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  1. rustbuckit2011

    Dolomite CV's info

    Yes- 1500-
  2. rustbuckit2011

    Dolomite CV's info

    Hi there,, Can anyone confirm the internal spline of the triumph c.v as being 23 spline and just under 27mm in diameter? That's the internal- I'm not so worried about external. I helpful guy has measured one up for me, but I'd like another opinion before I go looking at axles that will fit it- I'm looking at modern replacements for the metro axles. Cheers!
  3. rustbuckit2011

    Nick & Chris's Gt6 Mk 3

    Mx-5 6 speed no?
  4. rustbuckit2011

    Vented Disc conversion

    Haha! That's what I thought- Just doesn't seem to make any sense!
  5. rustbuckit2011

    Vented Disc conversion

    Nick, I too looked at dolomite hubs. The actual axle and hub is shorter than Vitesse and places the outer bearings in a different place- I dont think you can swap easily. You could use the dolly stubs in the Vitesse link, but I dont think you are gaining much ease unless you could find a top hat vented disc to fit over the lot- but then you will probably have caliper clearance issues.
  6. rustbuckit2011

    Vented Disc conversion

    Just to add- in one of those pics above there are spring washers under the disc bolts- NO- they don't clear. I drilled the threads out in the hub a couple of mm to bury the shanks, and would loctite them in. You will also not that I machined a clearance on the outer portion of the hub to clear the girling calipers before I started messing with mazda calipers. I honestly cant remember if that was necessary or not now, but I have a hunch it wasn't.
  7. rustbuckit2011

    Vented Disc conversion

    Gday Nick, Before going quite a different route by changing stubs axles to fit nissan hubs, I made up a vented discs conversion using Saxo vented discs (part number 5815209918) I looked at capri discs, but wanted to make the whole lot easier to change discs- using this set up below, all I would have to do is re-drill the pcd on the discs to bolt up to the hubs. Details of disc as follows- This was mocked up on a herald drum VL and 13/60 hub- because I didn't want to mess with my limited Vitesse bits supply- I have no reason to believe the same wouldn't work on Vitesse hubs and VL's as that was my intention. Diameter (mm): 247 Height (mm): 34 Minimum Thickness (mm): 18.5 Thickness (mm): 20 Number of Holes: 4 Centering Diameter (mm): 66 Now, to fit I mounted the hub in a lathe and took 5mm off the back face of the hub. Then machined the central locating bore of the back of the hub from 68mm to 66mm. Now re-drilled the disc pcd to suit. The casting flash was smoothed off the inside of the steering arm, and then that was spaced 2-3mm off the link. With the disc mounted there is plenty of clearance between the ball joint gaiter- it is about the same clearance as OE. Calipers- I didn't use oe triumph ones as I am more interested in modern ones with bigger pads. I expect they would fit as it sits more or less the same as capri. To give you some food for thought, after a great deal of searching I found that Mazda 323/Ford laser (80's 90's cars) use a sliding caliper with big pads that mounts inboard like the triumph type- this is rare in modern OE calipers and is important because it means that you can make a new caliper bracket that is more or less a flat plate, ie; not hard to make. They come in at least two sizes for 18mm and 22mm discs (they are stamped as such on the caliper) I was using 18 and they seemed to fit well. They weigh less than the girling type and cost nothing- they were standard fitment on nearly every ford/mazda co-op car through the 90's. People talk of flex in sliding calipers, these are quite a different design and seem quite solid compared to other types of sliding calipers- also I just couldn't out-brake my old 323 on them and I drove like hell. Wheels clear easily as mazda calipers are even lower profile than girling. I have few photos of this set up on me as I changed computers- I'll post better pics of clearances as some point. These are pulled off my old photobucket account. Another idea I looked into, but never used, was mounting an mgf vented top hat disc on top of the hub and using the same mazda caliper for clearance. This arrangement DOES work on a herald drum type VL and hub, the caliper bracket is a flat plate at 8mm. Super easy vented disc set up for heralds, spits and it is nice to find a use for all those herald drum type hubs nobody wants. It pushes the wheel offset out about 4mm. A locating ring needs to be made up to fit snugly in the gap between the disc and the drum location ring on the hub. The same set up could theoretically be used on disc hub cars by machining down the diameter of the hub to fit inside the bell of the disc. Obviously m12 studs with a good shank (Mgf again perhaps). The mgf disc is actually a little smaller diameter than vitesse/saxo so wheel clearance is no issue.
  8. rustbuckit2011

    Re positioning a 6 pot

    Ah Aha ! Thanks mate, that is terrific!
  9. rustbuckit2011

    Re positioning a 6 pot

    That is a terrific thread- it's a killer that the pics are missing from the beginning-- especially those about bearing races being built into rotoflex wishbones. Do these pics live on in another thread? I'd love to do the same
  10. rustbuckit2011

    Spitfire Speedo issue

    Err.. Why dont you just fit the spare? That IS what it is for isnt it?
  11. rustbuckit2011

    Diff options

    You could go rotoflex, run cv's and use any r160 diff, but I dont know if it would end up cheaper than having one built unfortunately. The datsun conversion is fabulous, but the big downfall for swing axle cars is needing to find a diff that is from a car nearly as old as the triumph and probably more likely to have been thrashed harder! You also have the option of JohnD's lower arms, mgf (or perhaps better mgtf) rear uprights, subaru diff conversion and cv axles. This is getting into a lot of fabrication and cash. I reckon Id be inclined to put another 3.89 in there while I collected the parts for a conversion on the bench. You may have more luck finding the right datsun diff for the swing sping conversion in Europe- there were a few 510's running around Lisbon when I was there a month ago
  12. rustbuckit2011

    Diff options

  13. rustbuckit2011

    Diff options

    Oh, you want to join the R160 Datsun Diff with the bolt in Stubs club. I've all the info you could possibly want, but a search on here (or google} will bring it all up as there is LOADS on it now. Where are you located? I have the top and spring plates on the shelf that you can have for what they cost me, but I've the blueprints for both if you want a go at fabbing your own. The backplate is a little more difficult- I've detailed the measurements in a photographic album on my Facebook page if you click on my link in the signature (I'll post these at some point). I really urge you to make your own backplate out of steel rather than look at expensive options. It is truly easy peasy if you can weld/cut/drill. Kits are available- I've seen these advertised recently- maybe on the triumphexp.com forums- they are not cheap. Doing the conversion (even if you make the vast majority of it) can be expensive. You need to shorten the propshaft, make uj adapters, 3 diff plates, bolts, brass fittings, tubes for venting etc
  14. rustbuckit2011


    Well- heres something interesting. I work as an actor in NZ and went for a part in this- got down to the last 2 (the big quiet youngish aussie guy got it instead... bastard.) Anyway, I also work in production as a location assist- so in this shot I am actually standing behind the camera chatting to the owner- an old chap named Steve. Yes- it is a 2500. He still has it as he told me where he lives and I see it up his driveway when I drive past. The colour is a shade of ferrari red he had had painted about 5 years ago. In the same sequence of shots at this location you may see my herald coupe parked up a driveway in the background. Arlo
  15. rustbuckit2011

    Rover 100 Axle Length

    YOU BLOODY LEGEND! Thanks Nick! That's the hard bit sorted then. I'll look through some axles I have in storage tomorrow arvo and see what comes close. Cheers,, Arlo