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  1. Thanks for the replies chaps, I have identified 2 axles that fit the r160 to mgf hub, Also a couple of different Cvs that fit easily (Obviously different pcd, but that can be redrilled to 95.25). One of these is a slightly better fit than the mgf but may be too lightweight for most applications. The other is a bit more heavy duty than the mgf and a lot more common down here in the antipodes. I also have found another bearing which, for my application at least, makes the fitment of other cvs a little easier. This is a FAG 540733C or B38, or FW113. Dimensions are 68d x 39id x 3
  2. More questions I'm afraid- Does anyone happen to know the thickness of the rover 100 axle? Has there ever been any reported breakages behind triumph engines or otherwise?
  3. TMCS00093 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Concentric-Slave-cylinder-Astra-H-J-06-16-Corsa-C-D-03-15-Meriva-Zafira-05-15-/192380198580 This is the one I'd say. The difficult bit for the above cylinder is that it requires a machined channel for the O ring seal that sits under it. I was looking at a toyota 2014/16 CSC013 one for my mx5 engine swap. I dont know the specs however as I haven't pulled one out at the wreckers yet to check. There will be plenty of others that will likely work
  4. Clare Rule of Crapengineering Uk makes a concentric clutch adapter for KL V6 to mx5 gearbox conversions. I have it from her that it will work with the standard mx5 set up too. https://m.facebook.com/groups/325857401135776?view=permalink&id=732106240510888 Should take you to the files section. I've attached file to here too but I'm not sure itll open. Easy enough to make by the looks of it. CONCENTRIC_SLAVE_CYLINDER_KIT.pdf · version 1 CONCENTRIC_SLAVE_CYLINDER_KIT_COLORED.pdf · version 2
  5. Does this post belong here? Well, lets see. Hi guys I'd really appreciate some input into a small problem I have deciding on how to go forward on a modification- I'm seeking opinion on a front hub swap I am working on. It is a Toyota Starlet rear drum (the bearing integral type) cut down to make a hub. The hub itself uses taper bearings much like the triumph. Why would you do such a thing you ask? Well I want 4x100 pcd to match my rear, modern rims on a 55mm center bore and a top hat vented disc with custom flat caliper bracket with modern caliper. Also its cheap. Cheaper to mod
  6. I looked really hard at this once- before switching entirely to mazda engine and box. The RX7s use similar boxes- differences are mostly in the casings. The rx7 series 1 box. The bellhousing on this fits the mx5. It's a little wider and a bit shallower meaning it's not quite as long as the mx5. There are fewer bolts mount it to a back plate so, simpler. A couple of good points are that the clutch fork operates from the top of the bellhousing- so wont hit the chassis rail like it will on the mx5 bellhousing. Also the starter is mounted inboard on the other side (where the slave is on
  7. I have had a few 1200 coupes (nz market) with the single long bolt. I think I may also have had some 1200 sedans with the same but I cannot remember clearly.
  8. Chris and Roger, how are you getting on? I hope everyone on here is doing their damned hardest to keep away and safe from Covid- keep up the good work! An update for you all- apologies- it's very long! I am laying in bed recovering after my third round of AC chemotherapy. These are essentially a breast cancer drugs, and after my fourth round I will move on to Taxol - which is another. A few things have happened since my last post, First off, this is a much more unusual form of cancer than initially thought. The PET showed something in my left breast -Id like to say pector
  9. I do, We are both Auckland based. Why do you ask?
  10. Ah, you looking at those on trademe too? Go on, buy em. I'd love to see what they look like fitted
  11. Thank you all guys, your thoughts are very much appreciated. I am still awaiting any real movement on this I am afraid. This limbo is an arduous torture. I had to really fight to get an oncologist to see me this afternoon for some answers- hopefully a treatment plan. It has only been in this period of waiting that the symptoms have really kicked off. Beginning to lose a lot of mobility in my neck, etc. Sold a 1200 coupe on the weekend- quite happy to see it go though. Off to a mate to get restored- he will do a good job. Still have the project car and associated parts- wont be lett
  12. When this thread started, I read it- but I must say I didn't think a whole lot about it. Well- how the tables turn huh? I am facing a little bit of tough time. I can't say I have had any trouble with the prostate, but a couple of weeks ago I was diagnosed with cancer of the salivary glands. Quite rare apparently- but then, I am not the kind to go for any of your run-of-the-mill cancers. No no,! I am 36 and I was a pack a day smoker for around 6 years, but quit cold well over 10 years ago- it is hard to say whether the cancer was a direct result of the smoking or not- I partied
  13. Hey Nick, I may be overthinking this- your fuel vapor vent ends just above the exhaust? Admittedly you'd have to have parked the car at a funny angle- but if you were to manage to roll it wouldn't you be directing fuel to a hot bit?
  14. John if you remove a float chamber and pull the leveling grommet, it will tell you the angle that sits the floats horizontally- then you can work backwards no? I went to an art school, so my math would be far too shit to help however. Incidentally, you will have to replace that grommet with something more horizontal- ala- http://sucarb.co.uk/float-chambers-spares/float-bowl-chamber-adaptors.html
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