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  1. rogerguzzi

    They Shall Not Grow Old

    Hello All I have been to the WW1 Battle fields 4 times and it never fails to move me to tears. Last time was on the way back from Spa 2017 with my mate John and we stayed at Talbot House (TOC H) A few photos Roger ps I think all schools should have a trip there to show the utter waste that War is!
  2. rogerguzzi

    Mallory Park, 7/10/18

    Hello All A few more photo,s Roger
  3. rogerguzzi

    Mallory Park, 7/10/18

    Hello All We went to Mallory Park yesterday (it was bloody cold on the way over at 8.30 in Spitty hood down!) We meet up with John D and he showed us how we could slow him down with the harness! There was some good close racing(I wonder if it was because end of the season?) Here are a few photos(not very good as either my camera is playing up or the person behind the lens is rubbish?) I liked the solid fuel stove in the back of the Transit! I wonder if I could modify our Moggy Traveller like that?(I fancy a wing on the back?) Roger
  4. rogerguzzi

    I've scored!

    Hello All They were built to last! I have had mine for about 38 years and it was second hand then! I even have the the makers hand book and inspection sheet showing tollerences ! max out 0.0005" all over! This is the one(not so clean and shiny now but it has served me well) its the 36" one with the norton box and inspected on the 11/11/1952! http://www.lathes.co.uk/woodhouse%26mitchell/ You name it and I have machined it! ie motorcycle brakedrums laced into the rim(19") cylinder heads car and bike,lots of shinny parts in stainless steel,flywheels and truing up motorcycle cranks after new bigends,all sort of screw cutting,girder forks rebushed and new spindles made(I still have some EN 18T in 7/16",1/2",5/8" and maybe 3/8") if anybody wants a bit of tough steel that you can harden etc I have even made washers(so much better than filing the hole out!) crank thrust washers(nice aluminium bronze or something like that!) the list is endless! A lathe is the most usfull machine you can have. Roger ps just noticed the date I bet the works stopped at 11 am our factory used to the hooter would sound at start and finish and I can remember man stading to attention and saluting
  5. rogerguzzi

    I've scored!

    ps probably worth nearly that much in scrap? Roger
  6. rogerguzzi

    I've scored!

    Hello John While you are on a roll! how about this and you could skim your own flywheels! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Metal-Working-Lathe/302909322544?_trkparms=aid%3D111001%26algo%3DREC.SEED%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20160908105057%26meid%3Db7a31edd3bb949fc99b07f99328e1b52%26pid%3D100675%26rk%3D4%26rkt%3D15%26sd%3D142961082012%26itm%3D302909322544&_trksid=p2481888.c100675.m4236&_trkparms=pageci%3A64a5e51f-c96a-11e8-8a39-74dbd180996f|parentrq%3A498804001660aadab4e5f5e2ffee5fd3|iid%3A1 Roger
  7. rogerguzzi

    Neat twin cooling fan slow fast wiring

    Hello All I have 2 x 9" fans and a dual thermostat switch and relays The hot one only comes on when stuck on a Spanish motorway and its 30+ degs!!!!! Roger
  8. Plus the type you show will give slack on the Clevis pin so not so precision Roger
  9. Hello Why one full turn? That is the point of having left and right hand! 1/4, 1/2, etc Roger
  10. rogerguzzi

    Mallory Park, 7/10/18

    Hello John The man from Delmonte says yes! Well I will and I think my mate will come so we can slow you down in the pit stop! So can we have the tickets please (you have my address) if not pm me We will probably not be there until 10.00 (Memsahib away and dog to walk)and NOT getting up at 6am! Roger ps do I need overalls?
  11. rogerguzzi

    Mallory Park, 7/10/18

    Hello John I may be up for that its a long long time since I went to mallory Park(spent a lot of youth there! bikes!) I even had a Birthday track day MK2 Jag , DB5, E type,D type and a few laps driven in a Cobra(scary!) I will ask my mate tomorrow if he is up for it and let you know tomorrow night(Memsahhib is away so can please myself) as long as I walk the dog and feed the cats! Roger ps we can fumble a harness with the best of them!
  12. rogerguzzi

    Spain and classic le man's trip

    Hello All Just a small update to this thread? We have only gone and booked the ferry to Bilbao and back from Santander next year( 4th to 23rd June) We want to go down into Portugal like we intened last year before the drive shaft problem(now what could possibly go wrong?) I just need to strip the gearbox to try and make it a bit bit more oil tight and maybe do some work on the differential? plus perhaps fit the other new drive shaft(Fitchetts one) Plus all the other jobs (new bonnet with GT6 hump bought NOS but with a fibre glass hump! but I have a steel one!) Roger ps plus a Bond minicar that is still not done and now I have a Norton engine to rebuild as well! and do not mention the 2 Velocettes that are in pieces!(I think the grim reaper may get me first!)
  13. rogerguzzi

    Using double springs with Jag EBC springs

    Hello Sparky spit I ran the jaguar valve springs for 30,000 miles with about the same specification engine as you (mk3 grind, 9.5 to 1, cleaned up head) I had no problems at all and cam has not worn(valve clearances not moved much) I took it up to 5,500 rpm now and then! (crank not balanced) I have used the red TR5 ones in the new engine as the cam is a bit more wild and crank balanced but the springs have a slightly lower rate(have a look at my crude tests) Hello All I have decided (rightly or wrongly?) to have the block decked. I took it in yesterday and the man said it would need at least 0.010" off to get a good surface and he can not re-cut the recess. So I am having the recess removed about 0.030" the old pistons came to 0.020 below the deck and the new ones would have been 0.024" below. So I should get a pop up of 0.005" approximately (I would rather the block surfaced and there will be less to come off the New head!) plus these blocks are common/cheap I have bought a set of valve springs off Chris Witor the TR5 type as I could not find any Jaguar springs anywhere. https://www.chriswitor.com/proddetail.php?prod=CW2906 I thought I would try and compare the spring rates and this is what I found New red (county springs about 34lbs @ 35mm and 110lbs @ 0.405" compression with 0.150" spacer(105lbs without) White Jaguar 40lbs @ 35mm and 120lbs @ 0.405" compression' The Newman single springs are rated @ 160lbs ??? So I think over kill for a 1500! So what is all your opinions? (I promise not to get upset or cry) still time to change my mind as the man is busy and job will not be done until January This is how I did it a bit crude but it was for comparison more than accuracy! All tests with out bottom Triumph collar, I will make the 0.150" spacers in steel I do not fancy aluminium and will make them a good fit inside the outer spring to stop it moving around! Roger
  14. rogerguzzi

    Amazing features on Digital Multimeter

    Hello Alan That is not going to fit in your tool box with 30m of 13mm hose Roger
  15. rogerguzzi

    VR sensor signal loss

    Hello Triumph-V8 That is something I had not tried but I do not use Edis now(I did with Megajolt) but could not see the point on Microsquirt I use a VW type coil pack with built in drivers so saves some wiring! and one less component to go wrong and you can get these coil packs anywhere(VW,Skoda, etc)and cheap on Ebay! Roger