So while I have been trying to collect 5 1/2" steel wheels badly I ended up buying a set of Cosmic 2 alloys that have lived the last 15 years in a bush. Jet washed to crap off... and most of the paint on a couple of wheels so a painting project is on the horizon. No rush to get them on the car. Want to get my head round M12 wheel studs etc.
  7. So shiny stuff arrive this morning. 3/4" lowering block for the rear. Wasnt to difficult to fit. Finished result, car looks lower and naturally (psychologically at least) the handling is transformed All back together. Hardest part... getting the cover for the access panel to the spring to fit again.
  8. I find it really bizzare how some people go about selling stuff. Its not that hard to take a few decent photos... sometimes wonder about people.
  9. When I was very young I did a similar thing because I wanted to know what electricity felt like... Oh my goodness it hurt! I was stupid when I was young, I hope I have matured a little!
  10. I lost myself down a wormhole watching that at the weekend, have to say I enjoyed it! Just need a new episode of Project Binky and all will be well with the world.
  11. I think yours is sitting a little more level than mine does. GB Springs have a good reputation in the world of Series Land Rovers. I have just ordered a 3/4" lowering block and studs so may fit that next week when I am between jobs.
  12. Hi Richard. Thanks for the advise. I will go with 3/4" and see how that works for now. I am about to ask a stupid question... sorry - I was just looking at the Moss Catalogue to get an idea of how the spring mounts to the diff. The spacer item 13, part number is 149189 does this go in the spring pack or underneath it. ? Its not a very good photo, looking at my spring it "looks" like the bottom leave is against the diff. Is that correct or should there already be some spacer in there? Sorry for the dumb question! On the positive, I am working my last week
  13. I am sure I have a receipt from the PO that shows a new rear spring from GB Springs. Do you think I can find it now??? Looking under the car it does have TR001 painted in yellow on the underside of the spring. google shows that it could have come from GB Springs confirmign what I am sure I saw, they list TR001 as Spitfire Mk4 part no 159640Z. It does look like the back sits up by an inch or so...
  14. I am looking for 3 or 4 steel wheels 5.5j. The one I have is stamped 5.5 x 13 x 16 so they need to be 16mm offset. If you have one tucked away that's not needed or know where there may be one then please let me know. Thanks in anticipation.
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