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  1. Repairing GRP

    Hello All That,s the stuff I used to glue the veneer on to the dashboard. I read its only worth buying a bottle big enough for the job as it starts to go off once opened(damp air) water is the activating agent. But on saying that just looked at the bottle in the garage and it is still liquid inside(did not take the top off) but whether it is any good still? Roger
  2. AFR Reading

    Hello Darren I have a meter that may work and a Innovate LM meter and sensor that you are welcome to try for cost of posting I will look tomorrow as to what they are? Roger
  3. Me to!!!!!!!!!!!!! Roger ps still what else is there to do on Sundays?(joking) only just told the wife I have bought a old Myford lathe to partner the big one!(Honest)Boys and toys!
  4. AFR Reading

    Hello Darren Is your your Lambda sensor controlling the ECU?(closed loop etc) if not the reading could be faulty? As the ECU is just putting what the map says(I think!) I still need to sort out my low speed running and stumbling and erratic fast tick over!!!!! which stops when ignition is powered off and on? (still its a long winter?) and a new engine to build! plus I have a noise that may be a o/s driveshaft U/J(All new and bearings and shaft!)B*****r Plus do not mention the diff clunk(worn inner drive shaft splines)plus gearbox oil leaks! Still its a well use Triumph(just back from Northern Ireland tour) 1200 miles Roger ps and I get a smell of petrol but I have changed the breather setup?
  5. Give 'em yer money!

    Hello All I have just done the donate button for all the help you all give me and to keep this site going(it would be way beyond me!) We are on a tour in Northern Ireland(today I heard a small noise from rear o/s wheel as car rolled slowly!!!!!!!!!!!!) B******r Still should get us home? Roger
  6. Low Oilpressure At Tick-Over

    Hello All better photo
  7. Low Oilpressure At Tick-Over

    Hello Nick I also think it is important to get the end cover sitting over the rotor to form a seal as i have done on several pumps and peg to maintain position while fitting as blueing shows(all the re pro pumps have holes to big to control this!) Roger
  8. Change, Inevitable Change...

    Hello All I would be more than happy to donate the help this forum has given me is most appreciated not to mention parts shipped to SPAIN!!!! (Thanks again Alan) We are off to Northern Ireland on Thursday in Spitty of course! Now what spares to carry? Drive shaft, Gearbox, Differential an Engine would be just Silly! I think some dry clothes will be more needed? Roger I will try and run a topic on this forum of our adventures!
  9. Con Rod Piston Squirt Hole?

    Hello All I think Iain may be thinking of TR 2/3/4 con rods? I seem to remember them having a oil drilling up to the little end with a cross drilling halfway up! Can not check as gave spare ones away and others inside the engine. But it may be my memory of another engine! Roger
  10. Altitude Correction

    Hello I am trying to avoid the smoke! Roger ps now were are those old witch doctor bones and taro cards just need a full moon and someone to sacrifice! and it will all be sorted!
  11. Altitude Correction

    Hello Patrick No I have it set to new method and the MAP sample setting is set to event average Roger
  12. Altitude Correction

    Hello That,s what I thought! So if I sucked on the pipe and it was reading 70kpa(10,000ft) the multiplier is 80% so it should reduce the fuel by 20%? Well that,s how I understand it to be? (and it must have been working at 5,000ft = 85kpa = 90% in my settings or she would have been rich and it was hot day so would have made it worse?) So I still do not know why it went rich! unless it was because at tick over the closed loop is on and was correcting it? but that does not make sense to me either! Or I suppose the 1st MAP sensor is still at sea level although reading engine MAP so I assume giving conflicting readings? Roger ps It could just be MAGIC?
  13. Altitude Correction

    Hello V8 That is the way to go. A fuel injected car goes leaner at high altitude not richer like a carb engine. Without my car leaned unaceptable with 2nd baro it went too rich on the hill. I am searching for the middle......... Now I am confused I thought the air gets thinner so the fuel gets richer? I need a simple explanation please? my old brain is struggling I think my Brain memory chip needs an upgrade!(I think it is still on Windows 98 but the rest of the world is on Windows 10) can I get it done on the NHS? Roger ps there are not many high passes in Northern Ireland but Andorra will be different next year!
  14. Altitude Correction

    Hello All Now I am confused! I connected a piece of hose to the 2nd baro sensor and had a look a the laptop as I sucked and I recon I can suck to 10,000ft So I stared the engine and let it warm up completely then sucked to about 75/70 baro which is 84/80 on my settings and the AFR went richer? So I thought I must have the correction curve the wrong way so I altered the 2 points to about 110/115 and tried again and it went richer? So does that mean its not working or the 1st MAP sensor is still at sea level? But it worked at 5,000ft? Roger
  15. Altitude Correction

    Hello Patrick P.S. nice planes in the pictures. The big one looks a bit like a mini Dakota. Is that, what you use to go to the Goodwood revival? I wish the twin engine one is an Avro Anson and the biplane a Bücker Bü 133 Jungmeister (Young master) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/B%C3%BCcker_B%C3%BC_133 I think I must have been very lucky with my Baro correction set up judging by all the trouble others are having? Roger ps perhaps my lack of knowledge of EFI is a good thing? and Microsquirt and software is better sorted now? all most plug and play!