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  1. Hello Nick Thank's for that I accept it is important but not on this thread We are still going to India at the moment unless we hear from tour people etc! Me personably am more worried about Deli Belly! Memsahib says she has got all the bung up tablets and wait for IT the Incontinent pants so should be ok even if sitting is S***T !!!!!!!!!!!!! O happy days still practice for when the kids send me to a home? But the way I look at it we are very lucky we have aches etc but not on drugs at 70 and nearly 75! I read what the rest of you have and going through and it stops me moaning about living down a muddy lane etc Roger
  2. Hello All I am not being picky on a serious subject but can we have this moved to a Fresh thread as is not about me living off grid! Roger ps The storms have been terrible for the poor souls that have been flooded etc but the wind and sun! have meant we have only run the generator for 45 minuets in the last 10 days and batteries are still charged! Roger
  3. Hello Steve Been there and done it but a milling machine is far easier. I did the 1st Spitfire head on my big lathe to reshape it as shown in all the books plus I have rebushed motorcycle girder forks on it and all sorts of things that took hours of time? I have a Myford but perhaps mine is old and knackered like me I am not impressed with it It is ok at a hobby level but not sure of the phrase but Amateur is how I feel! Roger
  4. Hello All We think Bugger it unless we are REALY told not to go what the hell we all have to go sometime? Plus what we can see at the moment it is the old and those in a poor state of health that are dying! We think we are fit (ish for our age) and all the jabs are up to date and I still think 70+ year olds driving old cars at speed that were designed to kill you is no worse? Still you may prove me wrong but as I said well past the sell/use/best before date so may as well go out enjoying yourself instead of paranoid about what may happen or not! Roger ps as my old mother said it is not a rehearsal for the next life (but see did think different?) so enjoy it There is enough to worry us about with global warming etc plus that man in America that could start a Global war! Getting Maudling now but have lost a lot of mates at much younger ages who would have loved to have a few more years!
  5. Hello Peter You are right in a way but how does the risk level compare to Malaria, Typhoid, Rabies, crowded main line trains that may crash, Hill Railways that may fall off the mountain or blow up, not to mention TUC TUC taxi's plus the flight there and back? Not to mention the deli belly ! And old Triumphs of course Roger
  6. Hello All Ignore the wiring behind the filters(I have been promising myself to tidy it up for X years) but out sight etc! Roger Ps turned the old turbine off last night as the old girl was making a few funny noises but she is back on today we do not carry slackers!
  7. Hello All Just had a thought now the water is filtered could we sell as English water at some very high price? (discount if you bring your own bottles!) Plus say it must be all singing and dancing good as me and the Memsahib are not on major drugs(me just Vino!) she on brittle bone ones and that's it! and we have drunk it for 43 years!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can feel the money rolling in!!!!! Roger
  8. Hello All We now have 2 water filters in the supply from the well one spun fibre and one charcoal (I think it said coconut carbon?) So the theory is the spun one takes out the big lumps and filters are only about £3.50 and the carbon one other bits but not bugs I know! Not sure why I have bothered after 43 years? plus we are off to India in 3 weeks time all being well! So if we survive that it will be a miracle! The one wind turbine has been howling today and still is they seem to have made about 10Kah in the last 24 hours Roger
  9. Hello Peter The water tank in the loft has a tight fitting lid and insulated it was all changed a few years ago after we found half of a mouse coming out of the tap!!!!!!!!!!!! So I did a major upgrade with a new plastic tank and a new insulated solar hot water tank with various pockets for sensor and double coil inside The old one was a home made job with a sidewinder coil fitted and solar was thermosyphon and now pumped and a lot more efficient. I have remembered I have a 10" water filter I bought years ago when thinking of using chip fat in the generators(went off the idea to much decoking required) So the thought is now to get a second one from Screwfix but a carbon one (£20) and fit both so the spun fibre one takes out the big lumps. I capped our well years ago after a bad storm when surface water ran into it and all the water was a nice brown colour! Now it has a concrete cap and surrounded by a large 6 foot square of gravel about 12" deep. The well its self is about 15 foot deep the first 5 foot is bricked and the bottom is cut through solid sandstone and when I pumped it out to cleaned it and do a bit of pointing of brick work the water trickles in through a crack in the floor. The whole area around us is sandstone when I dug so foundations for an extension a few years ago at about 2 to 2.5 feet it was solid so built on top of it> The rest of the cottage stands on sandstone blocks on soil about 12" down!!!!!!!!! Roger
  10. Hello Mattius I think as long as you take above those sort of temperatures every so often it is ok? Our solar controller has a program to do this not sure of the time scale (not that we have it turned on!) still we all drive dangerous cars and think nothing about it? If the Grim Reaper is coming for you He/she will come anyway! Roger ps as my old Mother used to say I am passed my sell by date and probably my use by date not alone best before!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just live life and drink the Vino if it happens it will if not we live another day to drive the old Triumphs!
