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  2. And in Greece, but here it's an elite sport....
  3. Our Parish population is circa 600, with 9 the number of councillors. Last Summer there were just 3 of us trying to keep it going - the numbers having dropped from 7 after the NP was finished (it took its toll on a few), and due to some frictions with the Clerk. I stood down toward the end of the year when 4 new councillors were coopted. I'm not sure what will happen next month when the new council is due for election. I agree the Planning process is frustrating in the extreme at times - we have a very wealthy individual in the village, a noted architect who sits on advisory design review boards and always seems to get his grand schemes approved, funny that.
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  5. if so at 68 you were doing 4900 in 3rd, is that above your normal rev limit?
  6. Village population only 260 ish. We had 4 people stand for election this time for 7 places....... The AD plant is "just over the border" in an adjoining, much more populous parish. All access through our parish though as the roads from their end are so small the heavy traffic cannot get through (though it gets tried fairly often!). They think the plant is fine as they don't see it or it's traffic. The new industrial estate in our parish is being counted towards their employment land target too so they are really laughing! It's the dishonesty of the whole process that pisses me off. Consultants paid big sums (sometimes on success bonuses!) to twist the facts or invent new ones and produce so much BS that no one has time to read them properly, least of all the few planning officers left who haven't moved on to become poacher in the same areas they were recently gamekeeper.....
  7. Float heights checked when elec fuel pump fitted. Thanks Tom will do. As as far as I can see 3rd at 5500 is about 76mph. https://richyrichracing.com/tools/gear-ratio-speed-calculator-for-standard-triumph-drivelines/
  8. I was on our Parish Council until recently. PC's are only consultees in Planning matters, but their view should have some weight, especially if you have a Neighbourhood Plan that this development does not comply with and/or it opposes inappropriate industrial scale development. We spent 4 years developing our NP - bloody hard work, but worth it in the end, at least in the short to medium term I think. IMO it's still worth writing as an individual too.
  9. Yes, letter written today on behalf of the parish council. But I (and others) been doing it for 5 years on this project and others. No notice is taken...... We are just nimbys..... pointing out inconvenient truths. I’m a believer in farm biogas, where the scale fits the farm and the majority of feedstock is waste. This isn’t that. It isn’t run by the farmer either, but a company that ultimately answers to rich venture capitalists. The farmer merely leases them the site and is contracted to supply it - he has a tiger by the tail and has to just hang on for the ride or it will eat him. Very dishonest industry - too many rich subsidy miners!
  10. I hope you will be making those points in the planning /consultation process. Other concerns would also be just how green is a biogas facility if all/most of the feedstock has to be shipped in by diesel guzzling HGV?
  11. I may have mentioned this before, but we have a biogas plant nearby. This is an “on-farm” one that runs on chicken litter, manure, silage, maize and dairy waste. It was granted permission on the grounds that it is about 1MW ( fair size for a farm one) with a permitted feedstock of 22,000 tons PA, 19,000 of which comes from outside the farm itself. It was pretty obvious when built that it was bigger than 1MW, so not a huge surprise that they’ve come back for permission for more feedstock. It was a surprise that they want nearly 70,000 tons though, 66,000 to come in by road, with nearly 60,000 to come out again as digestate. Obviously this would create a lot more heavy traffic. A lengthy report has been produced with a breakdown of numbers where the overall totals for the various feed types are divided by vehicle payloads to calculate the number of movements. These figures make interesting reading. They reckon they can get 18 tons in a farm trailer and possibly they can- physically. However, on the public highway, the maximum gross trailer weight is 18.29 tons - and the trailers themselves weigh between 5.5 and 7 tons..... so legally they can get about 13 tons on. That’s a 37% difference and reduces apparent trip numbers by the same amount. They've pulled the same trick with the HGVs though in a slightly less ambitious manner. So perhaps more than just sloppy..... Overall this tactic (lying brazenly) reduces vehicle movements from 13, 000 pa to 10,000 pa. The site is accessed via one, single track lane 1km long, which is also a public highway linking two villages and various other properties. Their “harvest time” traffic flows work out at one vehicle every 3.5 minutes by their reckoning or 2.7 minutes by mine. That’s in both directions..... on a single track lane...... Would be nice to think the planning authority might pick up on this, but previous experience suggests not. Similar dishonesty has been employed for this project from the outset. Also for other large industrial developments locally also. When pointed out, it brushed off, explained away (unfortunate error, mis-print etc) or simply ignored. We are indeed living in the post-truth age.....
  12. I’ve heard that tax evasion is one of Italy’s more popular national sports.... but that is Olympic standard. No wonder Italy is bit skint.....
