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  1. Newer rear suspension wishbones

    Ah aha! Clever wee device that Matt- easier than bodywork- Cheers!
  2. Newer rear suspension wishbones

    Hells teeth, that is great info- thanks guys much appreciated. I'll let you know how I get on. Spit131- those adjusters look well made, but Im afraid for the life of me I just cant work out where you fit them- Do they fit on the pull lever, or between the outer cable arm and its respective mounting point changing the angle at which the cables lead from? If its on the pull lever then I guess having the pivot point further out makes your handbrake pretty effective to boot I think I'll need to have a play with the parts and see about clearances on the herald body- I dont think it's quite as tight as on the spit which should make life easier!
  3. Newer rear suspension wishbones

    Im just curious to know whether its worth me bothering trying to find and fit the roto bracket handbrake guides to my rotoflex and discs conversion on a herald chassis. I know that the effects of camber change on the h.b cable when used with the chassis mounted brackets wreaks havoc with the standard roto drums - Im wondering if mgf calipers (both the calipers themselves and their orientation on the link) are a little more forgiving Someone out there must have tried it- perhaps it deserves it's own thread
  4. Newer rear suspension wishbones

    Lookin good John! Im impressed with those mgf links and the wishbone arrangement. Thinking about something similar with nissan pulsar gtir rear links as they are a bit easier to get your hands on in my country. Do your handbrake cables run from roto brackets or chassis guides?
  5. Photobucket Suicide.....

    I dumped the bucket a while ago due to the plague of pop-ups. Now I just put everything in albums on facebook- adjusted the security settings to 'anyone can see' and it means I can respond easily to questions etc. The bonus is that you can also download from facebook or upload vids etc. I have a "car only" profile separate from my regular account- so that whenever I comment on something truly anorakish and car related, it doesnt go annoying all my non-car interested friends, -but also just so nobody can really see how truly anorakish I am!
  6. Fuel Pump Hiccup...

    Choice! Thanks mate- thats a much smaller/better diameter than I expected!
  7. Fuel Pump Hiccup...

    Ah- Sorry- just saw the date- If its still on the bench that is!
  8. Fuel Pump Hiccup...

    Gday Darren- While you are playing about with it- would you mind measuring the diameter of the plate for me please? I take it that is a range rover pump yes? I cant find the dimensions for it anywhere! Cheers, Arlo
  9. Brake Servo On A Vitesse Or Herald

    I haven't done it myself, but I have wondered if it could be mounted sticking through the firewall? Plenum inside under the dash, valve and cylinder outside?
  10. Craig's 6Fire In Aus

    Would it be the same as a herald screen? There should be a stack here cheap in NZ I could give you a hand with packing up. I have no idea what postage would be- may be cheaper to fly over for a holiday and take it back as baggage!
  11. http://www.justparts.com/Auto_Parts/THROTTLE-BODY-TOYOTA-COROLLA-1993-93-1994-94-1995-95-437915/20325729 Looks the same to me but doesnt mention the i.d. Toyota Corolla 93-95 4afe 1.6. Common as muck (or should that be sheep? here in NZ. If you get in a real pickle, Ill measure one up for you next time Im at the wreckers- bi-weekly. I bet they probably used the same throttle in different sizes across those years/models/engine sizes. So Ill have a look at 1.3 and 1.5s too.
  12. Gday John- the script reads aisan- when I google the numbers it comes up with toyota yaris but very little information. It would appear these have been modified to omit the idle control valve
  13. Out of alllll those on the internet- This has been my favourite project thread and a great source of inspiration for my own projects. Im sorry to see it end- but thankyou- for starting the story and sharing the journey with us.Hell, If I lived in the uk still-I'd be thrilled to take it on. Hopefully whoever does continues the thread, it'd be a wonderfull thing to see the life of the car documented. Cheers,,
  14. Rover 100 Axle Length

    Thanks Nick- yes I am sure you have posted before but I cant find them- Ive scoured the site but I think it must have been before the website change, so may well be lost. I am not too concerned with pcd as I run a 4x100 front. I think I am looking for shafts 480-500mm in length with an inner spline of 21, 23 or something that uses the same size inner joint cup as the suby. Nissans use the same (or similar) hitachi diffs, so I am hopeful part sharing extended to cv's. How hard can it be right?.....
  15. Rover 100 Axle Length

    I'm looking as rover 100's do not really exist in this part of the world (nor now do they aywhere else I guess) I am hoping to find something from a Japanese import that will fill the void. The inner race of my subaru inner joints are 21 spline- there are a few nissan's and mazda's which have the same spline and/or and use tripod joints of the same size. I'm hoping to be able to find the right parts to mix and match to make up a custom cv from easy to find used parts. Nissan March/Micra short axles are looking good. They have the right spline, outer cv uses a 68mm wheel bearing. Toyota starlet is similar, but with a different inner spline. Problem is I don't want to go having to pull and buy heaps of axles to find the right length. I know the rover ones fit with suby diff, so if I can find the measurement I can narrow down the lengths of the shafts I have to buy to try out to give or take 10mm. I am sure there is something out there dead common that will work, it's just a case of looking through it.