  11. Hello Peter "Potable water best not taken from a header tank, especially when it is chlorine-free" Well that's me and Memsahib b*****ged then as we have been drinking ours from loft tank since 1976 !!!! Still as they always said a peck of dirt is good for you! and does that mean I can not eat Apples, Pears, Plums and raspberries straight off the trees or a carrot that has just had a light swill under the tap(sometimes) What is a rope filter? do you have details? Roger
  12. Hello Peter I assume your pressurized tank must be at ground level or what is the point? But thinking about the start up does the whole line stay at pressure or just the tank? If the line is not at pressure to start how about fitting a tee piece with a normally open electric valve and a simple timer so the pump can start under minimum load for a few seconds then it closes and it sends water to the pressure vessel? Roger
  13. Hello All The next instalment Solar Water Panels I built these about 40 years ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are aluminium frames welded at corners and the back is that dimpled fridge aluminium sheet and the glass is fitted into F shaped aluminium. The glass is Dutch light greenhouse type(cheap!) that why they are the size they are. The collector plate is 28mm tube top and bottom with 15mm tubes at 6" centres. Then soldered thin copper sheet to which I had pressed a half round into it with a home made press tool in wood with a bit of tube as the former. Then I sprayed it all matt black and put foam underneath and fitted the glass. They originally were thermosyphon which is ok on long sunny days but slow to transfer heat on poor days. So now they are they are pumped with this unit and a small 12 volt pump and are a lot more efficient.(you do not need fast flow or the water does not have time absorb heat. The system is filled with boiler type antifreeze. Plus I can control the gas boiler with it to more accurate temperatures up to 3 times a day at different temperatures and if the water is warm enough in the morning say 105 F the boiler does not heat it as maybe the sun will do it later! Roger ps they are halfway up the wall as they were thermosyphon and the end of the Cottage is about 5 to 10deg off due south so an ideal position. Product SP240C & SP12C (12V) 240V Temperature Differential Controller £98.00 STOP PRESS....NOW ALSO AVAILABLE IN 12VOLT DC VERSION NO MAINS SUPPLY NEEDED Top quality item, designed to manage the needs of all solar installations. The unit is comprised of a control box, normally located in the region of the pump or Hot Tank, and a separate display panel (shown in photo) which can be sited some distance away as required. This allows the display to be positioned in a convenient spot such as your kitchen for ready access to temperatures and status. 3 temperature probes, Illuminated Graphic Display of all three temperatures and system-status: -Solar Panel Temp -Upper Tank Temp. -Lower Tank Temp Large range of functions, Fully User-Programmable to suit all systems ** Anti- Freezing control allows 'direct' connection of collector Overheat relay to power dump circuit etc 240V (OR 12V) outputs to pump(s) and motorised valve Remote display unit can be sited anywhere for convenience. **Click here for more detail of the functionality Full Manuals:Click here for (240V) or here for 12V model Take me to the SHOP and here for a quick-setup guide of typical basic settings (applicable for both versions)
  14. Hello Mike The batteries are lead acid not leisure but stackervtruck type as on the link. These designed to be deep cycled to 20% and last 1200 to 1500 cycles but we only cycle ours down to 70% under normal conditions this way they last for years and you always have power available on cloudy and still days. The 20% truck ones would be charged from the mains every day or the pack changed for the next shift. I did half look at used electric car ones but then thought do I want to start on different types as I do not know the charging process or if our charger would work with them! Plus I am 75 this year and if this set last 6 years like the last ones! Well need I say more? Plus I think they are better than the last ones and a bit bigger capacity Roger
  15. They are nice old machines running at a nice 850RPM I may rebuild the alternator but I think the cost may make it not worth it? Roger
  16. Hello Phil 1 The inverter gives 230 volts AC (will kill you stone dead the same as your house) and up to 3Kw continuous with a surge to about 5Kw and overload of 3.5Kw for so long(forgot the numbers would be on the link) 2 Yes we have a 230volt circuit just like any house but also a 24volt DC circuit. Plus the water pump is 24volt (Jabsco water puppy) 3 That is a bit like how long is a piece of string as it depend on your usage! We could take about 1Kw out for 24hours continuous but in the real off grid world the first thing you do is cut down on un necessary usage (no lights left on so the burglar's can see there way in) tv,s etc on stand by. So in the off grid world probably about 2 to 3 days and that is what all the books recommend as it works the batteries. obviously if you think you have problems(like when the old generator failed) you go into economy mode like in your car when fuel is low and you are in the middle of nowhere Roger
  17. Hello Mike Yes it would be possible but you would need a large excess of wind and solar power to make sure you can charge the batteries up as they do not like sitting under charged as they start to sulphate and have a early death and if you do not have a grid connection no one to sell it to so more investment for no return. It a bit like running your engine to full temperature to drive out condensation etc not just short hops! So a generator is probably better or wait for the sun or wind to start again Our generator running time is about 200 hours per year and charging at about 2Kw output which is about 1lt of red diesel per hour Roger