  13. All fitted.Covers and head surfaces cleaned with a combination of Brake cleaner, Carb Cleaner, Meths and careful scraping with a screwdriver, Stanley blade knife and thumb/fingernails.Gaskets stuck with Tiger seal (covers clamped to a piece of wood overnight), gasket then smeared with grease and fitted after fitting the new half moons with a smear of silicone. I'm not sure the half moons were flush, but assumed they would compress (I didn't want to try to trim and end up with insufficient compression to seal).Everything seems OK - there may be a slight weep from the rear half moon LH side, but I'll keep an eye on it.Thanks for all the advice
  14. they will happily take 3.5, but the question is where are you measuring it actually at the carbs or somewhere else, the most critical thing will also be have you got enough flow at sufficient pressure at the critical points. are you relying on the pump to control the pressure or do you have a pressuure regulator fitted? as you have the numbers, gear ratios tyre size etc should be a simple calc to work out what revs you were doing across the line in 3rd and if that was in a range where you would have expected to have no fueling problem or not, or were you heading into valve bounce territory? alan
  15. Was great to see you last weekend mate! Give me a call if you want to chat about 'the next step'
  16. It's not just Ikea, tax evasion is a Vatican speciality too isn't it?
  17. I agree. Is the fuel tank baffled/foam filled? That can help, but also check the float depths on the carbs - I had this recently when my car ran brilliantly and pulled like a train - until it didn't - and was misfiring like that and, of course, I spent (wasted) ages checking the ignition/timing/plugs etc. but it turned out to be one of the floats on one of the carbs was mysteriously well out..
  18. i think by the end of the year you will have discovered the answer about 365 times alan
  19. Thanks both It'salways simple when you know the answer . . . . . Another one; where does the Aussie barman fit into the equation? Unless . . . . .unless, he who set up Sideways is an Antipodean . . . John
  20. Day 108. Yesterday’s high tech, high flying Boeing is changed out for a Comeng B class Electric Rhino to get me home.
  21. Just read that the French will offer a 75% "tax break" on donations of less than 1000 Euros! Don't how that can be spun, but it'll please the "Little People". Comme nous? And no probs with rants, almost anywhere, guys. Yes, it is distastful when a burning church loosens the pursestrings so liberally, when starving children and refugees do not. As for IKEA being a not-for-profit company (no such thing in UK - read "Community Interest Co.")? Wow! It is so, with a mission to "further the advancement of interior design", which is just a tad introspective, not to say incestuous! John PS drifts - have you found that US sites are much more 'disciplined' and don't drift threads? At the same time, they don't engage in conversation, unless you challenge somebody's statement. "This is what I do" - endof. No debate = boring. J.
  22. Cynics unite, I agree Paul. I hadn't realise that Ikea was a "charity". Upsets me even more that one sits on the spiritual home of my Football club! (apologies for even more drift)
  23. Rod At the risk of sounding like a miserable old cynic (... sounding like?), ever was it thus. There is a little too much publicity given to billionaires who make what appear to be grand philanthropic gestures, which transpire to be tied into beneficial trusts and tax breaks. Case in point is Mark Zuckerturd, who claims to have wafted billions into his 'charitable foundation', yet sterling work by investigative journalists has revealed it to be little more than a clever front for repositioning his immense wealth. Ditto Ikea, which turns over Euro 40 billion a year, yet is registered as a charity and pays no tax. There was an excellent presentation recently by Rutger Bregman, in which he pointed out that, instead of shouting about their philanthropy, the super rich should simply pay their fair share of tax. Rant over. Sorry, John, for the thread drift! Paul
  24. Hello Nick This the type of brake back plate I need but opposite hand (RH) I do not know how put photos in PM's Roger
  25. Would I have it differently - No not for us mere mortals that give to charities John. I understand Gift Aid of course, I don't know the detail of the process in France, but it just seemed to me that the headline of millions being donated by philanthropic Billionaires hides the fact that much of this will/could be set against tax and so isn't as philanthropic as first thought - unless of course they forego the tax advantage.....
  26. Fleche le Visage? The UK equivalent is Gift Aid. A charity can claim 25% (basic rate only, I'm afraid) of your donation from Gov. So yes, the tax payer contributes a quarter of the income, or does in the UK. Would you have it differently, Rod? The £4 billion to restore the Palace of Westminster is ALL coming from the tax payer! So far 700 million Euros have been pledged to restore NDdP, so if the French State does the same, that will 'cost the taxpayer' 175 million Euros, when the total bill will probably be in excess of a hundred times that, which the French tax-payer will be spending. Oh, well. It'll be work for those restless gilet jaunes! John
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