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  1. CHRIS211083

    Hurricane development

    Looks really nice mate. Don't need those speakers with those exhausts you got.
  2. CHRIS211083

    Craig's 6Fire In Aus

    Some Great progress here. Nice to see.
  3. Well this thread has finally come to an end. Hugh N is the new owner, glad its gone to one of the triumph lot. Chris.
  4. CHRIS211083

    2Cv Burton Kit Car

    Hi Nick here is a blog Burton themselfs just directed me to. Not read it yet, ill be doing that tomorrow. http://cageyenne.co.uk/wp/index.php/commentary/commentary-commentary/an-idea-takes-shape/ Chris.
  5. CHRIS211083

    Chris's Mkiv Basket Case

    Wow Nick cuffed for all three of you. Loooks a great car, love that he built it himself(with help) some experiences cant be bought. Congrats. Chris.
  6. CHRIS211083

    2Cv Burton Kit Car

    Here we go, do love reading build threads.......... http://retrorides.proboards.com/thread/183733/citroen-r1100gs-hillclimber-200bhp-tonne
  7. CHRIS211083

    2Cv Burton Kit Car

    Engine power ranges from 30bhp to 60bhp and engine size from 600-760cc. Your right they are on the rise in price but that doesn't bother me. I really like the shape of the car and as long as I can fit in one, I think it would be very fun to drive. All I need now is to find a rusted out donor with a V5. Might have a buyer for the T6 but he wants me to fit a triumph unit to it so we shall see but I really fancy one of these. Chris. Sparrow Automotive do a BMW boxer motorcycle engine swap onto the 2CV gearbox. 90bhp, look like a good kit. http://www.sparrowautomotive.co.uk/ Another option is a 760cc turbo kit giving 90bhp. I think 60bhp would be enough in one of these though!!!
  8. CHRIS211083

    2Cv Burton Kit Car

    Wow never seen one of these before. Wonder if I would fit in one. Might be another build project for the future when I finish in the Marines. http://www.preloved.co.uk/adverts/show/116528721/cabriolet-citroen-2cv-burton-to-rent-in-the-south-of-france.html?link=%2Fsearch%3Fkeyword%3D2cv https://www.burtoncar.com/ I Love the Morgan Aero 8 but could never justify the cost of one. These can be tax exempt and low insurance cost. This one above in the Preloved add is stunning. Wonder if I could fit in one...........They do soft and hard tops, so can be for everyday use in summer and winter though winter is really the kittens job. Whats your thoughts. Chris.
  9. CHRIS211083

    Throttle Body Size? Reliant Kitten

    Both Rebel racing and Reliant spares I know of, but neither do fuel injection as its not allowed in the race series. Rebel racing have a very good rep for good racing engines and rebuilds but I don't want a race engine or as rebuild. Just the engine I have, more reliable with correct fueling and spark to maximize its potential. Chris.
  10. CHRIS211083

    Throttle Body Size? Reliant Kitten

    I'm not after more power Nick so will probably go for the 28mm as I said earlier as it will flow like a 30mm throttle at WOT. Next size up on ATPowers range is a 36mm. I think its too big and didn't want to go ITB's with this car as its just not that kind of car. The fabricator says big improvements will be had as the system will be designed for the engine and the cam it has. Will let you know more when it happens. Once the rear axle is rebuilt and the new doors fitted I'll get the car on the dyno so a before and after can be had. Chris.
  11. CHRIS211083

    Throttle Body Size? Reliant Kitten

    39mm each john, way too big and not even inline. GSXR600 ones are 38mm but still too big by a large amount. Chris.
  12. Ok Guy's my kitten is going into a fabricator to have a custom exhaust manifold made and efi plenum made in July. Question is what size throttle to go for. Engine only makes about 35bhp at the mo. The new inlet and exhaust will probably take that out to 40bhp. So it currently uses a hs2 on a crappy manifold so 1 1/4" but when you take into account the venturi its probably about 26mm. I'm planning on using a ATpower throttle body which is used in the Formula student class. Its a 28mm one (19mm restrictor removed) which will flow like a 30mm throttle on top but 28mm at part throttle. I'm not after making more power just to get more mpg but i'm sure more power and torque will result. Getting rid of the dizzy and carb is the goal and maximizing the engines efficiency. Question is will this be too big? or should I go bigger??? Fabricator wont know runner lengths or size till he has all the engine dimensions and cam timing etc to put the figures into the computer program. Any thoughts??? Chris.
  13. Ford Probe 1.8 2.5 V6 versions also have inlet flaps. Need to see pictures of this when you get time. Otherwise it didn't happen!! Chris.
  14. Hi Ian, its the short input shaft. The correct one for four cylinder conversions. This box cost over a grand as it has the uprated parts and different first gear in it. On the RBRR front we completed the RBRR in 2014, we also did the monte carlo Glasgow to Reims as well as many other drives. In total since being built the T6 has covered about 33,000miles. Ive had my fun out of it and its a very well sorted car.
  15. CHRIS211083

    Reliant Kitten Commuter!

    Ha no chance, its an everyday commuter not a race car and not even a sports car. Just a commuter, although it does handle well. Chris.