  18. Hello Peter I would suspect it is a 1 to 1.5 Kw motor so you would probably need a 3Kw inverter?# I would go for a 24volt or 48volt 12volt would be marginal as the power leads would be big I have a UPS unit that the late Alan(oldtucker) gave me and extra battery pack but I can not remember the size of it and what it can peak at. Roger
  19. Hello Peter Most of the wiring is no more difficult than a Triumph all the clever stuff is in the units you buy. Just a few simple change over switches and meters a couple of timers etc plus the normal fuse boards as fitted in your house. I must admit I did build the first solar tracker from a design on Tinterweb! the mechanical bit is 4 plummer block bearings a piece of quality all thread a joining nut 2 sprockets and a bit of chain and a small 34volt motor(ex cash point I used to work on!) plus a couple of micro switches to set the end limits. Roger
  20. Hello All Next part! The Wind turbine on the tower has been flying for about12/13years (I can hear rough bearings now)I am going to see about a cherry picker in the spring to get it down(to old to scale the tower like I used to! The guyed tower one about 5/6years. The Outback inverter system is about 9/10 years old it is a 3Kw constant peak 4.5/5Kw 24volt input We have had 4 other wind turbines counting the one I built 2 failed and one was grossly overrated as to output! The Generators are A lister 8-1 Start o matic about 1958 4.5 KW I converted this to thermosyphon to a radiator instead of a 30 gallon tank and fitted a thermostat as it took to long to get warm and I could use antifreeze in the system and fan cooled A lister ST1 3.5Kw 1978 (we call that the new one!!!) It has run for 47,500 hours!!!!!!!!! 1 rebore 2 pistons 2 sets big ends exchange head and valves exchange pump and injector 2 sets alternator brushes plus gasket and oil and filters etc And a Chinese Ford one 2 months old as the old one burnt out the part of the alternator that does the starting and the new one was leaking oil like a sieve (repaired now) All the solar panel one poles used to track the sun but only the nearest one does now(home built gear!) The first solar panel are about 15 years old A few photos for you and links https://www.marlec.co.uk/product/rutland-fm1803/?v=79cba1185463 https://www.leadingedgepower.com/shop/products/wind-turbines/le-600-wind-turbine-12-24-48v-1013011.html http://www.outbackpower.com/products/integrated-systems/flexpower-one-fxr Roger ps I built some solar water panels in about 1980/81 that are still working but with a pumped system now they were thermosyphon.
  21. Hello All I was asked if I would share my experiences(cock ups!) So here we are for starters. We live in a Cottage down a bridle track(moved in 1975!!!!!!!!!!!) There was just a cottage no mains connections of any sort(still is not unless you count the telephone line? which cost a whole £25 to have installed about 3/4 mile of 5 pair armoured cable buried!) There was just an old Lister Generator 4.5Kw(still here) and some gas lights and a hand powered water pump in the kitchen! We had a cess pit built(would not let us have a septic tank!) We have SLOWLY modernised it? so it is more normal The water supply is a shallow well and with pump the water up to a header tank with a 24volt pump controlled by a float switch(mercury filled? I worry about that sometimes but it has been ok for 40+ years and is of industrial standard. I built the 1st tower about 1980/82 (carried the angle iron on the roof of the Moggy Traveller!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and put up the first wind turbine( Home made with a 24volt Bus alternator) The batteries were ex Telecom as I happened to be working at a firm and they were upgrading the internal phone system and I bought 24 single cell batteries for £25(telephones use 48volt or they did then) To be continued but here a couple of photos as it is now Roger ps the last photo shows A power going out via the inverter (230 Volt) B Solar going in C Wind Turbine going in and 24 volt going out(I think)
  22. Hello Phil Ok but will be is dribs and drabs as the old memory is not what it was! Plus I have bought and blown up plenty of stuff over the years! Roger ps I will call it Living Off Grid
  23. Hello All What with all this wind and a bit of sun no generator power needed for the last 4 days and new batteries fully charged and I have just turned the immersion heater on to use some of the excess power! This is the size we have now and rated at 930 amp/hrs a C5 1081 amp/hours at C10 1114 amp/hrs at C20 usual car battery standard 1423 amp/hrs at C100 C stands for how much power can be removed at these number of hours (I case anyone does not know) Roger DIN Standard 2 Volt Cells All our traction battery cells come in 3 formats, DIN Standard being one of them. These cells are all the same width with multiple height, length & weight specifications to enable a perfect fit for a range of applications. 6 EPzS 930 Download PDF Add to quote Additional information Brand Pegasus Range DIN Standard – Wet Vented 2 Volt Cell Volts 2 Cap [C5 Ah] 930 Weight 50.1 kg Length 119 mm Width 198 mm Height 710 mm Terminal Type FM10 Technology WET – tubular plate Guarantee/Warranty BSH Vented British Standard (BS) and DIN Batteries (1500 cycles, 4 years, 3+1)
  24. Hello John I thought it was something like that probably why my first wind turbine bladesfinished up in the farmers field at the bottom of the garden? Roger ps all back on today and making power again!
  25. Hello All I have decided to leave our 2 wind turbines off until it calms down a bit(the one was howling a bit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Plus a 10mph increase from say 10mph to 20 mph is not double but a lot more and it gets more as it goes up I have forgot the exact amounts that I worked on when I built our first tower but it is a lot! Roger
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