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  1. SP

    UFO talk

    At least they didn`t probe him.
  2. So they can put you down as a maybe then?.
  3. Indeed,i heard a 15 year old on the radio yesterday saying we have 12 years to save the planet,i wondered what has been happening for the last 4.6 Billion years. Is humankind raping the planet of resources..absolutely,will switching your engine off in Parliament Square stop it,i doubt it. Humans are a Goose fart in the great scheme of things,the planet will continue,humans won`t,planetary science is fascinating. Red Giant anyone?. S
  4. Will be there. Best racing i have seen on you tube at Crystal Palace circa. 1970 Saloon cars,twin cam Escort is amazing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cawBXWWgqCI S
  5. SP

    May's Brexit Plan

    Allelujah, I always wanted to do a 10CR type event in Europe but the CT one is oversubscribed on day one of entry now. Trying to get the Saloon gearbox out of my Vitesse today to see why the clutch won`t work,what a Pita. Personally i don`t think much will change either way. S
  6. I work in CCTV,under the new GDPR regs if you make a formal request they have to comply within 28 days or can be fined. Steve
  7. When Mr Thomas built my 2.5 for me we used County as they were pretty good and evenly weighted out of the box.I think we used different rings though.Also no cam bearings(TR5 cam) but we got Newman to grind a cam to fit the journals. I found some VP2 bearings on e bay for the rods and mains,about £50 i think.(each set). Very happy with the performance,it made 172bhp on the rollers and its done 10,000 miles now and pulling better than ever. Steve
  8. SP


    Probably squirrels as you said Nick,i had them in my loft in a previous house surrounded by trees,they chewed a semi circle out of the gutter and made an entrance under the slates.Wiring and timber chewed including a 45 amp shower cable. One morning i heard noises and went out to find one sitting in the gutter chewing the edge,i shot it with an air gun!. Steve
  9. I miss those days,just off to Brands now to watch the CSCC meeting,John Davies is there in his Vitesse. Steve
  10. I think i would be concerned about this comment: floor has had extensive welding, but unable to check due to underseal covering. S
  11. I used a Spal 11 inch sucker on my 2.5 Vitesse with an alloy rad.Nice and thin and works well with an in line thermo switch in the hose. Steve
  12. Well,getting a bit p`d off with this car now,it doesn`t even fire now,i cant get to most of the plugs to test but i dont think its sparking. Tested for 12v at the coil + when ignition is on,its got that,thats as far i got. The neg side of the coil comes from the 2 balast resistors, the connection on the coilpack i thought was a crank sensor actually goes to the distributor. Tried 2 coil packs,spare coil,cap,rotor arm. Arse. And i have three weeks to move it as the house is sold so the garage has to be cleared. S
  13. Thanks for the tips peter, I have been picking up parts this week,new cap and rotor arm ,8 new NGK plugs.I also got a coil pack and coil from a chap who is breaking another car. Got a couple of new Bosch injectors as well. It definitely wants to start but not on all 8. Didn`t get a chance to try yesterday as i was picking up a 1500 engine for my Herald. Maybe Wednesday. Steve
  14. So i found a diagram from the links above,two go through ballast resistors on the wing,thats the two ceramic things,then on to the distributor.One is ground and one is from the ignition. I`m going to try and test them this week. Steve
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