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  1. I may have a original girling 3/4 which is .75 ? But may do as you say Nick and give it a road test prior to any final decision with those guys using the mgf callipers to the rear how have you routed the handbrake cable ?? Thanks for the responses already received Rob
  2. Good to be back on the car guys, i am am a total fud ! I am using Canleys front caliper and vented discs and have not bled both bleed nipples on each caliper, I did my initial bleed with the front wheels on and was impressed with the fact you can access the bleed Nipples with the wheels on only to find a second bleed nipple on the outside of the caliper also! As I have now bled all bleed nipples all is much better, however I do think I have the smaller master cylinder and will need to swap that out. I think Clive is right with the .75, any suggestions on make? I have refurbished the rear caliper with new seals and Pistons with new paint and I am running dot 5.1 fluid as I have always done , I got rid of silicone 10 years ago because I couldn't get it to work properly ! I have ensured that bleed nipples are up. Working on handbrake now until I order the new MS. hope you guys are well and thanks for the welcome. Rob
  3. Okay guys it’s been awhile ! my car has been off the road for around five years while I build a house and garage. I have just recently finished a rear Subaru differential conversion and I’m now running Four pot callipers to the front and mgf tf tear discs and callipers to the rear. I have just made new brake lines for the rear, connecting up to braided hoses going to the calipers I have bled the system with my easy bleed and I’m getting no air bubbles in the system My brake pedal is soft and spongy and I have lots of travel Should I be looking at a different master cylinder with a complete change of front and four pots and rear caliper set up any advice greatly appreciated Rob
  4. So for those who hasn't worked this kit price out , that's about 360.00 UK pounds plus postage . Any idea on postage ? Rob
  5. There would be a hefty import on this to the UK , can I suggest any sending marked as a gift . Would be interested in the cad drawings for the bottom plate . I already increased the strength and rigidity to both my plates . Looks interesting
  6. I managed to get Rover 100 shafts to fit my conversion, the cheapest were 320 for a Northwich based company to make new from scratch and the dearest was a F1 company who would make a pair for 700 but they had a lifetime warantee and were good for 400bhp+ Rob
  7. Clive, sorry mate whats Tramping? Sorry found it on youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BVQ5iZQTQJI Now I am worried I have the option to add traction control to the MS? Rob​
  8. I have really looked into having shafts re splined, no one would touch it. I managed to get the cheapest Pair of shafts made for 170 per shaft. However have shafts to fit my conversion atm. Cutting and rewelding shafts to length is not the way you want to go, get it wrong and its bad. Rob
  9. Clive, do you have any pics from the side looking towards the diffs looking at drive shaft clearence to the chassis? Looking good, I am waiting for part and sourcing the brackets for the GT6 lower wishbone. Rob
  10. Cheers Chris, I will pop in and speak to them, my subaru diff can be used as parts if needed. Chris hope the training is going well mate. Clive, you have this fitted now? is the drive shaft out lower than the Triumph diff once fitted in place? ​ Rob
  11. Great info above, good pics Clive, I am going to go the same route with the spring mount. The Subaru propshaft I have does fit! however is not servicable see attached pic mine is the type at the top and I can see no way of using it so a new prop may be my only route. Any suggestions Rob
  12. Do you know what model your prop shaft is from? Any measurements?
  13. looking good clive, how did you mount the bolts for the spring? a few more pics would be good. Regarding the Inner CV, mine are the same for both sides, I think the later subaru ones has one inner shaft longer than the other but not sure what car thats fitted to? Rob
  14. Guys, I have a pair of links that require machining out to take the MGF bearings or has anyone got a pair for sale? Can anyone assist? Rob
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