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    • The head is now finished and looks really good. In the end I used just the Jag EBC springs with no inners and feel happy with them. Checking the new cam followers, they are all dead flat with no rock, and when tested will stick together as you suggest Nick. I had some fun timing in the cam. Using the equal overlap method gives me max lift perfectly at 110deg AFTD. Well, there's an 8 degree bandwidth as the lobe goes through its own TDC from 106 to 114,  so 110 is slap bang in the middle.  What is confusing is that inlet opening is bang on 25 and closing bang on 65 but the exhaust is all over place, 10 and 8 degrees out respectively. I'm not going to worry about it, especially after a quick email exchange initiated by Markus (GT6M) explained some stuff to me.  Anyway, after much twiddling with sprocket orientation it is now set at 105 max lift.  This is 3 degrees advanced to account for new chain wear plus 2 degrees to hopefully give some bias towards torque rather than top end power. The engine is almost all back together now but won't go in the car yet, as we have three Chelmsford MC Friday night 12-Cars coming up before Christmas so it will hopefully be in for the new year. Fingers crossed.
    • Well  one whole month later, after 3 weeks of to and fro from Executive complaints at BT ..... I have an engineer in my house. I "may" if luck holds even get broadband later. It really is quite exciting.
    • Yes but the one joy of queue jumpers is when you get to send them the wrong way. I was on the M3 to M25 junction, in the left lane which was real busy to go clockwise. Some muppet tried to run in the anticlockwise lane and cut in at the last second. Judicious use of my company owned car holding my line and speed forced him back into "his own lane" and sent him off the wrong way round the M25. Yes it was petty, and puerile. But it wasn't dangerous and it made me laugh for several minutes.
    • Hi Nick I have the lip type seal on my Mk2. I thought it was OK until last night until I realised that the top section of the seal (ie along the hinges) had flipped itself inwards. I have held it the correct position with some temporary gaffer tape and shut the hatch to try a re-train it. Please keep us posted on your investigations. Ian PS Pleased to see you back in the garage where you belong !.
    • Happens EVERY time there's an issue on the M606 and most of the times there's an issue on the M62. People start using the HS as soon as there's a queue to jump in at the front, then that just grinds to a halt after about 10/15 minutes. Almost an everyday occurrence round here. And it's an odd week when I don't see somebody in Bradford drive blatantly through a red light. or up the wrong side of the road to cut in at the front of a queue. They even do it at the junction outside the police HQ C'est la vie. Sam
    • I think that getting onto the hard shoulder to leave the carriageway for emergency services, is a legal requirement in Germany and elsewhere.   In the UK, we took the opposite policy, leave the hard shoulder free for the ES, unless you are broken down.      I fear that the congestion of most UK Mways would make the first impractical, at best leaving a single lane on the outside.      As long as nutters don't try to use the HS as a lane, it should get the ES where they need to be. John
    • Fifty years since the first one rolled off the production line.
    • I was in a big shunt on an autobahn in Germany about a decade ago. Two Golf GTIs racing each other got it wrong while cutting through the traffic and met in a big off. everyone screeches to a halt....two totalled Gols on the carriageway. then it got all astonishing for an Brit.... in the UK, that would have been a total motorway shut down - all day chaos, hours of jams First thing that happened was all the cars pulled over to the Armco and hard shoulder leaving the road completely clear. up comes the police, ambulance, fire brigade Cuts the two clowns out and while they are doing this, up comes a couple of ADAC air ambulances who land on the other side of the wreck and ADAC recovery trucks. Off go the choppers, scene photographed, out comes the recovery guys, wrecks removed, road swept. and while all this was going on, the police interviewed witnesses, kept us fully informed of what’s happening and how much longer they expected to be. we were back on our way in a couple of hours.
    • Surely this is the legally correct way to do things?  All traffic stopped then nothing can happen, micro-manage a scene and that takes manpower but also carries the risk of further accidents or incidents due to other drivers being distracted by the helicopter or flying debris, or gawpers whatever. From both a H&S and legal point of view what can go wrong with a total shutdown? Every other possibility available allows for complications and legal liability, and the great public are not averse to suing when there is a possibility of compensation.   So all emergency services develop a series of responses to various types of incidents, and implement these.  Over time these have issues and are refined in the light of experience.  But they can never be 100% appropriate in every case, so mostly are “over the top”. Either that or every member of staff has to be trained in absolutely everything because once you give discretionary powers to your employees then you also pass on to  them the gift of liability.     Alan
    • Thanks for the suggestion Tom, but we think we have nailed it down to something else. Will report back when it's fixed.  Darren 
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