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  1. Hello All Its a wonder the mail line train did not meet us on the bridge! Roger
  2. Hello Mattius (Am I the only one that's found alcohol is a great distractor) It always is but I prefer to die a bit sooner from drinking than live maybe 2 years longer in abject misery! Roger ps ordered 30 bottles from Italy on Monday! (fingers crossed they get here or the world as I know it will end!)
  3. Hello All I for got to say the first Locomotive was built in 1899 !!!!!!! The second one was all most new! 1928 So 131 and 98 years old !!!!! Roger
  4. Hello Nick The Locomotive used the first day stopped several times for the usual adjustment Plus on part of the second time we had to walk up the incline as the poor little Locomotive could not pull us all(I felt sorry for the Locomotive!) The second Locomotive used on the second day flew up similar inclines. It is a good job they were built in the Scotland all those years ago! Roger
  5. Hello Nick These 2 Delhi I think and others may have been Dubai? Plus the usual lump hammer adjustments Roger
  6. Hello All We watched that film last night the Memsahib had recorded it before we went to India Strange to think we may have been pulled by the same Locomotive! I will keep putting up random photos to keep your Peckers up! Roger
  7. Hello John We are home and thanks' for that link and one of our tour group has said the same. We will look later Roger
  8. Hello Mattius When you say down to roof line is that just the brickwork then the pots on top? If not you may have down draught problems and the fire not drawing very well as when the air comes over the ridge it creates turbulence and down draft (google it) This is why wind turbines are no good on chimneys etc Roger
  9. Hello All A few photos from Kolkata (Memsahibs camera) what is the squirrel? I fancy a Tuc Tuc to go to the local club! The narrow railway used to run through the left arch of the Coronation Bridge Roger and the Memsahib ps I hope this pop virus has gone by next year so we car finish the tour as it was as the title of the tours says Magic
  10. Hello All That's true plus putting sand on line by hand! You can see how the coal gets down in this photo How about ordering Springs off these people? On the last video we all got showered by hot coals and Sandi had them down her shirt(I offered to get them out!)
  11. Hello All Yet another! Yes it was a big incline but the locomotive was suffering from lack of maintenance(only big hammer) the engine used on second day flew up same gradient ! I would have loved to ride on the front !
  12. Hello All Another video I hope https://vimeo.com/400337792
  13. Hello All We arrived home at 2.30pm Sunday even stopped at an Aldi to pick up some supplies(wine!!!!!) We a in self isolation now for me no change as I often do not go out from one Sunday to the next to meet a mate at the local club I was going to take Spitty for her MOT Thursday but decided against it as I am in the old Bugger risk group and I suppose it will not be used in the next few months? Just had a wine offer from one of the companies we use so will order a shed load and a small packet of crackers! The trip was all we hoped it would be and the organiser and guides did a fantastic job of getting us home. I have down loaded all the photos and will sort through them and post more if you like as you will have B****er all else to do. I have a couple of movie clips with engines under load if I can work out how to post them? or better still one of you talk me through the process! There is some Dick Heads shooting at birds in the field behind us! So I suppose that is essential Work/Travel? Roger
  14. Hello All At Dubia airport should be back in Blighty 7am at Heathrow and have booked bus to get to Birmingham airport were the car is! It has been a good trip but cut short but at least we have had a holiday? But most will not this year! A few photos(lost track of what sent! Will sort more out when in isolation at home! Roger and memsahib
  15. Hello All Photos 2 and 3 are the dosshouse room and steps down the pool and pool bar Roger
  16. Hello All Now in Delhi a steam train ride tomorrow morning the home. We would sould be home 7am heathrow the have to get bus to BHX to collect car! Will be home by 3pm if it goes to plan! Roger
  17. Hello All I travelled down on the train today(Memsahid decided to us coach)back to Siliguri I have a lot more photos to show you but may have to wait until tomorrow as the plans have changed! We are still going to Deli tomorrow and we have a steam train ride Saturday but we have to fly home Sunday as India is getting to lock down we even had to fill in forms again which we had done at the airport. We have still had a great time and the hotel at Shimla was fantastic in an old school way which we love(photos to follow) Roger and The Memsahib
  18. Hello All A few photos from today. We go back to siliguri tomorrow and we are not sure what will happen then as there is talk of the airline not flying to uk for much longer! Roger Ps Exide holiday home to recharge your battery?
  19. Hello All We have travelled up to Darjeeling on the Toy Train and are now at the Windermere Hotel(oldy world and lovely) Hoping to to see the sunrise tomorrow!(6am!!) Then more train rides etc. A few photos of today No pop virus yet and Deli belly is ok! Roger and Memsahib
  20. Hello All A few photos from today Roger
  21. Hello Mike I think they reach it throught the window or have a man on top passing it through ! Will look today as can take photos from bus as well Roger
  22. Hello All No coughs etc at the moment from any of the group just the usual deli belly etc We are in Siliguri and been on our first steam train with a meal on the train! It had minor issuses and stopped twice but the red hot cinders you could see coming out of the chimney was a site to see(it had gone dark as it was a late trip) We do the same trip tomorrow but a bit further up the to Tindharia. A few photos from today Roger
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