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  1. Cam follower failure

    Hello Alan The Newman steel ones are ground o/d but ends are greyish? I do not know how they compare to Triumph type as I have binned them all! The overall length is 1.750" and wall thickness is 0.060"(44.5mm & 1.5mm) weight 1.68oz (47.5g) and no oil hole and a very small chamfer Roger
  2. Cam follower failure

    Hello Nick This makes me feel better about spending the extra £,s on the Newman steel cam followers. I know the Triumph ones were good its all the mickey Mouse stuff about (I must have been lucky with Spitty,s current engine ) when I put the reground cam in I just fitted the cheapest followers off Fleabay!!!! Up to now 30,000 + miles later no problems? That,s if I ever get this engine built? Spent all day Saturday doing FREE diy for the daughter then Saturday night our house water pumps failed(we have a well) so no water? Filled a few buckets with rain water to flush the bog in the night and spent yesterday and today trying to get a temporary fix(new pump ordered)managed after a fashion(long story!) Bad news is pump may come tomorrow or Wednesday but the weather forecast is Cr***p and they are outside next to the well head ! O the JOY of living the GOOD life off grid Still the GOOD news is the wine delivery from Italy is being delivered tomorrow so B***ger the tea its Vino? Roger
  3. Microfiche

    Hello all When I started repairing bank stuff (ATM,s Etc) I used to fit new lamps in them and boy they got hot! you will melt your film if you leave it to cook! Usually 50watt or 80watt Halogen lamps!!!!!! Roger
  4. Trigger Wheel Mounting Vitesse

    Hello Alan Was the dti in the middle of the piston? could be a bit of piston tilt and if the Gudgen pin is off set it would be different (I think?) each way Roger
  5. Spitfire 1500 Flywheel Weight

    Hello Nick Yes Thinking about you are right. I think I will just leave it as it is now it is fully machined all over(I think I have enough work as it is?) I bet it is out of balance now because I have machined it all over and there is one hole drilled for balancing!(when there was rough casting!) I am tempted to fill the hole up!(a nice tight fitting plug loctited in!) Roger
  6. Spitfire 1500 Flywheel Weight

    Hello Nick Mr Numpty here! I have checked my flywheel today(after doing some free DIY! at my daughters.!) But yes are right that,s the type I have got I cleaned up the front face so it is flush the ring gear(but the clutch face was good so did not need maching) and machined all the rear face and removed a bit more. I was wondering about maching the rear flush with ring gear? what do we think? Or perhaps leave it at 7.5Kgs? Roger
  7. Trigger Wheel Mounting Vitesse

    Hello Alan Just bolt a stop to stop piston 1/2" down the bore and do it the same as before it is the most accurate (trust me) the DTi at tdc no closer than 1 to 2 degs if not more! Plus it is easier to use a stop. Roger
  8. Spitfire 1500 Flywheel Weight

    Hello Nick B*****cs I think I must have a 1300 flywheel Will have a look at it all tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Roger
  9. Camshaft Bearings

    Hello All I went and collected my block and crank today it was a bit more money than I expected but then it has had about 0.030 machined off the block While talking to the man I noticed a 6 cylinder 4 valve per cylinder twin overhead cam pent head sitting on the counter! said that looks nice he said it is a fartrari and the valve guides have to be drilled out 6 x 4 = 24 to do! The customer had supplied the valves at £150 EACH Guides £? I said how much will that cost he said about £900!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! per head!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think I have spent about £1100 on all parts and machining up to now only balancing to go and valve seats(still thinking of the valve seat cutters!) I think I will stick to Triumphs! Roger
  10. Spitfire 1500 Flywheel Weight

    Hello Nick What is a pot clutch? From memory it was just one face face I thought! Roger
  11. Hello John Yes I have at least 3 off 0" to 1" 2 off 0 to 25 mm 1 off 1" to 2" Moore and wright Micrometer 1 off Shardlow 0 to 6"(1" steps with changeable ends and setting gauges) 2 off dial gauges 1 off verdict gauge 1 off cheap digital caliper 1 off good Japanese digital caliper (Mitutoyo) 1 off 0" to 9" Mauser (0 mm to 250 mm) Caliper Plus all the mechanical calipers and rulers 2 sets of digital scales 0 to 500 gm, 0 to 5 kg Roger
  12. Hello All What is the weight of a standard flywheel? I gave my spare one a light skim just to clean it up. Now I am getting close to building the engine and I was wondering if it was worth removing a bit more weight? I have just weight it and it is 7.5 kgs You all probably know what I am doing to this engine. I still want it drive able when touring just a bit more umph ( 90/100bhp!) I have 74 bhp @ 4500 rpm at the moment(Throttle plates were only opening 80% !) So what is all your considered opinion? Roger
  13. Camshaft Bearings

    Hello All Looks like the camshaft will not be displayed after all I had a call from the Engine machinist the block and crank will be ready tomorrow. So I suppose the serious work starts again(checking piston deck height before getting it all balanced) The new camshaft looks lumpy compared to a low power Triumph one! Roger
  14. Camshaft Bearings

    Hello Nick Well perhaps just until I get the block and crank back? may put the shot peened conrods with it! Roger ps not run it past the Memsahib yet! I wonder what the reaction will be?(spare room again? if I am lucky!) Now this is Power?
  15. Hello Nick We had a Reliant Scimitar SE6a (Well it was the Memsahibs really) When we bought it the Essex engine was tired to say the least! but at the time I worked for a car wash machine firm as a service engineer and one of my calls was a Main Ford dealer in Leicester so when I had finished nailing the car wash back together I went to have my fiddle sheet signed and I said to the store man have you got a Essex V6 engine in yours stores expecting no mate all the German ones now(this was about1985) But he said yes! so I quickly made space in the back of my HiAce van and they loaded it in(I can not remember the price now but it was way way less than I could get all the parts to rebuild the old one) even trade prices which I could get then! But he said we have got to have the old one back as they are Exchange!!!!!! I agree they are a rubbish engine the Cologne one must be so much nicer but when in overdrive top on the motorway it just ticked over and gave good economy then (rubbish around the town) I would describe it as a genuine Grand Tourer or close to a Gentleman's sporting Carriage It had a full length Webasto roof and a little wind deflector that popped up when you opened it! and power steering and electric tinted windows Roger