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  1. Hello all Here goes the daft old man again on another trip that seemed a good idea on a Sunday night after a visit to the pub The idea is sail to Bilbao then up and down various passes in the Pyrenees to Andorra then do the other side of the Pyrenees (French bit) before going up to Le Mans Now what could go wrong with that plan? Well the oil leak on Monday with a sailing on Tuesday for a start! Still dinner at 9 pm then packing and a quick polish bed at 12 up at 3 am for 8.30 sailing Blogged our way onto lorry deck to keep Spitty dry and salt free and off boat first (was looking good gods on our side?) Then got stuck in massive traffic jam 3 miles down the road! Pulled off to all cool down and the made our way to san Sebastian Parked Spitty 4 floors down in a private car park then bought a nice bottle carva for 1.75 euros plus nibbles Since been out for a meal and more carva so world seems better now! So game on again Roger
  2. rogerguzzi


    Hello John Yes we should be there on Thursday breakdowns allowing Roger
  3. rogerguzzi


    Hello Nick I do not have any jb weld is the same as araldite? And as for brake cleaner I an old school and clean with celly thinners! Just been stuck in major traffic jam and Spittys 2 nd fan came on and oil got to 95 c Still a bar calls now Spitty parked 4 floors underground! Roger
  4. rogerguzzi


    Hello Nick I am glad things look good and you feel a tad better This will make you laugh/smile I took Spitty for a last spin and to fuel up ready for the Spain/Le Mans trip got back was checking her over a saw an oil leak at front!! It turned out to be a pin hole in the timing cover were I had welded the wear patch up!(enough braze on it to seal the Titanic! now) So there I am with the radiator out and removing the timing cover about 14 hours before we are due to set out for Portsmouth! We had dinner at 9 pm when she was back together and JUST! the packing to do and a quick polish etc Went to bed at 12 got up at 3am drove to Portsmouth (no leaks) passed out in the cabin A couple of drinks later and the black cloud has gone and I can almost laugh about it (in a maniac way!) So Spain and Pyrenees here we come then up to Classic Le Mans what could possibly go wrong now? (I have a head gasket etc) Wish this Daft Old Man luck Roger
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    Hello nick I have given 115 times so you can have some of mine Roger ps that sounds a tad low?
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    Hello Nick That must journey must have seemed longer than the 10 countries bash (my eyes are watering at the thought of it!) Any pretty nurse's? or all like Hattie Jake's? Get well soon I may need advice when going over the passes in the Pyrenees (I hope the baro correction is about right!) Roger
  7. rogerguzzi

    New Engine update

    Hello Iain I have changed the oil to this for the forth coming trip to Spain and Classic Le Mans as it has good reports and lots of ZDDP She holds 70 psi at 1000 rpm (cold) and 45/50 psi (hot) and the oil light takes about 10+ seconds to come on when engine is stopped. I may try some different oil later but she will get hot in Spain and we intend to do a lot of Pyrenees passes so that should work her and test the EFI baro correction I think the one pass is about 6,500 to 7,000 feet high https://www.classic-oils.net/Classic-Oils-Heritage-20W50 Roger ps I will run a report on TSSC forum and maybe here if people would like it?(I know this is a more technical forum)
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    Hello Nick That is GOOD news (not the pussy bit!) Roger Ps see you at Le Mans then ? Just a small road trip!
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    Hello Nick I was looking forward to a blow by blow account(I am always brave when it is someone else!) We will see you out the other side of the operation have no fear. Roger
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    Hello Nick All the best but I am sure they had the Mk1 in the Tower of London? Roger ps still at least they bag it now! but I am sure you will be fine us Triumph Men are made of stern stuff(we must be to drive the C***p we do!)
  11. rogerguzzi

    Brake fluid cock-up

    Hello All Toooo much orange juice! Roger
  12. rogerguzzi

    Brake fluid cock-up

    Hello John I mean for drinking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Roger
  13. rogerguzzi

    Brake fluid cock-up

    Hello All I was told to mix it with milk! Roger
  14. rogerguzzi

    Trigger Wheel Mounting Vitesse

    Hello Alan I have WR78 in Spitty and have done about 6500 miles on them with no problems (photo on my other post) I am not sure if the X makes any difference mine are just marked WR78 I have just checked one and gap is 0.030" and using an 8x eye glass there appears no wear but I suppose with 4 electrodes they should wear slower? Roger
  15. rogerguzzi

    Torque Wrench - recommendations?

    Hello Sam I have one of those as well and it works well Roger